The increase in secretions after pregnancy is related to boys and women?Experienced pregnant mothers: related to these

Women are very sensitive during pregnancy. Any subtle changes in their bodies will make them suspicious, for fear that it is a precursor to fetal illness. For example, the most common secretion becomes a problem. Almost every pregnant mother has worried about it.Normally, there is no problem. During pregnancy, you can obviously feel that you are constantly secreting some mucus, which is very uncomfortable.

In the forum of pregnant mothers, "Why do secretions become more during pregnancy?", "What effect does the secretions become more during pregnancy?", "Is the secretions of pregnant women clean?"This phenomenon is not a case.

In the words of netizens, there was no such situation in the past. Suddenly there was during pregnancy. Can it be not scared?

There is such a statement in the people that if the secretions become more secretions, they can distinguish the gender of the child by the secretions. In this regard, experts point out that there is no scientific basis for this statement, but it is just a beautiful fantasy that people compose themselves to deceive themselves.

Others say that the more secretions, the healthier children.In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement.

Whether it is an experienced pregnant mother or a obstetrician, pregnant women pay attention to one thing: the state of the secretion.

From a scientific point of view, these secretions cannot be used to judge the problem of men and women, nor is it a pioneering of patients. It is just a "leucorrhea" that everyone is familiar with.Compositions of various bacteria in the human body.Generally speaking, these secretions are milky, sticky and moisture are slightly different from the leucorrhea on weekdays, tasteless or a little fishy smell.

As a very common physiological phenomenon, the secretions become more, which can neither explain that the fetus is unhealthy, nor the external manifestations of certain diseases. Almost every pregnant woman will have this phenomenon in the second trimester.The difference is only the amount and the viscosity.

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, the hormones in the body are very different from the usual in terms of quantity and species. Under the influence of progesterone, women’s blood will accelerate flow, increase body temperature, and accelerate metabolism. These will lead to pregnancy.The maternal tract epithelial cells and cervical glandular secretions are strong, and the secretions naturally become more.

Especially in the third trimester, I have to change my underwear almost every day, and even pregnant mothers think that I am leaking urine?Otherwise, how can there be so much moisture?

In addition, when the pregnant mother has a problem, the number of bacteria in the birth canal is unbalanced. These colonial metabolites will continuously stimulate epidermal cells, cause inflammation, and cause the secretion to increase in large quantities in a short period of time.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers do not need to care about these secretions, but if they find that the color is not right (such as yellow), or when there is a pungent odor, they need to seek medical treatment immediately and check the cause.

The human body is a whole. The fetal lesions often involve the major organs of the whole body, and naturally include secretions.Professional testing is not difficult to guess the child’s condition.

1. The color of the secretion is milky white and large, and the pregnant mother has a more serious itching. It is likely that she suffers from vaginitis or cervicitis.

2. The secretion is green, yellow or brown -green, which may be caused by bacteria infections. The pregnant mothers need to seek medical treatment in time. The longer the dragging, the greater the harm. In the later period, fetal infection is caused, which may cause abortion!

3. The secretions show tofu and cheese -like, and with a very severe itching and odor, it is generally because the pregnant mother is infected with Candida. This is a type of mold vaginitis, which is more common.

4. The secretion is dark brown, which is obviously the traces left after the blood is dry. There are many reasons for the bleeding of the birth canal. The pregnant mother needs to specialize in the medical examination to find the cause. As long as the amount is not measured, there is usually no big problem.

The normal expression of the secretion: The leucorrhea does not have a obvious odor, which shows sticky shape, can be brushed, milky white, according to the different personal constitutions, there are many in the amount, of course, there are also fewer pregnant mothers.

Moms are worried that their changes will be harmful to their children. This is great to be assured. Under normal circumstances, the secretions are becoming a preparation for the child’s birth.Regardless of whether it is planning to produce or cesarean section, under the control of genes and hormones in the body, the pregnant mother will secrete mucus in large quantities and indirectly changing the production channel structure, which can reduce the resistance of the child from the birth canal.

However, if the secretion is obviously abnormal, such as taste, itching, viscosity and other problems, pregnant mothers must be vigilant.The external manifestations of gonorrhea infection are ignored. The germs can cause abortion or eye development of the child, and in severe cases, limb malformation will occur.

1. Change underwear is the most basic principle. Even if the underwear looks clean and there is no secretion residue, it must be replaced.Second, underwear cleaning is also simple.

2. Some pregnant mothers have inflammation on weekdays. I personally recommend that during pregnancy, do not take medicine without authorization, especially to directly clean the lower body drugs, and use medication under the guidance of a doctor. The neutral pharmaceutical agent is relatively safe.

3. The underwear should be selected with strong breathability, and there are specialized cotton underwear on the market.

4. Pay attention to cleaning when taking a bath. Proper rinse can take away a large number of germs. It is important to note that water temperature and water flow speed.

5. Studies have shown that most of the problem of bacterial infection of pregnant mothers is caused by the incorrect direction of wiping the buttocks in the toilet. Pregnant mothers should wipe back from back to the back.It can basically ensure that the birth canal is clean.

6. Seek medical treatment in time. From the perspective of existing data, no matter what causes the secretions are abnormal, there are ways to deal with it. Those pregnant women who have problems are because they claim to deal with or do not pay attention to it.The anti -inflammatory problem is dragged to the fetus infection, and then it is too late to treat it.

All in all, after reading the above, I believe that everyone has a certain degree of understanding of the secretions of pregnant mothers. The pregnant mother cares about the physical condition.In many ways, we can neither ignore these changes nor too much. As long as we do a regular pregnancy test, according to the doctor’s instructions, do not contact the risk of risks, children can be born healthy!

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