The little milk dog’s tongue was stung by a bee, and humming his bones!

On July 1st, a little milk dog was officially started, but I do n’t know what kind of variety, and you please be troublesome to know.My dog is called two cakes. I can tell everyone responsibly that the mother of the second cake is a small Teddy dog.

Because the owner sent Teddy to his mother’s house to feed, as a result, Teddy was pregnant.The family was helpless. When I found it, it was too late, but in the end, it was a mystery!

The two cakes are very good and clever. At the beginning of my home, it was basically not barking at night, because we did not train it too small, and worked hard to make a shit officer.

After two weeks of raising, the two cakes are a lot cheer, but before the work, we will take a walk around the community, and the name is called walking dog!

As soon as I went out tonight, the two cakes were very happy. At a glance, we licked the bees who were still struggling with the dead without seeing the dog.

At first we didn’t pay attention. The two cakes hummed two times, but the obvious spirit was not very good on the road.

Because I had rescued a sick stray dog before, I died later, and I was worried about the illness of the two cakes, so sometimes I just held the two cakes when there were many people. After returning home, I found that the two cakes sideLicking the dog food in the dog pot, humming, guessing if the two cakes were stung by bees.

With a look at the mouth, there was a black thing on the tongue of the two cakes, suspected to be the tail needle of the bee.Once the two cakes were poked, they shouted loudly and struggled desperately.

After abolishing the power of Jiu Niu and Tiger, in the end, I did not get this suspected tail needle from the tongue of the two cakes. It didn’t seem to be tight to seeing that the two cakes were not very tight. I sighed and gave up.

With it, you can’t go to the pet hospital tomorrow.Eat pork ribs in dinner, the rest of the big bones, and not afraid that the two cakes can be eaten, just use it for it.Two sounds should be the pain in the tongue.

After taking a bath, I saw that the two cakes had slipped the bones and slipped, and then opened the mouth of the two cakes.

This food dog really can’t stop a heart that yearn for bones!

Finally, do you know what dogs are my dad in my two cakes?

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