The nurse’s chief was six months pregnant and infused with patients!

Recently, a nurse kneeled on the ground with a big belly on the ground, which was hotly passed on the circle of friends, attracting a little praise from netizens.

In the picture, a nurse, a 39-year-old mother. Obviously, this time the needle is a bit difficult for her-bending over and half squat may be a motion for ordinary people, but for pregnancy 6Wu Rong, who is more than a month, seems very difficult to say.But she couldn’t take care of so much, kneeling on one knee, disinfected, pierced, and bloody … one by one was accurate.

Netizens praised the "positive energy" for this photo and sensational text, but more medical staff put forward different views:

It’s been six months to return to the night shift. I can imagine how heartless this unit is, and it is positive. It is really ironic!

See how hard the nurse!Six months of pregnancy, I also exposed to patients as usual as usual, and the hospital did not treat nurses as women at all!

Is there no one for her?This action is too dangerous!Or change the position, the lack of humanized management!

Do you like this for her or feel sad for her!

However, such a scene is normal in the hospital!In order to save people, countless medical care has been kneeling. They kneeling and willingness to be willing and complained without complaints, but the prerequisite must be to save people!We do any nursing operations to consider from the perspective of patients and give them the greatest understanding and help, so that the contradiction between doctors and patients will decrease, and our work can be carried out smoothly.

Early in the morning on December 29, a nurse kneeling on the ground for 80 minutes to control the WeChat to rescue patients. It spread widely in the circle of friends. Many netizens praised and reposted.She said: "It is worth our responsibility and obligation to establish the ‘Life Channel’ for patients in time, and it is worth our responsibility and obligation.

There are many things like this. There are still many clinical clinics. When netizens see the praise and popular reposts when they see it, they will only feel silent when they see the medical staff!

1. Does studying medicine really never be seen?Why do parents never let their children learn medicine!

2. During the surgery of the beauty nurse, I came to take a selfie: Smiling in the internal organs caused heated discussion and anger!

3. Facing the positive of cephalosporin, doctors insist on medication. Should the nurse be re -test?

I like to follow forward, thank you!

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