The pain of "stomach" may not be stomach disease, but also particularly alert to it

Mr. Li, 47, always feels pain in the abdomen. He always thought it was a stomach disease and took medicine in the local clinic.But the recurrence of the condition has continued for three years.

Recently, when Mr. Li worked in the field, the upper abdomen began a burst of pain. Soon after returning home to rest, he felt that his stomach turned over the sea, accompanied by nausea and retching …

"Nothing is not uncomfortable, that is, the upper abdomen is faintly painful, thinking it is stomach disease, this medicine has been taking medicine for a long time, and it has not been good. What is the reason for this?" After the local medical treatment was unsuccessful, Mr. Li came to his name.Guangzhou Medical University Affiliated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital External Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (liver and gallbladder and pancreatic surgery).

Professor Wang Jian, chief physician of the Third Section, received them. After inspection, he believed that Mr. Li might be the gallbladder stones fell into the gallbladder tube, resulting in the gallbladder chorus obstruction and acute bile tubeitis.Immediately arranged him to be admitted to the hospital and did the upper abdomen CT examination. Sure enough, there was a 1*2cm gallstone in the lower section of the bile duct!

Professor Wang Jian’s liver and gallbladder pancreatic team formulated two sets of treatment plans for patients and family members. The first set was to first use the gallstinating gallery surgery under the duodenal colonoscopy. After the jaundice was improved, then a gallbladder under the laparoscopy was done.cut.The second set of schemes is to remove the gallbladder resection+biliary tube cutting of the gallbladder under the laparoscopy.Professor Wang Jian explained the advantages and disadvantages of the two sets to the patients and their families. In the end, the patient chose the first more minimally invasive plan.After the surgery, the patient’s liver function quickly recovered, and three days later, he recovered and was discharged and returned to his hometown.

After removing the stones, the gallbladder is unobstructed

Specification of the gallbladder

Is there symptoms of gallbladder stones?

Which groups are more likely to have gallstones?

General gallbladder stones usually do not have obvious symptoms in the early days, and many are found in conventional physical examinations.Symptoms are mostly manifested in the upper abdomen pain. Under about 75%of the case, it will be treated as "stomach disease", and it can be temporarily improved after oral gastric medicine.The gallbladder stones itself is not terrible, but once the gallbladder stones are embedded to block the opening of the gallbladder tube, or when the gallbladder tube falls into the gallbladder tube to block the gallbladder, it will cause obvious reactions, usually manifested as the right upper abdomen or the upper abdomen or the upper abdomen orThe upper abdomen is severe pain, and the pain will radiate to the right shoulder blade and back, and it will also occur with nausea and vomiting.In severe cases, gallbladder rituals, severe cholangitis, severe pancreatitis, etc., endanger patient life.Long -term development of gallstone disease will also lead to the occurrence of gallbladder cancer, bile duct cancer, and liver cancer.

Professor Wang Jian reminded:

"Many patients encountered thought the pain caused by gallstones was stomach disease. Usually not to go to the hospital, they bought stomach medicine in a pharmacy. As a result, the acute seizures needed emergency surgery.In addition to the disease of the duodenum, the existence of gallstone disease cannot be ignored. Once discovered, actively deal with, avoid a disease and disease! "

The following populations are susceptible to gallstone disease. It is recommended to perform regular medical examinations every year:

1. Women who are pregnant multiple times

Women in patients with gallstones account for 70%, and the more pregnancy, the higher the incidence.Due to the high level of estrogen in women’s bodies, it will affect the formation of glycosalin glycinic acid bilirubin in the liver, and increase non -bilotinine; estrogen also affects gallbladder empty, causing choleneus stasis, which is easy to form stones.

2. Those who have diet, sweet or not eat breakfast

Excessive sweets promote insulin secretion and accelerate cholesterol deposition; often not eating breakfast can reduce bile acid content, bile concentration, which is conducive to stones formation.

3. Too much sun exposure

Those who are too much to be irradiated with sunlight, such as people who like sunlight, are prone to gallstones.

4. Excessive exercise

Excessive exercise will affect the digestive system function, resulting in a reduction in gallbladder function. Bile is susceptible to stasis, and it is difficult to excrete. At the same time, it will also hinder the absorption of bile acid

5. There is a history of fish raw food

There are tapeworms and liver absorbers in the body.After the biliary has spawned or died, it will become the core of stones and generate stones.

6. Family history of gallstone disease

There are those who have gallstone disease in the direct family, and their chances of suffering from gallstone disease are higher than those without this family history.

Source: Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University

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