The first time I went to my boyfriend’s house. The woman who was 7 months pregnant was cooked with a big belly. Do you still marry?

The first time I went to my boyfriend’s house and saw a 7 -month -old woman who had a big belly to cook for the whole family. Others in the family talked about laughter.I felt distressed, and in the end, the uncle’s girlfriend went to the kitchen to help.This is a plot of the hit TV series "Happiness to Wanjia". This 7 -month -old pregnant woman is the heroine.If you are the girlfriend of this second son, will you still marry?

"Happiness to Wanjia" stills

He Xing’s uncle was named Wang Qingzhi. Wang Qingzhi’s girlfriend Ani went to the Wang family for the first time. When he saw the 7 months of pregnancy, He Xingfu went to the kitchen to cook, so he took the initiative to help.

According to the reason, the other two women in the family, mother -in -law or aunt should at least go to the kitchen to see, help, but no.Not only did her mother -in -law and aunt do not, her eldest son Wang Qing came to see his daughter -in -law He Xingxing’s belly of 7 months to cook for the whole family.

The girlfriend who came to the house for the first time went to the kitchen to help. No one at home was blocked.A girlfriend of a guest can only be regarded as a guest, throwing it in the kitchen.Will girls marry like a family like the Wang family?

The plot of "Happy to Wanjia" reminds me of Yu Ru in the village. Her parents brought her home on the wedding day because of the encounter of her mother -in -law’s sister -in -law at the wedding., Let the daughter and the man divorce.

Yu Ru and his boyfriend Binzi were high school classmates. During high school, the two people felt good at each other. Yu Ru was a gentle girl.Binzi looks good, Wen Qinbin is like a jade noodle.

During the college entrance examination, Binzi took the one because of his excellent grades, and Yu Ru only went to a junior college.However, Bin did not give up Yuru because of this, because the schools of the two people were not far away. They often called Yuru and went to see Yuru on the weekend.Because Bin Bin was particularly proactive and pursued, the two became male and female friends.

After graduating from college, Binzi discussed with his family and planned to get married with Yu Ru after finding a job.When his parents heard that Yu Ru was a college student, he was very dissatisfied, but Binzi was willing, and his parents didn’t say much.

Binzi’s brother would not get up when he graduated from high school. He said that Binzi learned better than himself, and he would not waste his family’s resources.When Binzi graduated, the elder brother in the family was married and married.

Binzi’s sister -in -law is in the countryside. People are diligent and honest. After marriage, the three meals in the family after marriage are made by Binzi’s sister -in -law, and the housework has also fell on Dasao.

When Bin Zi took Yu Ru home for the first time, Binzi’s elder sister was pregnant, just three months, so he couldn’t see it.After Binzi and Yu Ru returned home, Binzi’s mother asked Binzi’s elder sister to cook, and at that time Binzi’s father said, "Now it’s early to leave at noon.Late."

As soon as Binzi and Yu Ru looked up, they saw that Dasao stepped on the high stool at home and wiped the glass laboriously.Binzi looked at it and said, "Dad? How do you make the sister -in -law wipe the glass high? What if this falls? She is not …" Binzi saw his mother hurriedly watched before he finished saying, signaling himYu Ru is next to him, pay attention to.

Binzi had to swallow the words back, and walked to the elder sister -in -law, saying, "The sister -in -law is too high, let’s come, let me wipe it!"

"Let your sister -in -law wipe it, she is used to it, and wipes it clean. You haven’t come down and come down again, rest assured, hurry up with Yuru into the house." Binzi’s mother took Yu Ru in and entered.In the room.

After Yu Ru left, she never knew that the mother -in -law’s sister -in -law was pregnant at that time. Until the day she married Binzi’s wedding, her mother -in -law was about to give birth, and she remembered it.

After Yu Ru went to Binzi’s house, Binzi’s parents asked the long and shortly. Later, although Yu Ru graduated from college, Yuru had no brothers and sisters at home. She was a daughter at home and her family was rich.After buying the house, Binzi’s parents were happy in their hearts, and they boasted that Binzi was too capable, and actually found such a daughter -in -law born in Jinwo.

