The man had a relationship with the mother and daughter, which caused the mother and daughter to become pregnant.

There is a proverb saying this: "The blessing of blessing, the blessing of the blessing." It means that the relationship between blessing and the scourge is an interdependent relationship. Maybe one thing is a good thing at this moment, it is a good thing at this moment.It became a bad thing at the next moment, and vice versa.

Ms. Wang in Anhui had heard of this before, but did not take it seriously.After a long time, when she remembered her twists and turns, she found out that her life encounters were true.

Ms. Wang is from Huangshan, Anhui. She was divorced in her early years and pulled her daughter alone. The only difficulties in which she knew it.However, she has always been a strong person and never complains the hardships of life.

She runs a fire paper factory alone.Fire paper is a specially treated paper. The surface is coated with nitrics. After litting, the fire splash splashed, burning very fast and very beautiful.

Love is unsatisfactory, and the career must be flourishing. Ms. Wang, who is unwilling to live, pin all the hope of life on this fire paper factory.She was addicted to work all day and ignored her care of her daughter.His daughter Xiaozhen gradually grew up and became a child with inferiority.

At the age of nineteen years old, Ms. Wang’s fire paper factory ushered in a turnaround, and she had the opportunity to expand the size of the plant.In order to seize this opportunity, Ms. Wang invested all her net worth in and purchased the raw materials for making fire paper.

The reason why fire paper is flameing is because Zhu Ma itself is a good burning wooden vine.So many bamboo hepies are in the factory building. After drying, it will become extremely easy to burn, and you need to pay attention to preventing the fire at all times.

Ms. Wang was careful, but the tragedy still happened.That day, Ms. Wang was having a lunch break, and Xiaozhen cooks for her mother in the factory.A grain of Mars jumped to the bamboo line next to him, and burned in the blink of an eye and evolved into a fire.

Ms. Wang was awakened by smoke, and she was stunned when she saw the scene in front of her.She desperately wanted to use her clothes to flutter and pour water, but everything was nothing to help.The fire set up an endless posture, swallowing Ms. Wang’s hard work.

The red fire shone on Ms. Wang’s face, irradiating a deadly despair.After all, her efforts, her savings, and her factory turned into Wu.Suddenly, the fire was ignited in Ms. Wang’s eyes, causing her to ignite her anger.

She turned around, and in front of the factory owner, she accused her daughter Xiao Zhen a broom star, which was born to herself.She said painfully that her early divorce was because of her, and her career was destroyed because of her. When she spread her, she had never lived a good life.

It turned out that the reason why Ms. Wang divorced her husband at that time was a large part of the reason that she gave birth to the girl Xiaozhen.Ms. Wang married Xu in 1995. She gave birth to her daughter Xiaozhen shortly after her marriage.

After giving birth to a child, the two want to make more money to provide children with a better life.For this reason, they used the deposit, and they borrowed some money from relatives and friends to open this fire paper factory.

Husbands and wives are together, and their profits are broken.With the efforts of the two regardless of day and night, the shelf of the fire paper factory finally supported, everything entered the right track, and began a stable profit.According to Ms. Wang’s thoughts, the more money is earned, and life should become better and better.

However, things did not develop according to Ms. Wang’s expectations.People say that men will deteriorate when they have money.In the past, Ms. Wang had been scoffed at this sentence, but now she has to believe -Xu is derailed.

Once, Ms. Wang returned home and found that Xu was holding other women in bed.The woman was gorgeous and charming, and was extremely young.

When she saw his wife break through his derailment, Xu did not panic, but told his wife that the woman gave herself a son, but Ms. Wang only gave birth to a girl. She was derailed.

With a disgusting, Ms. Wang submitted a divorce application to the court.Because the wrong party was Xu, the court divided both daughter and fire paper factory to Ms. Wang.

Since then, Ms. Wang did not ask for a relationship and worked in one heart.However, occasionally, she would also think that if she was born with a son that year, would her husband not derail and not divorce herself.

Since then, when she watched her daughter, she always had an indescribable irritability. In order to suppress the irritability, she tried to minimize her relationship with her daughter and put more energy to work.The raw material was burned, so that she could finally show her heart and vent her dissatisfaction with her daughter.

After the raw materials were burned, the fire paper factory closed quickly, and Ms. Wang felt that her life also fell to the bottom until she met a man.Men’s surname Liu is a businessman who is a konjac business.He accidentally saw the ashes after the Burning Burning, and suggested that Ms. Wang used it as a fertilizer to plant konjac.

After Mr. Liu knew the lack of funds of Ms. Wang, she also lent to Ms. Wang 50,000 yuan, as her initial funding for her konjac.In this way, Ms. Wang’s career has improved again.Over time, Ms. Wang and Mr. Liu also fell in love.

Mr. Liu admitted that he had a wife, and he had no feelings for each other, and was about to divorce.He promised that after the divorce, he married Ms. Wang.Ms. Wang was full of joy and felt that everything was developing in a good direction.

