The guy is on a blind date, and the girl introduced by relatives is pregnant!As a result, the whole family is embarrassed now

A young man in Xiaoshan got along with the blind date of his sister -in -law for more than a month.Unexpectedly, a joke a few days ago led to a secret. Now the parents and sister’s in -laws of the young man are embarrassing … On June 18, the sister’s sister posted on the Xiao Inner Network APP:

Sister said:

One month ago, my brother and the girl knew and added WeChat. After chatting, my brother and the girl had no control. They were adults.

But the day before yesterday, my brother suddenly told me that the girl was pregnant. She was pregnant with her ex -boyfriend. Her ex -boyfriend asked her to fight, and she refused to divide it … Now my parents and my father -in -law are embarrassed.Essence

Sister and brother chat history

My sister said that when she found that the other party was pregnant, she came from a joke.

Their family was very satisfied with this blind date. When Dad learned about this, he suspected that his younger brother did not like the other party.

The introducer said that he did not know about it. Now because of the blind date, parents and in -laws are embarrassing …

The post aroused the attention and heated discussion of netizens.Some netizens in the comment area said that they have encountered the same situation as the original poster.

Some netizens considers from the perspective of the woman, and feel that this girl may not be voluntary and should not be too blame.

Netizen@ZZZZZZZZZ55: I do n’t know what the woman thinks, ready to get married with my belly?

Netizens@网 网 should be forgotten: this thing, to be honest, it ’s really hard to say, if I say it is not appropriate.You said to tell them that this woman’s big belly, this girl’s reputation was gone.What are you talking about?This plot is really too much.

Netizen@小 网: To be honest, it is boring to be splashed with dirty water at that time.

Netizen@网 网 Tomorrow: There are many cases. Girls have objects themselves. They do not tell their parents at home, and then they are called out by their parents. Anyway, girls who suffer are all girls.

Netizen@网 网: A Xiaoshan riders in the riders, although they have never seen each other, can feel a honest person, telling me that the blind date was also pregnant.

Netizen@网 网 网: Dare not dare to shoot such a TV series.

Netizen @aaaaaaaaaaa: I also encountered such a thing at that time. The women were all pregnant for five months and had to come out on a blind date.

Netizen@网 网: Although this woman is not self -respect, most of the things such as blind date are forced by parents or people who do not know, so the weird girl is not correct.When you pass the scene, you are not going to get married.

Netizen@网 就: Just say it is not appropriate, it is not good to destroy girls’ reputation.

Netizen@网 网: I used to have encountered a blind date for more than a month. I went out to eat Haidilao once, but I did not contact.I later heard that the introducer knew that Nima almost liked to be a father.

Netizen@呢 呢: Why do I think this woman is so honest, with her ex -boyfriend, she refuses to kill it, and she is honest and confessed with your brother!

What do you think of it?

Further reading: 28 -year -old girl blind date encounters a car accident and the right leg amputation, the man: I will pay for medical expenses when I marry

According to media reports on December 30, 2019, the beautiful girl pony is 28 years old because she is not young.In the past year, many people introduced her.Do you know that a blind date in October has become a nightmare.

The incident occurred in Dentang, Anhui. On the evening of October 12, the friends of the pony invited the pony to eat together, saying that she wanted to introduce her object.My friend was about to be called Xiao Zhang introduced the boy introduced to the pony, but only a glance, the pony denied the other party.

Although he didn’t want the other party, but out of politeness, the pony drank a few bottles of beer with his friends and Xiao Zhang at the restaurant, and then sat next to the bar for a while.In the meantime, Xiao Zhang drank some wine again.

After sitting in a bar for a while, Pony felt that since he didn’t see the other party, he planned to ride a battery car home.But the people present at the time hoped that the pony was sitting again for a while, and Xiao Zhang pulled away the key of the pony.

Pony said:

"Until the end of the bar, Xiao Zhang didn’t return the car key to me. I was angry and left."