Binzi said nothing, and he was very conflict, fearing that he could not give Yu Ru happiness.Later, Binzi’s parents prepared a gift of 100,000 yuan, so that Binzi hurriedly brought relatives with Yu Ru.

Binzi and Yu Ru received a certificate one week before marriage.On the day of marriage, the relatives of the family and neighbors in the neighborhood came to many people. Yu Ru’s parents personally sent Yu Ru to Binzi’s house.

Due to the many weddings, the family was very busy, Binzi’s elder sister was busy with a big belly, shuttled in the crowd, and helped to go to the table on the table for a while, and for a while to help get things.Because I was too tired to sit next to and rest for a while, I was said by Binzi’s mother: "So many people, I don’t have any eyesight at all. I still work on the day of my first birth.No alcohol, hurry up and help get a few bottles. "

As soon as Bin Zi’s mother finished speaking, Binzi’s elder sister supported her belly and was ready to get wine. As a result, she had just broken and suddenly broke the amniotic fluid.Binzi’s big stomach had a pain in his stomach, thinking that it was bleeding, and he cried in fright.

Binzi’s parents also suspected of abandoning Binzi.As soon as Binzi cried, Binzi’s elder brother frowned, and Binzi’s father scolded: "What do you cry in this great day?

Binzi’s eldest sister died in pain. Binzi’s elder brother and Binzi only took care of the people who took care of the wedding. Binzi’s elder sister could only ask her mother -in -law: "Mom, my stomach hurts, it seems to be bleeding."

As soon as Binzi’s mother heard, he said, "What? Pay you not to listen to it yourself, you don’t have any days? Why would you bleed? If my grandson has three long or two shorts, I and you are not finished."

Yu Ru was sitting in the happy house and didn’t know what happened outside.However, all the people sitting in front of the table looked at it.Yu Ru’s parents also saw that Yu Ru’s mother hurriedly asked Yu Ru’s father to drive and sent Binzi’s big sister to the hospital.At this time, Binzi’s elder brother came over, picked up his wife and got on the car.

Binzi’s parents continued to greet the guests, but many people left the scene in advance.On the way to the hospital, Binzi’s elder brother has always complained about the big sister -in -law, and when there is no time to give birth, he can’t stand it at this time.Yu Ru’s father drove the car, his face was very ugly.

When I arrived at the hospital, Binzi’s sister -in -law entered the delivery room, and Yu Ru’s father left.Yu Ru and Binzi were at home. Binzi’s parents always called Binzi’s elder brother and asked the child if he was born. Is the child okay?Do you know that a man or a woman?In short, I have never asked Binzi from beginning to end.

On the wedding day, Yu Ru’s mother went to Yu Ru’s wedding room to discuss with Yuru, and asked her to go home with herself. Binzi would be divorced tomorrow.Yu Ru looked at her mother in shock, "Mom? You make me just get married today, and go to divorce tomorrow?"

Yu Ru’s mother said, "You see, Binzi’s big sister -in -law is like that, what is the attitude of their family? This family is too selfish, you will not be better in the future, how can you let me and your dad rest assured that? I have discussed with your dad. If you do n’t leave today, you will regret it. For a while, I find a reason, you quickly follow me home, return the gift to their house tomorrow, and divorce quickly. If you do n’t go todayI and your dad should have never given birth to you, and I will take it back for the house I bought for you. Cai Li, the dowry will not be given to you, how do you see how their family treats you? "

"Mom?" Although Yu Ru didn’t want to leave, when he saw his mother so serious, he said to his in -laws. Binzi said, "The custom left by our ancestors is a newly married girl.I lived in my house for three days, and then took the dowry back to my mother’s house from her mother’s house.

As soon as Yu Ru’s in -laws heard dowry, they were afraid of badness for their homes. They would rather believe in it, and they were unbelievable.So on the day of the wedding, Yu Ru returned home with her parents.

