The husband who has not seen you in the past five years now returns with a pregnant woman (below)

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Since Shen Huai proposed to give Jianxi’s child, she would rather starve to death or go to the front hall to eat, but Shen Huai inexplicably agreed to eat in her courtyard.

After more than a month, the palace was passed on, and Princess Xuanjianxi entered the palace to attend the dinner.

On the day of entering the palace, Jianxi had to sit in a carriage into the palace with Shen Huai.

In the right car, Jianxi didn’t say anything, and turned his head out of the window.

The carriage was shaking, and I didn’t know what the car was pressed. Suddenly, the bumpy, Jian Xi was unstable and rushed to Shen Huai’s arms.

"Be careful." Shen Huai raised her hand to support her.

Jianxi pushed him away, turned his head to the other side.

At the gate of the palace, Shen Huai got out of the car first, and reached out to help Jianxi get off the car. Jianxi’s small face twisted and called a green lotus.

"Take the horse stool away." Shen Huai said coldly.

Jianxi turned his head, looked at Shen Huai’s face like a smile, and glared at him, he could only hand his hand to him.

Shen Huai held her waist and put her on the ground.

The ministers and family members saw the two and took the initiative to say hello.

Jianxi had to walk with Shen Huai.

After Jian Xi wanted to go to the harem to visit her mother, Shen Huai grabbed her hand and didn’t let go until the banquet started.

When the banquet in the palace was halfway, a person in the costumes of other countries walked in. I saw the man salute to her emperor, and then said that Jian Xi was shocked.

She turned her head and looked at the parties in the population. He reached out and picked up the glass and drank.

As if what the man said had nothing to do with him.

As Jin Yiwei, he also offended a lot of people in the DPRK. Those who opposed him stood up and rebuked.

Some people even stood up and asked directly: "Emperor, Shen Huai is now the horse of our heavenly dynasty.

The other person also stood up: "The emperor, the horse is now bringing back the small concubine outside, is it unsuccessful?"

The people below are discussing again, one sentence on the left, one right.

Eventually the emperor who was sitting on the first place opened: "Is there anything to say?"

Shen Huai stood up: "The minister voluntarily gave up Jin Yiwei to command his position."

As soon as Jian Xi was shocked, if he stepped down, he would have no right. The person who had been punished by him would wait for the opportunity to retaliate.

"Shen Huai, do you get a big deal?" The emperor frowned.

"Let the emperor dispose."

Shen Huai did not oppose these ministers.

"Then follow the law of this dynasty …" Before the emperor finished speaking, he was interrupted by Jian Xi, who suddenly stood up.


Jianxi finally understood that today’s banquet is a bureau that deliberately sets up Shenhuai, and the people who set up the bureau are her closest people.

Shen Huai actually knew what was going on today. From the mansion to the palace, he has been with her, and refuses to let her go to see her mother.

If she wants to see her mother, she can’t even see his last face.

The emperor who loves her most wants to kill her husband.

"Xi’er, the emperor knows that Shen Huai is sorry for you, and the emperor’s will make the master for you." It was a bit displeased to the words of Shen Huai’s interruption, but when she was his favorite sister, I only said that some elder elder elder brotherIf you care.

"Brother Emperor, you understand the wrong understanding. Shen Huai did not afford the emperor’s sister, but the emperor agreed to accept him."

"Xi’er, no nonsense, is Shen Huai threatening you?" The emperor sank.

"No, the emperor, let’s let go of Shen Huai!" Jianxi said anxiously.

"Xier, the state -owned national laws have family rules." The emperor did not want to theory with her, ordered the guard: "Come, win Shen Huai."

"Don’t." Jianxi blocked Shen Huai.

"The emperor, the minister requested the separation with the princess." Shen Huai reached out and pushed her away, leaning coldly.

"No, I don’t agree. I am a person in your Shen Huai, and death is your ghost of Shenhuai." She grabbed his hand and said.

"His noisy, dragged me back to me." The emperor roared.

Seeing the guard rushing up, Jianxi reached out and threw the glass on the table on the ground, picked up a piece of fragments, and resisted on the neck. "Who do I dare to come?"

The guards were surrounded by the guards. Everyone had a bow and arrow in their hands, and a branch facing Shen Huai. If Shen Huai dared to move, he would immediately wear a thousand arrows.

When Jianxi laughed, the corner of her eyes had tears. She glanced at the emperor who loved her in the distance, and turned her head to look at Shen Huai beside her.

Sound and light opening: "Take me away."

Shen Huai stretched out his hand and touched her little face, rubbing the tears in the corner of the eyes with his fingers, "fool."

