The mother -in -law took care of her daughter -in -law confinement, but her daughter -in -law always urinated the bed. She had no intention of opening her daughter -in -law’s bedside table.

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Every mother is the greatest person in the world, it is an essential person in our lives. It is the mother brought to our lives. The mother would rather suffer from suffering.I hope that everyone will be grateful to their mothers and learn to be considerate.

After half a year of marriage, Wang Nan’s husband gave birth to a big fat boy. After watching his daughter -in -law gave birth to the fat grandson, her mother -in -law couldn’t close her mouth and took the initiative to take care of Wang Nan to confine.But what surprised her mother -in -law was that after she came, Wang Nan always urinated the bed.She thought she didn’t take good care of her daughter -in -law, so she was still thinking about where she did wrong, and she said that she would be better to the daughter -in -law.

When my mother -in -law cleaned on this day, she had no intention of opening her daughter -in -law’s bedside table, but found a hospital list, blindfolding instantly, because Wang Nan wrote that Wang Nan suppressed the bladder because of her child, which caused urinary incontinence.In a moment, her mother -in -law’s nose was sour. She was also a mother. It was not easy for her mother to have children. I did not expect that her daughter -in -law gave so much. It really hurts.

So her mother -in -law said that she would be as good as Wang Nan as a pro -daughter. After all, she paid so much for this family. They were both women and everyone understood each other.Therefore, it is really a difficult process for pregnant mothers to be pregnant. I sincerely hope that everyone will be better to their mother, and they are better for their wives. Moms, do you have any problems when you have a child?Intersection

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