The magic weapon of expectant mothers!"Lamez breathing method", pregnant women who are afraid of pain, hurry up and practice

Many people say, "Mom and children are the intersection of life and death."

This is indeed the case. The arrival of every new life requires the mother to bear severe pain and some unknown risks.

Choose a mother who produces a child. When giving birth, the pain can reach the highest level.

What is the concept of level ten pain?It is equivalent to the pain caused by the twenty bones at the same time. A bone -shaped fracture is still unbearable, not to mention that the twenty bones are fractured at the same time. The degree of pain can be imagined how difficult it is.

Moms are really great, for their own children, no matter how painful they are, they are willing to endure.

However, if you want to help expectant mothers alleviate the pain during production, there are also methods, such as Ramez breathing.

There is a obstetrician named Ramez in France. She once went to Soviet Russia to study the principle of reflection- "the awareness of the brain’s pain can be changed through learning."

After that, Lamez used this principle to improve production, use the training of breathing skills to transfer the focus of pain and relieve the pain of the maternal, and created the "Ramez breathing method".

Lamez’s breathing method is mainly to concentrate on her breathing. When she has a focused goal, the brain will temporarily forget the pain cells, ignore the pain, and sometimes even control the breathing to reduce the pain.

In addition, Lamez’s breathing method has another important role, that is, helping the mother to adjust her mentality, so that she can try to relax, relax my muscles, and calmly face the process of childbirth.

Lamez’s breathing method needs to be learned and often practiced so that you can use it skillfully.

About seven months of pregnancy, you can start learning Lamez’s breathing method.At the beginning, you can practice about ten minutes a day. After being proficient, it is best to take 20-30 minutes to practice every day.

First of all, you need to choose a quiet, not disturbing environment, spread yoga pads or cushions on the flat ground, prepare two pillows, put on loose and comfortable clothes, and the pregnant mother is best to practice on an empty stomach for exercise, And urinate before practicing, excite urine.

Before practicing, pregnant women can wipe some lip balm in advance, because the breathing method is mainly inhaling and exhaling with the mouth, and the lip balm can avoid being too dry.

In addition, the prospective dad is better to accompany the pregnant mother often to practice. The two cultivate a tacit understanding so that when the pregnant mother produces, if she can’t keep calm, the prospective father can prompt and guideWhen using Ramez breathing method.

Otherwise, the pregnant mother was disorderly when production, and she couldn’t care about using Ramez’s breathing method. The prospective father knew nothing about the breathing method of Ramez and could not help it.It doesn’t make sense.

Therefore, not only pregnant women need to practice diligently, it is best to practice a few more times together.

According to the book "Xiehe Expert+Union Mother Circle: Pregnancy", Lamez’s breathing method can be decomposed into five specific steps. Pregnant mothers can practice in order in order.

Practice method: First relax your body, then look at a certain point, then use your chest to breathe, take a deep breath with your nose, and then vomit slowly with your mouth. The rate of breathing is 6-9 times per minute.

The chest breathing method is a very relaxed breathing method. It does not need to spend a lot of energy to reduce pain comfortably. Once it is found that the uterus starts or has a severe contraction, it can be used.

The timing of the application of "Xiehe Expert+Union Mother Circle: Pregnancy": When I feel that the uterus shrinks every 5 to 20 minutes, each time I shrink for 30 to 60 seconds, start using this breathing method.

Practice method: First inhale a small mouth of air with your mouth and keep a clear breathing, so that the amount of breath and spitting gas is equal. Do not use your nose to inhale.It seemed to make a light "hissing".

When the uterus starts to shrink, we first use the first stage of the chest type deep breathing, and when the uterus starts to shrink strongly, we have to replace the light breathing method in the second stage.Deep breathing.

During the practice, the time of breathing gradually increased, from about 20 seconds, slowly increased to about 60 seconds.

Opportunity from "Union Expert+Union Mother Circle: Pregnancy": When the cervix is opened to 3 ~ 7 cm, the shrinkage of the uterus will become more frequent, and it will shrink every 2 to 4 minutes.At that time, began to use the "hiss" clear breathing.

Practice method: exhale first, drain the air, then take a deep breath, and then quickly exhale 4 to 6 times, just like blowing balloons, every time, a small mouth and a small breath, more than "hissing"The light -shallow breathing should be lighter, and the speed of breathing can also be adjusted according to the degree of uterine contraction.

Practice the breathing at once for about 45 seconds, and then gradually grow to a breath of about 90 seconds.

The timing of the application of "Xiehe Expert+Union Mother Circle: Pregnancy": When the uterus is opened to 7 ~ 10 cm, the pregnant woman feels that the uterus will shrink every 60-90 seconds, and starts using a breathing method.

It should be noted that this stage is the most intense and most difficult stage in the production process. Therefore, the breathing method needs to be mastered very proficiently.

Practice method: Pregnant mother took a deep breath, then short and strongly exhaled, vomiting four times, and then vomiting all the "qi", just like blowing something very hard.

It wasn’t until the pregnant woman didn’t want to force it that she stopped exhaling and completed her breath.In addition, when practicing this breathing method, it is best to adjust the time of breathing to about 90 seconds.

The timing of the application of "Xiehe Expert+Union Mother Circle: Pregnancy": In the final stage of the second outbound process, it is best not to force the vagina to be torn by the vagina.Haqi exercise, exhale hard.

Practice method: The maternal shrinks forward a little forward, raised slightly, and tries to make the air of the lungs down the lower abdomen, and then completely relax the pelvic muscles. When you need to breatheAt the same time, at the same time, he took a big breath immediately, and then continued to hold his breath and force until the baby gave birth.

When the baby’s head is already out of the birth canal, the pregnant mother can use short breathing to relieve pain.It is best to breathe at this stage for about 60 seconds.Application timing: When the cervix of a pregnant woman opens all, when you can see the fetal head, use this breathing method to help children give birth.

Although Lamez’s breathing method cannot eliminate pain, it can transfer the attention of pregnant women from pain to breathing, which makes pregnant women feel "not so painful".In addition, it can relieve the tension of pregnant women, let her calm down, and help the production process more smoothly.

Therefore, we ca n’t underestimate this breathing method, and it is very helpful for production.

After seven months of pregnancy, you can start practicing.Also, the best dad can often practice with pregnant women. After training the tacit understanding, when the mother is panicked in the delivery room, the prospective dad can guide the mother to breathe correctly and skillfully.

Of course, pregnant mothers do n’t have to worry about it. It is a bit difficult to practice all the steps when you think about it once. According to your actual situation, you can practice step by step. I believe that there will be gains.

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