According to Xiao Zhang’s memories:

"I drank a little bit at the time, and I found that I had received a call from my friend and reminded me that it was very late at that time, the pony was not safe to go home alone. Then, I drove to find the pony and sent the pony home to go home.","

This is this delivery, it is sent out!

At three o’clock in the morning on October 12, Xiao Zhang drove a white car and took the pony to the intersection of a road, and suddenly hit the guardrail in the middle of the road.Essence

Pony said:

"At that time, I felt that the car turned over, my legs hurt, and then I had no consciousness. When I woke up, I found that my right leg was amputated."

After the accident, after investigation by the traffic police department, Xiao Zhang drunk driving a motor vehicle. At the time of the incident, the alcohol content in his blood reached 148.8 mg per 100 milliliters.Xiao Zhang’s improper measures are the causes of the accident and all the responsibilities of the accident.

One leg is amputation

For a 28 -year -old pony

This is tantamount to destroying the disaster

What is even more worried is

During the treatment

Pony’s left leg is also repeatedly infected

This makes the family who is not rich

Undertake huge economic and psychological pressure

Xia Jinhua, the mother of Xiaoma, said that after the incident, Xiao Zhang also came to the hospital to accompany him for a while and paid the cost of the preliminary treatment, a total of more than 90,000 yuan.

On November 12, after the little horse’s condition tended to stabilize, Xiao Zhang received the pony to recuperate his home. How can he know that a left leg that encountered a crushed fracture in the accident was infected again.

On November 15, Pony lived in the hospital again. After surgery, he stabilized the condition slightly.

Two surgery, so far, has given the pony liabilities of 450,000 yuan.

In the second treatment, Xiao Zhang had been accompanied by a few days after a short period of time. Until now, he has always been unwilling to pay medical expenses for the pony. The pony said:

"Calling Xiao Zhang, let’s say that let us write an understanding letter.

Strange "proposal"

On December 24, the reporter contacted Xiao Zhang on the phone. On the phone, Xiao Zhang admitted that he did not pay the medical expenses for the second time for Pony.Xiao Zhang said:

"I hope that the pony has an understanding letter. I will definitely go to jail without the understanding of the understanding.

Pony said that during this time, Xiao Zhang proposed to her more than once, hoping that Pony could marry him, and he came to take care of the future life of Pony.

In this regard, Xiao Zhang said:

"My dad means that if I marry her, we will treat her as a family. We will pay for the treatment fee. If she takes legal procedures, she has no obligation to pay for this treatment fee."

"The meaning of my family is that if she does not leave me, we can only pay her according to one -time. If they leave me some way, our family will treat her like a daughter -in -law."

Xiao Ma felt that he didn’t look down on Xiao Zhang at all, and had no feelings with him. Why did you marry him because of this matter?

The current pony is full of sorrow all day and dare not imagine the future life.

The lawyer said that in this traffic accident, Xiao Zhang, who was driving a car, was suspected of constituting a traffic accident. If he wanted to obtain a pony for understanding, he should first actively cooperate with the pony treatment.

The lawyer believes that Xiao Zhang hopes to marry Pony first and then pay the medical expenses of pony, and the lawyer believes that this is not desirable.

"This kind of behavior is undoubtedly coercive. It is important to emphasize that marriage is free, and the consent of both parties must be obtained. It is more important to emphasize that the woman in this accident has the right to pursue the man’s civil civilization,criminal responsibility."

At present, in response to the accident, the Tomo -Yang traffic police are still investigating and handling.

The girl’s online blind date is actually a vegetative, a matchmaker: I may wake up in half a year

According to media reports on December 13, 2019: I believe everyone is right, and the confusion of the strange blind date is not strange!Recently, I saw a post on the Internet, and I was suddenly surprised. Sometimes the strange ones were more than just blind dates, but also introduced people!Intersection


It’s like touching a switch,

Netizens vomited bitter water!

There are thousands of strangeness in the world,

See half of the blind date!

Source: Beiwan New Visual Comprehensive Xiao Inner Network New Evening News Qilu Evening News Edit: TF021

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