The man eats "muscle dissolution" after eating grapefruit for 7 days!You may also commit this mistake

Recently, it is the season when grapefruit has been listed in large quantities

Presumably a lot of people will always take a bite after a meal ~

But would you think of it?

Can I eat my muscles to dissolve if I eat grapefruit?

Eat grapefruit and eat "muscle dissolution"

What is going on?

Wuhan 58 -year -old Mr. Liu because he loves to eat grapefruit,

So he will hold a grapefruit home from get off work every day,

And a person can eat a whole.

Not long ago, Mr. Liu suddenly had sore limbs,

Hands and feet are weak, and then the symptoms continue to worsen.

The family found that he couldn’t even move the way,

Hurry up to the hospital.

The doctor got the blood test of Mr. Liu and found that it was more than 5 times higher than the normal values.This is the muscle dissolving caused by acute injury!

What is muscle dissolution?

The transverse muscle dissolving syndrome refers to the destruction and disintegration of the horizontal muscle due to various reasons such as squeezing, exercise, high fever, drugs, and inflammation, which causes muscle cell components such as causal kinase, muscle red protein to enter extracellular fluid and blood circulationIt caused disorders in the human environment.

The symptoms show "soy sauce urine" (darker of urine), weakness, and fever, etc., which can seriously induce heart failure. Patients with chest tightness and asthma, and they can die in time.

The physical causes of the disease include excessive exercise, electric shock, extreme body temperature (high fever or low fever), muscle extrusion injury.Non -physical reasons include metabolic disorders such as thyroid dysfunction, hypokalemia, and diabetic keto acid poisoning, infection, autoimmune diseases, poison, endocrine and genetic factors.

Earlier, after a diving athlete Wu Minxia’s husband Zhang Xiaocheng ate 3 pounds of crayfish alone, the next day, his body was fatigue and fever symptoms. After going to the gym, the condition worsened, and the urine became soy sauce.The hospital examination found that creatine kinases soared, reaching 5613, the normal value of ordinary people was 176 (upper limit), and diseases with "transverse muscle dissolving disease" were directly used to live in the intensive care unit (ICU).

But Mr. Liu has neither high -intensity exercise nor accidental injuries recently. How can he "muscle dissolution"?

Repeatedly asked that Mr. Liu found hyperlipidemia 3 months ago. At the doctor’s suggestion, he took Atropine for lipid -lowering treatment. Before he had symptoms, he had eaten grapefruit for a week.


Can’t eat with grapefruit."

The doctor told him that the most obvious side effect of his category drugs was to cause transverse muscle dissolving.

Grapefruit contains a compound of nicaninin. This active substance is the inhibitor of the main drug decomposition enzyme in the human body. In a short period of timeInhibit the decomposition and metabolism of drugs in the body, which greatly increases the accumulation and side effects of drugs.

As long as he is discontinued, do not take grapefruit recently, muscle soreness will soon be relieved, and walking can return to normal.

"Citizens don’t have to panic too much. Pomelo and drugs are more uncommon for poisoning with drugs."

Doctors remind: Compared with ordinary grapefruit, grapefruit is also commonly known as Hu Pomelo. It is better to avoid eating during the medicine.In addition, all citrus fruits and its juice such as citrus and oranges should also be paid attention.

These "common medicines"

Can’t eat with grapefruit either

So, in addition to some of his drugs, what other drugs cannot be used as citrus fruits such as grapefruit, grapefruit, and acid orange and its juice such as grapefruit juice and grapefruit juice?

The following most common drugs must also attract attention:

01 antihypertensive drug (such as Nonopine)

In addition to containing amucci, grapefruit can inhibit the metabolism of antihypertensive drugs and increase its blood concentration. Grapefruit also contains potassium, and potassium is a natural antihypertensive drug.

If you take grapefruit while taking antihypertensive drugs, it is like excessive medication to cause blood pressure to drop sharply, and it will occur with dizziness, nausea, panic and weakness.

02 Anti -anxiety or sedative medicine

Some anti -anxiety drugs, such as the west of the ground, and Midazolon, cannot be taken with grapefruit, because grapefruit will extend the time of the action of such sedative hypnotics, causing dizziness and drowsiness.

03 Anti -allergic drugs (such as Stimin, Teta Na Ding)

For example, Stimin, Tetaida, etc. cannot be taken with grapefruit, because eating grapefruit after taking such drugs will aggravate the adverse reactions of anti -allergic drugs on the heart, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

04 Anti -redeeming drugs (such as cycloidin)

For example, cycloidin cannot be served with grapefruit, because the concentration of blood is increased, adverse reactions increase, and increase liver and kidney toxicity.If these medicines are eaten with grapefruit for a long time, it will induce tumor danger.

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Source: Sichuan News Network

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