The people by the sea will tell you all my life, remember these 4 points, eating seafood in Guangdong is an expert

How to eat seafood?How to eat?I deliberately talked to an old man who grew up at the sea for a lifetime.

As a person who grew up at the beach, he has a special love for seafood.Seafood is not only delicious, but also has a variety of species, which can meet the needs of people with different flavors.

Brother Long summarized the following 4 points:

Eat small, don’t eat big, eat quietly without having trouble, seafood only eats the original flavor, seafood only eats seasonal.

Eat small or not: Why not solve?The hotel is better than the small restaurant, the environment is better, but the cost is high, so the price is expensive, and the seafood is unhappy. On the contrary, there is no cost in the small shop.More, the price is cheaper!Of course, if you don’t lack money, you must choose casually!

Don’t eat quiet: Let me give it an example. It is best not to go to the holiday holiday, because there are many people, cars are blocked, people are blocked, and heart -blocked.Because everyone goes on these festivals, you see that this may be everywhere, and there is a mood to find delicious food, there is, there are people who go in front of you.Therefore, if you want to eat well, choose a normal and quiet day to taste delicious and delicious.

Seafood only eats the original flavor:

If you want to eat the purest seafood flavor, you must pay attention when choosing ingredients.Try to choose some delicious ingredients, such as shellfish, shrimp, crabs, etc.Because these ingredients itself have a strong seafood flavor, if you add other seasonings, it will affect the original taste.Of course, if you like spicy or other flavors, you can also add some seasonings appropriately, but pay attention to the right amount and do not season.

Seafood only eats seasonal:

If you want to eat the freshest seafood, you must pay attention to the seasonal.Because the quality of seafood in different seasons is different, you must choose the right season to eat the freshest seafood.For example: It is summer, you can eat more shrimp, scallops, etc.Moreover, seafood in different regions is also different, such as the variety of seafood in coastal cities than inland cities.Therefore, if you want to eat the most authentic seafood, then you must pay attention to the local season.

Finally, there are some tips to make you more delicious when enjoying seafood.for example:

1 Eat seafood first, and then eat meat.Because the seafood is easier to cool, it will be difficult to digest if it is eaten with the meat, so it is best to eat seafood first, and then eat it before eating

2. With some refreshing ingredients.When enjoying seafood, you can match some refreshing ingredients, such as: cold cucumber, cold tomatoes, etc., so that you can neutralize the greasy feeling of seafood.

3 Don’t eat too much at a time.Although seafood is delicious, don’t eat too much at a time, otherwise it will easily cause indigestion.

Brother Long Summary: To enjoy seafood, pay attention to matching and seasonal, choose fresh ingredients, and eat it in moderation so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of seafood.

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