The family is not allowed to cut her hair with her hair "cut the boy into a girl", and the pregnant woman responds to "just cut"

Although it has entered a new society now, there are still many ancient customs circulating in the folk.In life, if the old man tells you some weird customs, will you listen?

On April 20, a man in Guangdong posted a video online.His wife has been pregnant for 7 months, and his hair is too long.The weather became hotter and hot, so she wanted to cut her hair, but the family was not allowed to cut her hair and said that she would turn the girl into a boy.

But the girl did not listen to the family, she had cut her hair twice, and joked, "Just want to cut, just cut, you are angry with you."

The husband can only say "it’s okay, but he likes girls."

Some netizens said that it was impossible to understand that "sometimes, stupidity and childishness are the same work. It seems to be independent and very self. In fact, I don’t understand why the older generation of people’s traditions.People who have rejected it by 40 years. There is a saying that they try to live as their parents and live themselves, but they live alive and live like parents. The truth of this can only be understood by mature thoughts. "

Some netizens said that "most of our pregnant women are cutting their hair before having children, so that they can take care of confinement."

For this, we can only say that many people should cut their hair during pregnancy. Do n’t we have a boy?The child’s gender is determined during pregnancy. Will it change because of hair cutting?Not, it is only everyone’s own thoughts.

But for the traditional thoughts of parents, there are often no need to obscure such a clear banner.After all, family and everything can be paid attention to methods.At first glance, this girl and husband were particularly loving. The two could communicate in depth with their parents and instill the child’s gender to the parents.

In the end, we still have to talk about the child’s gender at the moment of pregnancy.Don’t try to change it in other ways. Some people sell people on the Internet to change children’s gender drugs. Do not believe it or try to use it. Too many attemptors pay the bloody price for this.

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