The existence of menstruation is actually protecting the woman itself

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Let’s learn why women have "menstruation"!

There are such magical creatures on the earth:

They are beautiful, lively, gentle, and cute …

During his life, he lost about 23,000 ml of blood in a lifetime!

The discount contract 70 Listen to the happy water of the fat house, and a bottle of "Yangle Duo" is flowing on average every month.

Menstruation allows women to experience a process of wound healing and tearing every month.

All this is related to fertility.

The uterus is responsible for fertility, and the inner surface of the uterus has a "film" that changes cyclical changes, which is the endometrium.

The endometrium is like a soft bed. Only "thick" can be smoothly wrapped in fertilized eggs.

Every month, the endometrium is preparing for the fertilized eggs.

There are 2 fate to welcome the endometrium:

Successfully received the landing of fertilized eggs, maintained thickness, and gradually evolved into part of the placenta;

Failure to wait for the fertilized eggs, as the estrogen level decreases, it collapses, and then stripped off and bleeds.

After the peeling, the endometrium becomes thinner again, waiting for the start of the next "thickening" cycle.

Uterine endometrium ▼

"The endometrium is like a continuously built house. No one moves in and pushes it down until anyone lives in."

Under normal circumstances (no pregnancy), the hormone tide and tide of women’s body, this membrane is also "thick and thin", constantly resetting until pregnancy or menopause.

The peeling endometrium and the blood flowing down during this automatic "crack" form a menstruation.

Menstruation is a phenomenon that occurs only among a few mammals: it is limited to human women, primates, and other minority mammals.

Compared with other species, the menstrual phenomenon of human beings is the most regular, frequent, and most prominent.

In fact, the emergence of menstruation is the result of the game between life.

A fertilized egg, half of its genes provided by the father, and the other half was provided by the mother.Its genotype is different from the mother.

In other words, the purpose of the embryo and the mother is not consistent:

The embryo hopes to absorb all possible nutrition to grow desperately; the mother hopes to have a healthy body that can succeed in pregnancy.

The quality of the embryo: For those embryos that are not excellent enough, they will leave the mother with the peeling of the endometrium, that is, naturally abortion.

If the embryo fails in the process of rooting the uterus, the high invasion cells left out will cause damage to the mother.

Therefore, the development of embryos is very similar to cancer cells. Therefore, there are also articles that the invasion of cancer is the process of repeating the embryo implantation.

In order to avoid this risk to the maximum extent, the periodic endometrium peeling can achieve the effect of "zero":

The unqualified, dead embryo, together with the high invasion embryo cells and the endometrium, are excreted together to prepare a new and healthy environment for the next pregnancy.

The periodic changes of endometrium are usually regular. If abnormalities occur, it usually means a "program abnormality" in the body.

"For example, whether the level of hormone secretion in the menstrual cycle is normal, whether the level of endometrium decolicization is coordinated, and whether the body can restore the hemostasis after menstrual bleeding, the abnormal changes in blood sugar and blood pressure, etc.

If there is no normal menstrual cycle of pregnancy, abnormalities are also observed, and the risk of patients with pregnancy -related complications, including abortion, pre -birth and premature birth."

In each menstrual cycle, the body is adapting as much as possible and changes in the level of uterine and hormone levels, so it can achieve a correction effect in a certain sense.

Menstruation is the "rehearsal" of human pregnancy in another sense.

The benefits of this protective effect are far greater than the loss of blood loss and related energy caused by menstruation. It is conducive to the mother in terms of evolutionary advantages. Especially in the aspects of avoiding placenta invasion, protecting the mother from the impact of embryos, and protecting the uterus for future pregnancy, etc.Essence

Although women have evolved periods of cyclical blood loss, such as "physiological processes" that seem to be stupid, looking at the entire evolution process, the existence of menstruation does protect women itself.

If it is said that pregnancy and nurturing this purely altruistic behavior, many mothers forget themselves because they love their children.

Then the existence of menstruation is the "shout" of the body to protect itself.

In any case, your body will not forget to love you.

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