The girl was abducted in the mountains, and it was better to die. It was forced to get pregnant twice. I don’t know who the child is

In 2001, a female college student in Guizhou was abducted. When the police rescued Luo Feng, who was abducted, everyone was shocked by the scene: Luo Feng’s neck was carrying a dog chain, exuding stench, messy hair, mental, and clothes.Don’t cover the body …

It is difficult to believe that this is the beautiful, clean and sunny Luo Feng three years ago.Three years ago, why did Luo Feng disappear mysteriously?What kind of encounter is the stretch marks on her belly?Who is her two children born?

Followed by the bad guy

Everything dates back to 1998. This year, Luo Feng, who was diligent and learned, was admitted to a university in Guizhou with excellent results.Learn and continue their studies.

On the evening of December 1st, Luo Feng closed the book and walked out of the classroom as usual. When she was preparing to print English materials, she found that the school printing shop was closed, and Luo Feng turned around and went to the school to print the shop.To the abyss.

Among the green belts of a hundred meters away from the school, Luo Feng noticed that someone was tracking. She was uneasy and immediately accelerated the pace to the school.Suddenly, he covered his mouth with a towel behind him, and was then dragged into a van.

Boarded by the bad guy

The van went away, and there was only Luo Feng’s scattered books on the ground.

When Luo Feng woke up, the strange villages and insignificant men were caught when they woke up. She retreated subconsciously, but found that she was trapped in an iron cage.

In horror, she cried and said to the man, "Who are you? What is this? Why do you lock me up?"

The man looked at Luo Feng, who was full of tears, and continued to talk to other men in dialects. In the words, Luo Feng generally understood the conversation of a few men.As a daughter -in -law, she cried like her heart.

Trafficking mountainous area

When Wang opened the door of the iron cage, Luo Fengyu felt a crisis. She was numb, and she asked Wang to let her go. However, she was the daughter -in -law bought by Wang Mou. How could she let her go easily.

Seeing Luo Feng’s resistance, Wang and his mother directly beat Luo Feng with a leather whip until Luo Feng was unable to resist. Later, the man violated Luo Feng. In order to prevent Luo Feng from running away, he used an iron chain to put it around Luo Feng’s neck.It is locked in the house.

Luo Feng has ended many times and has no illness. In a remote mountain village isolated from the world, she is called every day, and she is not spiritually.In a few days, she was violated several times by Wang.

Forced to occur

Luo Feng washed her face with tears. She tried to commit suicide with an iron chain. Wang was discovered in time by Wang. Then she was beaten by a meal. In order to earn the money of buying her daughter -in -law, Wang wanted to "return" by Luo Feng.

The village where Wang was located was poor and backward. Most men were bachelor. When they learned that Wang was paid to share her daughter -in -law, these men were excited.

Regardless of Luo Feng’s desperate resistance, they entered and exited the Wang family unscrupulously, insulting the girl who had no resistance.

Luo Feng is not as good as death. Her clothes have long been chaotic, and their body is bruised. Even in the physiological period, the men in the village did not let her go. In such a distorted environment, Luo Feng began to be unclear.Guizhou people.

After the school discovered that Luo Feng disappeared, Luo Feng’s parents urgently contacted Luo Feng’s parents. After looking for no results, Luo Feng’s parents urgently called the police.Nothing.

Luo Feng has become a tool for Wang Mou’s wealth. In order to serve the men in the village, Wang simply no longer find clothes for Luo Feng. She was trapped in the room by the iron chain and became a tool for the village man to vent.

Forced to pick up

Three months after being abducted to the mountain village, Luo Feng was pregnant, and Wang was not happy because of this. On the contrary, he gave birth to an unknown anger.Essence

As a result of mother love, she instinctively protect her belly and attempts to keep her children.

Before giving birth, Luo Feng was still forced to pick up the guests. Perhaps the fetus in the abdomen should not be absolute, and he was born safely in such a difficult environment.

As soon as the child was born, he was taken away by Wang’s mother. Luo Feng dragged the heavy iron chain and couldn’t reach out his hands and cried, "Give me the child, give me the child."

The Wang family ignored her mourning. In the pain of bereavement, Luo Feng completely lost his mind. She laughed and cried. When she saw a man coming, she would lie down consciously and became a walking dead.

Luo Feng’s mental abnormalities

One year later, she was pregnant again, perhaps the conscience discovered that when the Wang family was seven months pregnant, she did not force her to pick up the guest.

Luo Feng’s life gave birth to a second child in the dark and humid hut. It is extremely ironic that the biological father of the second child does not know who it is.

The room was full of bad smells. In such a messy and dirty hut, Luo Fenglou stretched out of life. Perhaps she would not think that she could escape the mountain village in her lifetime.

When a foreign tourist went into the village by mistake, he heard Luo Feng’s vague crying. He was curious and inquired about it, and learned that Luo Feng was sold.

Before the tourist went out of the village, he secretly took a picture of Luo Feng’s trapped. After leaving the village, the tourists chose to call the police.

According to the clues provided by the tourists, they found Wang. They took out Luo Feng’s photo and asked, "Have you ever seen Wang Feng?"

Wang Mouya denied that he was attempted to pass the level. It was not until the police took the evidence that he admitted that there was indeed a crazy woman in his home.

Most of the villages where Wang is located is law blind. Women like Luo Feng’s abduction are not a case. When they learned that the police would take away Luo Feng, the Wang family and other villagers surrounded the police car. Wang pointed at the police and scolded: "This isI spend money to buy a woman, I want to use it, and I think who dares to take it away? "

Binded by an iron chain

The villagers were holding iron, hoe, kitchen knife, etc., in front of the police car, and looked like a deadly look. The police quickly called for reinforcements and forcibly opened the door that was trapped in Luo Feng.

When the door was opened, Luo Feng’s mother couldn’t believe that the unkempt and poor clothes in front of them were their daughters. When they saw the condoms scattered everywhere and broken clothes, Luo Feng’s parents dare not think about it anymore.Crying to approach her daughter and wanted to wear good clothes for her daughter.

Luo Feng began to resist the approaching of outsiders. She trembled, and then opened her legs to lie on the bed.

When Luo’s mother saw her daughter’s behavior, she was almost fainting. With the help of the police, the heavy iron chain, who had been trapped in Luo Feng for three years, was finally opened. Luo Feng, who was thin, had no light for a long time.Parents leave.

Successfully rescued

After Luo Feng returned home, her mother was cleaned for her, and her bruises and scars spread throughout her body. She couldn’t imagine what kind of informal treatment of her daughter was encountered. When she saw the stretch marks on her daughter’s belly, LuoThe mother was like five thunder, and she trembled and called the police with her hands.

When the police investigated the incident, Wang said that he was not the child’s biological father. There were many men in the village, and some foreign populations invaded Luo Feng. He did not know who was the biological father of the two children.

Bad guy’s arrest

Despite the rope by the evil, Luo Feng’s life was ruined.

The ancients once said: There is no shame, not human.Wang was trafficking with a woman, and he was destined to be good. Waiting for him would be the severe punishment and moral condemnation of the law.

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