The neck itch is unbearable, it turned out to be neurodermatitis

Neurotitis is a local severe itching skin disease.Patients are constantly scratching because they are unbearable.The skin of the affected area is constantly scratching, gradually thickening, and moss -like changes.

Not long ago, a young man found me because of itching.

The rash on the neck is getting bigger and bigger

When Xiao Xia saw him for the first time, he was wearing a shirt, a tie with a neckline, and a briefcase, which looked like a student who had just graduated.As a company’s salesman, he often stays up late to work and entertains, running around during the day.In recent months, I found that there is an oval rash on my right neck. It is often itchy. Every time I caught it, it feels pain to stop itching, which has a great impact on my daily life.

A colleague told him that he was athlete, and he also bought ringworm, and did not see his improvement after medication.Now this kind of rash has a strongest trend. The previous collar can block, and now the scope cannot be blocked. I feel that this rash affects the customer’s impression of themselves, so please leave the leave to see what the situation is.

Two weeks of treatment finally caused the rash to disappear

Xiaoxia told me that his rashes were mainly itchy, and each time he grabbed his skin, he was more comfortable.When I checked him, I found that the rash is about 2 cm × 3 cm. It can be visible to a certain boundary. The skin lesions can be seen from a flat pimple to the size of Xiaomi grain. The skin pigments are deeper than the normal skin.Essence

In addition, Xiaoxia also told me that he usually entertains outside, and his stomach is not good, and he is often rare.Check the other parts of the patient’s body again, I did not see similar rashes.After observing the symptoms of rash, consider typical neurodermatitis.

This dermatitis is easy to scratch the neck, back, elbow, waist, tail, perineal, etc. There are severe itching, and the skin lesions are normal skin colors or light red, brown and flat pimples, with smooth or small scales, roundeds, round shapes, rounds, round shapes, Round or irregular, similar to the symptoms of Xiaoxia.

Therefore, it was immediately given to the treatment of bran acid Mimimyon cream, Sitarizine tablets, calcium glucose zinc oral solution, and vitamin C puffing tablet anti -allergic treatment.On the 7th day of the medication, the local skin roughness and itching are reduced.After 1 week of treatment with his Kemodo ointment, the medicine on Xiaoxia’s neck finally disappeared, and it did not itch.

To prevent neurodermatitis, you should control your emotions and hands

Neurotic dermatitis, the scientific name is chronic and simple moss, is a chronic inflammatory skin neurological disordered skin disease. It is characterized by paroxysmal itching and moss -like changes in skin.It is related to long -term clothing friction, mosquito bites, itching, and mental tension. It often occurs on the joints (elbow stretching, back), neck, front side of the calf or eyelid.When the time is long, some pigmentation can be seen.

The cause of neurodermatitis is currently not very clear. It is generally believed that it is related to the excitement of the cerebral cortex and inhibitory dysfunction. Generally, patients may have emotional problems such as nervousness and anxiety, as well as symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, and irritability.Moreover, endocrine disorders, itching, sun exposure, excessive fatigue, drinking and other factors can induce or aggravate neurodermatitis.

Therefore, once you suffer from neurodermatitis, you should try to relieve psychological and emotional problems.Avoid itching, friction and hot water in life.

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