"Shen Huai, if you die here today, I will follow."

His hand was froze, and he looked at the woman in front of him.


But Shen Huai took down the fragments in her hand and just pushed her out. Jianxi said: "I don’t want my child to have no father after birth."

For a moment, Shen Huai held her in her arms, staring coldly at the guard around her, suffering from a small box from her arms, throwing it on the ground hard, and seeing colored smoke appearing in the sky.

A shouting and killing came from all directions, and the banquet suddenly panicked.

Shen Huai picked up Jianxi and pressed her in front of her chest.

I don’t know how long, the two of them came to a hospital.

Jianxi’s feet fell to the ground, but his body trembled slightly, holding Shen Huai’s arm: "I’m sorry, I hurt you."

"Without you, your emperor will kill me."


"Which emperor is willing to let the courtiers see what he is most embarrassed."

"Just because of this?"


Shen Huai held her in her arms, "Are you willing to live with me to live in the countryside?"

"I am willing."

"Thank you, I have been waiting for me for so many years."

"You are my husband, of course you have to wait for you."

"If I don’t come back?"

"Then I’ll wait, wait until the sky is old."

"It’s a silly girl." Shen Huai kissed her forehead.

Five years ago, one day before Shen Huai and Jianxi married, the emperor found Shen Huai and asked him to clear the dead who cultivated the Emperor to Rui Wang.

As long as he agreed, he was still instructed by Jin Yiwei, and he would not get his position because he married a princess and became a horse.

Shen Huai didn’t want to be a useless person, so he agreed that he thought he could come back in a few months, but he did not expect that this was five years.

The emperor and the princes of other countries joined forces to set up a game for him. He almost died there. There was a kind of concern in his heart, which made him stand up at the most difficult time.

Yu Yan is the prince of other countries. They couldn’t kill him, so they gave her a woman to destroy this woman’s marriage with Jianxi.

He will plan to use her to confuse them.A woman was just like this. She fell in love with him and gave him medicine in the drink. He had already seen it and let his men handle it.

Soon after she became pregnant, he smiled coldly about this.

He thought that in the past five years, Jianxi would hate him and forget him, so when he came back, he was very cold to her, and deliberately and Yu Yanxiu in front of her.

Unexpectedly, this girl would destroy Yu Yan’s food. She was still as naughty as she was when she was a child.

He knew that the banquet tonight was a Hongmen banquet for him. In order to stay with Jianxi for a while, he kept holding her hand and not let her go to see the queen queen.

He was afraid of tonight, and he could no longer hold her hands.

Suddenly, a few people entered outside the courtyard, headed by Lu Yu.

"Adults, everything is proper."

"Okay, you are all scattered!"

"Adult, the subordinates followed the adult." Lu Yu kneeling down, and the dark guards who came in with him all kneeling down.

"I want to live in a rural life with my husband, are you willing?" Jianxi asked.

"Willing." The dark guards on the ground were in strange.

"Fujun, leave them all. In case you become a wealthy businessman and you need to play."

When Lu Yu heard Jianxi’s words, the corner of his mouth was pumped, but they were first -class masters. Since they were to be fighters.

"Princess, and slaves, slaves are going to go." Lu He panting and ran in.


A few years later, a little boy was playing in the courtyard in the courtyard of Shenfu. He was sitting slightly bulging in his belly not far away.

"Madam, you embroidered so beautifully." Lu He was sitting next to her, and she showed things in her hand.

"It’s better to take it out and sell it."

"Still farewell, which time you embroidered, not let the son buy it back."

Jianxi is also speechless.

"Daddy, you are back." The little boy saw Shen Huai who walked into the courtyard and ran over.

Shen Huai picked up his son and kissed his little face, "What did you learn in school today?"

"Three -character classics." The little boy sang it.

After the little boy finished his back, Shen Huai put him in the place and let him play himself.

He walked to Jianxi and sat down and twisted his eyebrow: "Why are you embroidered again, aren’t you tired?"

Green He got up and stepped out.

"Not tired!" Jianxi leaned in Shen Huai’s arms.

"Silly girl." Shen Huai kissed her lips.

Jianxi reached out and held his neck and took the initiative to kiss.

The little boy stood up and just ran towards his parents, and was hugged by Lu Yu: "Master, Uncle Lu takes you to ride a horse."


Green He came in with tea, but was stopped by Lu Yu. "Don’t pass." He was hot in his eyes.

Green lotus lowered her head shy.

After the courtyard was quiet, Shen Huai hugged Jianxi, who was asleep towards the bedroom.


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