The gum swelling and pain are not necessarily tooth decay, and it may be 5 cases. List for you

Everyone wants to have white and neat teeth, but because they are usually negligible or suffer from periodontal disease, they can easily cause problems such as teeth pain and gum redness.

After encountering this kind of problem, don’t neglect the idea. If you think that you can carry it as long as you stand up, you don’t know if you delay the best treatment time, it will not only cause the symptoms of gum swelling and pain to continue to increaseFall off.

What are the types and solutions of gum swelling and pain?

1. Periodontitis of the root tip

Many people do not particularly understand the peculiar periodontitis. Most of these dental diseases have a lot to do with pulp infection.In addition, if the periodontal is infected, or the teeth are hit by external forces, it will also induce the appearance of penetration of the pointed tooth.

Once the tip of the teeth is contaminated with bacteria or virus, it will induce strong pain, and may even cause pus in tissue such as alveolar bone and periodic membrane.

If it is not treated in a timely and effective treatment, it will also induce mandibular osteomyelitis. As a secondary lesion of pulpitis, the polyphonic periodontitis will cause spontaneous pain. This pain is persistent.

As the inflammation continues to increase the teeth, there will also be obvious pain, and at the same time, it will also cause the gums to swell and swelling and tingling. The infection should be thoroughly removed by the root canal treatment in time. Finally, the root canal is completed to complete the treatment.

Second, tooth decay trouble

Under normal circumstances, children and adolescents are high -incidence of tooth decay. However, many adults also often cause dental caries and tooth decay because they do not pay attention to protecting their teeth.

Once the cavitation occurs, it will not only cause faint pain in the teeth, but also cause swelling and pain in the gums. Patients should go to the hospital for dental treatment in time.Essence

When treating tooth decay, you need to remove the bacteria on the teeth first, and then use the material to fill the parts of the teeth defect, so that the teeth can be reappeared to be healthy.

When the problem of tooth decay is properly solved, the gum swelling and pain and inflammation will be controlled. Usually, you should pay more attention to brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, and regularly go to the hospital for review to ensure that the tooth decay will not appear.There will be no trouble of gum swelling and pain.

Third, gingivitis during pregnancy

Women’s physical resistance and immunity will continue to decline when they are pregnant. Under this premise, it is easy to cause symptoms of diseases. The more common is gingivitis during pregnancy.The symptoms, and the teeth will become very sensitive. After encountering this problem, in addition to seeing dentists and treatment in time, you should also pay more attention to protecting the oral hygiene.

Fourth, periodontal disease

The scope of periodontal disease is relatively extensive. It refers to the deep part of the periodontal tissue of the periodontal tissue, then it will cause serious harm to the gums and teeth. Generally, it is divided into two types of acute periodontal abscess and chronic periodontal abscess.

No matter what type of periodontal disease, you should find a dentist for treatment in time. Do not delay the best treatment time, otherwise it will easily lead to more serious harm.

5. Smart teeth pain

Under normal circumstances, wisdom teeth will occur after adulthood. After the long wisdom teeth, most people will have problems with toothache and gum swelling and pain.

The reason is that the position of the wisdom teeth is relatively hidden. It is difficult to completely remove the bacteria on the wisdom teeth when brushing the teeth.Unnecessary trouble.

Because many people are not conscious enough about this problem, it is easy to delay the best treatment time!Once the gum swelling and pain problems occur, seek medical treatment immediately.

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