What she didn’t expect was that the people of Mr. Liu not only had herself, but also her daughter.One day, Ms. Wang was on a business trip, and her daughter Xiaozhen was lying on her mother’s bed.Mr. Liu, who was drunk, went home and used Xiaozhen as Ms. Wang, and something happened with her.And this is what Xiaozhen wants.

The next day, after Mr. Liu woke up, he saw Xiaozhen lying in his arms and was shocked.Xiao Zhen said nothing, saying that he would not tell his mother.Mr. Liu educated Xiaozhen, so that she promised that she would not climb the bed afterwards.

The matter was so confused. Until one day, Ms. Wang suddenly found that she was pregnant. She shared this good news with Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu was very happy, and the two began to organize the wedding.

Soon after, Xiao Zhen’s belly became bigger.Ms. Wang knew that her daughter had no boyfriend, and forced her child who was.Xiaozhen told Ms. Wang that the child was Mr. Liu.Ms. Wang collapsed on the spot and picked up her hoe and ran to Mr. Liu.

Mr. Liu was cut to death with a hoe with a hoe. Xiaozhen looked at Mr. Liu’s body and cried and said that she was willing to have a relationship with Mr. Liu.After speaking, she picked up a bottle of poison and drank it, and lost her breath soon.

Ms. Wang looked at the two corpses on the ground and three lives, but felt very calm in her heart.She ran to the hospital to make a flow of people, flowed off her children, and rushed to the police station to surrender, hoping that she was punished and tried.

In the end, Ms. Wang was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The reason why people are different from grass and trees is because people have emotions. The emotions of children need adults to guide adults in order to grow into a sound person.What Ms. Wang didn’t know was that her indifference and disapproval of her daughter Xiaozhen was the real murderer of this tragedy.

In response to this case, from a legal perspective, we involved several important legal issues, let us look down.

1. For Xu’s derailment behavior

According to the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China, couples should be loyal, support each other, and jointly bear family responsibilities.As a husband, Xu’s derailment obviously violated the loyalty obligations between husband and wife.

Derailment not only destroyed the trust between husband and wife, but also caused serious harm to the family.Therefore, Xu’s derailment behavior is unacceptable whether it is moral or ethical.

In civil lawsuits, the victim of the marriage can request the infringer to bear the corresponding civil liability in accordance with the relevant provisions in the Civil Code, such as dividing the common property of the husband and wife, and paying the support fee.This method is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the victim of the marriage through civil lawsuits.

On the other hand, in the divorce litigation, the court will judge the division of property, the custody of children, and the maintenance of the maintenance of the child according to the actual situation.Xu in the case claimed that he was derailed because Ms. Wang was born with a daughter.But this is not a reasonable or acceptable reason to explain derailment.

Legally, marriage is the commitment and responsibility between husband and wife, and should not be treated differently because of the gender of the children.Therefore, Xu explained his derailment with his children’s unique excuses, and it could not be exempted from his responsibility and obligations in the marriage relationship.

2. I smashed Mr. Liu with a hoe with a hoe.

According to Article 232 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, intentional homicide is a serious criminal criminal act.According to the law, the constituent elements of intentional homicide include: the intentional intention, that is, knowing that the killing behavior is harmful and the destination is implemented; objective behavior is the performance of killing.

In this case, Ms. Wang took the hoe in advance and smashed Mr. Liu with her, which obviously had the subjective intentional intentional intentional intention.Her behavior is illegally infringing on the right to the lives of others and violated the law.According to the law, intentional homicide is a serious criminal act, causing great harm to society and others.

The punishment of intentional homicide is determined based on the severity of the crime.If the circumstances are particularly bad, cruel or cause other serious consequences, they can be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or more than ten years in prison.

According to the case description, Ms. Wang used a weapon like a hoe for killing. The means were cruel, which was a serious case, so she was sentenced to life imprisonment.For Ms. Wang, although she might have done this extreme behavior because she was too angry, this did not become a reasonable excuse for her crime.

Third, the behavior of Ms. Wang surrendered after killing Mr. Liu

According to my country’s laws and regulations, surrendering refers to the suspect that the suspect automatically stated his crimes to the public security organs or other judicial organs after the incident, such as the act of dealing with other important criminal facts and actively investing in the case.

From a legal perspective, the behavior of this automatic case reflects a understanding and confession of the criminal behavior, and also shows a certain attitude of remorse.

Ms. Wang did not escape the responsibility, but faced her behavior bravely, and took the initiative to explain her crimes to the judiciary.This self -surrendering behavior reflects a sense of social responsibility and respect for legal authority, which meets the requirements of laws and regulations on surrender.

But it should be noted that the first is not the same as sin exemption.Although surrender can reduce the punishment to a certain extent, the specific sentencing also needs to be ruling in accordance with the specific conditions of the case and the law.In this case, Ms. Wang killed Mr. Liu. This was a serious criminal criminal act. She still needed to bear the corresponding criminal responsibility.

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