The imported fire dragon fruit is positive, can the dragon fruit be eaten by the fire dragon fruit?

My dad called me early in the morning and told me that recently, don’t buy dragon fruit to eat.I quickly asked what happened?It is said that the dragon fruit of the Qiu Bin farmers’ market is positive, which probably means that they carry the new crown virus.I didn’t know where he had been so fast early in the morning.

It won’t be long before the community horn starts to shout, buy dragon fruit, and go to Ningbo to register in the community.Well, it’s about to start closing the door again.

Fire Dragon Fruit was originally produced in Costa Rica, Guatemala and other places in Central America, and the dragon fruit of our local accidents originated from Vietnam.Originally, it rushed to rush to enrich our fruit baskets in a sweet and sorted mountain, but now it is properly turned into a rhythm of thousands of miles of poisoning.

Health Times reported that imported fruits such as fire, longan, banana and other imported fruits have also been moved, and they have detected positive.It’s New Year’s Eve, can I still buy imported fruits on the market?Can you eat the fire dragon fruit happily?

The answer is yes. "On the one hand, the temperature of preserved fruits is higher than the temperature of frozen food, and the virus survives the temperature at the temperature of the fruit; on the other hand, the nucleic acid test is positive, which may be a living virus, or a dead virus or a dead virus.Or virus fragments may not be contagious. "Wu Zunyou, chief expert of the Popular disease of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, talked about the press conference of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism that for the majority of consumers, because of the purchase of edible import cold chain causedThe risk of infection is very low.

Li Ning, deputy director of the National Food Safety Risk Evaluation Center, also stated at the press conference that food detection of nucleic acid positive can only indicate that it has been polluted by the new crown virus. So far, no consumers have been found to be infected with new crowns after purchasing and processing foods.Virus case report.

Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview with CCTV news that for consumers, imported fruits generally do not cause infection. After cleaning, you can eat it with confidence. Generally, special treatment is not required.

In terms of the purchase of cold chain products, you should go to regular supermarkets or markets to pay attention to information such as food production, source, and imported food quarantine.When handling frozen ice fresh food and packaging, avoid touching the mouth and nose with your hands.After processing, use soap or hand -washing solution to wash your hands in time.Frozen ice and fresh food should be cooked and cooked through, and they are separated from raw food.Timely cleaning and disinfection tables and kitchen utensils can be heated or disinfected with 75%alcohol.

Although imported fruits detect the positive probability of new coronary virus nucleic acid, it should not be taken lightly.

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