The man said that he was infertile by netizens when he watched a video.

Today’s story is really mysterious

Just two days ago, someone posted a video at station B, the picture was pesticide, and the dubbing was a very popular stalk-

Probably, in biological classes, the professor found a girl taking the oral epithelial cell specimen, and then put it under the microscope to observe it. As a result, I saw the "蝌" of the swimage -anywayIt is said that girls have had a spoken corner not long ago, so there will be some residual clouds.


There is a brother named @无 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 I ca n’t see it at all!

Then some netizens said that it can be seen that you may be able to see. You may be wrong, or if you have any diseases, you are not allowed to go to the hospital!

Obviously, this brother does not recognize netizens. According to what he said, his wife has just been pregnant for three months, and his body has always been strong. How can I have a problem?

For this reason, netizens also hit haha, and it might be a problem of microscope, so don’t take it too much.

The user name shows the difference here because the elder brother changed the ID

At this time, other netizens also joined a piece of analysis. It may be that you did not find a place. It may be that the slice was not made well. Do n’t think too much anyway-

My elder brother also seemed to understand, and said that he would try it back.

Netizens also discussed this scientific issue. Some people questioned, can the microscope really see sperm?Isn’t it a electronic microscope or a high power?

Then I know that my brother said that the microscope can really be seen that there is no need to fight for this problem.I went to Baidu too, and the result was indeed what it said.

Talking and chatting, some netizens questioned. Is there any possibility? You can’t see the sperm under the microscope of your brother, and your daughter -in -law is pregnant again because you may be green?

Soon, there was a follow -up.

Maybe the more he thought about it, the older brother went to the hospital to check the sperm, but the result made him extremely shocked!

According to the report, the elder brother suffers from obstructive sperm -free, and the simple understanding is that the vascular tube is blocked and cannot transport sperm-

Since there is no sperm, the daughter -in -law’s pregnancy is obviously a bit wrong. It is probably the probability that a meteor fell into the stomach to fall into the stomach.

My brother also screamed in the comments that the child is not his own. He has not received a certificate yet. What can I do?

Such a tragedy also made netizens unbearable to tease, and the elder brother once again confirmed the authenticity of the matter, saying that he is now in internship in Nanjing, and has not told his family to wait for the internship to return to Nanjing for processing.

The older brother also thanked the netizens who had told him at the beginning that the microscope could see sperm. If you hadn’t really found that he was green!

After the incident, it was quite fast. Some netizens said that they saw their homepage from the QQ group. The elder brother still sighed helplessly that he had lost the people in Jiangsu!

Everyone is making ideas for the elder brother. Some rational netizens put forward good suggestions. First of all, obstructive non -sperm -oriented is not 100童e to get pregnant. First of all, this possibility must be ruled out. Don’t wrong the daughter -in -law —

Secondly, measure the daughter -in -law’s code in various ways, and there are different ways to deal with different situations!

If you are sure that the child is not his own, then you will be silent first, just run directly for eight or nine months of pregnancy, let her shame!

Hey, who can think that watching a video can inexplicably discover that he has no spermosis, and he caught up with the good show of his daughter -in -law’s pregnancy.

Zhen Bengbu lived.

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