In the evening, Yuru didn’t sleep all night, thinking about the grandmother of the mother -in -law, and thinking about her in -laws’ attitude towards Da’s attitude. She was very unhappy. Under the persuasion of her parents, she finally decided to divorce Binzi.

The next day, Binzi went to Yuru’s house. Yuru’s parents’ door did not let Binzi enter, so he retreated the gift of 100,000 yuan to Binzi at the door, and said, "Yuru can’t afford you to afford youToday, the two of you went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to leave the marriage. In the future, they marry each other and do not interfere with each other. "

It is said that Binzi’s stomach hurts all night and gave birth to the child the next morning.The doctor said that if you go later, you will be afraid that adults and children will not be able to keep it.Binzi’s eldest sister was born after the birth of the child, and was taken away by the mother’s family on the day of discharge. The children did not let Binzi’s parents meet.

Binzi’s parents’ wedding called the daughter -in -law who was about to produce, and disgusted with her daughter -in -law, and the abuse her behavior had spread around.Now everyone is watching the two daughter -in -law of his family divorced. Without returning to her in -laws, Binzi’s parents did not dare to go out to see others.

Binzi was kneeling at the door of Yu Ru’s house since Yuru notified the divorce the next day, asking Yuru to go back, and promised that he would treat Yu Ru.

Yu Ru reads his feelings with Binzi for many years, and he doesn’t know what to do. He has been crying at home.Yu Ru’s parents said that if Yu Ru dared to return with Binzi, they would not be married, and they would take the house they bought for Yu Ru.

From the father -in -law of Yuru, the three -month -old dismissal was rubbed the glass. On the day of the wedding, Yuru’s in -laws had to know that everyone in the family was very selfish to the attitude of the family.In their eyes, the daughter -in -law is here to serve their family. No matter if you are pregnant or not, you should do anything. If the child is lost, it is that you have not protected it yourself.

When taking a bus, even strangers knew to give pregnant women a seat.Why, as a pregnant woman’s family, the baby’s relatives in the belly feel that the pregnant woman is confusing?

In fact, there are many taboo actions during pregnancy, and several actions make the fetus particularly scared. Pregnant women must not do:

Starting from the second trimester of women, the weight of the fetus has increased, which has gradually brought tremendous pressure to the pregnant mother’s spine.At this time, bending frequently is likely to cause damage to your body muscles and ligaments.If the amplitude bending is too large, it is easy to strain the back muscles, cause lumbar injury, and even squeeze the baby in the abdomen.Therefore, after entering the middle of pregnancy, bending down or squatting.

During pregnancy, mothers may have insufficient oxygen supply. Avoid squatting on the ground after the second trimester, or resting to prevent falling from the dizziness when standing up suddenly.In addition, long -term squatting will affect the smooth circulation of body blood, which may pose a threat to the fetal supply of the fetus.

Increasing uterus in the third trimester will compress the lower cavity veins, which can easily hinder the return of the lower limbs.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to keeping the blood circulation of the body smoothly.

When climbing tiptoe, the abdomen is leaning forward and the body is straight. This movement is extremely harmful to women during pregnancy.Tiptory is likely to cause the body to lose balance. The straight body and the abdomen of the object are compressed by the abdomen of the object.In case things fall from high altitude, it will be easily injured.

Women should not move heavy objects during pregnancy. When moving things in concentration, it is easy to form contraction, which is very harmful to the fetus.Therefore, if you encounter heavy objects after pregnancy, you can ask your family or people around you to ask for help.

Many pregnant mothers are very diligent and will not abandon the arrangement of rooms and courtyards because of pregnancy.Various mopping, cooking, laundering … Especially after the second trimester, this hard -working behavior is full of invisible hidden dangers behind it and needs to be stopped in time.

I am a mother who is happy and candy, thank you for reading.The situation of Yu Ru and Yani is very similar. Will it be happy to marry such a mother -in -law?Do you think Yu Ru’s marriage with Binzi will be happy?Welcome to leave a message to share your feelings!

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