The entertainment revealed that the actress of the Z surname secretly gave birth to a child, and declared anorexia to the outside world. Zhang Tianai lying a gun

On May 20, the well -known entertainment "Knowing the melon" in the circle burst into a big melon, which caused warm discussions outside the outside world.

Knowing the news of melon, there was a Zen actress secretly pregnant and gave birth to a child. He declared that he had anorexia, and even his agent was covered in the drum.

One time he ate with the actress agent and asked the actress’s recent situation. The agent told him that Z’s actress was not very good recently, and he could not come out after he had anorexia.

Knowing Gua Yu said that it was when the actress was the hottest. If the agent knew that she was pregnant, she should not let her give birth.

Breaking the news, netizens talked about it. There are many actresses in the circle of Z, and the "anorexia", some netizens think it is a bit like Zhang Tianai.

As we all know, Zhang Tianai appeared in front of the public’s vision. It was a very thin image.

Three years ago, she participated in a certain fitness variety show, and also showed almost "abnormal" weight loss recipes in the show.She claims that she has only eaten water and cucumber for two consecutive years

Last year, she participated in Sister Lang, and the image of thin bones attracted the attention of many people. It was rumored that she had anorexia.

Although Zhang Tianai satisfied the Z surname and anorexia, it seems difficult to confirm the pregnancy.

Especially her emotional life has also been exposed. Participating in Sister Lang and Xu Kaiyu broke up. The other party was chaotic after being exposed and sorry for her.So she did not have a reason for her pregnancy.

And the other actress Z is more familiar with everyone, she is Zhang Bichen.

Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu had a child’s melon that made the entertainment industry turbulent, allowing everyone to see the novels and scenes of female stars running in real life.

Zhang Bichen once exposed herself in love with Hua Chenyu and broke up, but she found that she was pregnant.

In the end, she decided to secretly give birth to the child, so she ran abroad to complete the work of breeding and production.

However, Zhang Bichen’s excuses at the time were "studying" abroad.

At that time, the news of Zhang Bichen’s abroad in the circle was rumored that Zhang Bichen was "Xuezang" because Zhang Bichen had a scandal with Zhang Jie.

It can be said that Zhang Bichen has made a lot of effort to give birth to this child. Fortunately, in the end, the child was born smoothly. Although she and Hua Chenyu failed to be a husband and wife, they were successfully raised together.

So who do you think the actress of this Z?What other lies in the circle to sneak a child?Welcome everyone to add in the comment area.

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