The endometrium, the thickness is easy for baby, or is it thin?

Women have a membrane, which is quite important. It is successful to whether pregnant and having children.But this membrane is not a film, don’t think about it.

The film we said is [endometrium]!

During the pregnancy, if the sperm egg binding is seed, the endometrium is soil.Good seeds, no good soil, then fertilized eggs cannot bed, and pregnancy cannot be established.

Is this layer of film better, or is it thin?If it is thick, is it thicker and better?

The endometrium is not a fixed value, and it changes with the changes in the menstrual cycle.When the menstruation is just clean, it is the thinnest. By the end of the menstruation again 14mm, it is not pregnant during the period. The menstruation is just over to the thinnest, and then the thinnest is about 14mm.This cycle is reciprocating.

Under normal circumstances, when normal women with childbearing age are not pregnant, the normal thickness periodic changes of the endometrium are divided into 3 phases.

1-menstrual period

On the first to 4 days of the menstrual cycle, endometrial bleeding and falling off.Following it, the endometrium is repaired from the base, and the new blood vessels are grown from the broken end of the blood vessels.

2-hyperplasia period

Generally speaking, starting from the 5th day, epithelial cells began to proliferate from the endometrium, covering the surface of the uterine mucosa upward, and entering the hyperplasia period.

The 5th to 7th day of the menstrual cycle, early in the hyperplasia period.At this time, the hyperplasia and repair of the endometrium begins.The endometrium is thin, only 1 ~ 2mm, the interstitial is dense, and the cells are star -shaped.

At the 8th to 10th of the menstrual cycle, mid -period of hyperplasia.The interstitial edema is obvious, and the number of glands increases and increases.Show bending.Glandothelial cells have active hyperplasia and split phenomena.

At the 11th to 14th day of the menstrual cycle, the normal thickness of the endometrium increased to 7 ~ 9mm in the late hyperplasia period.

3-secretion period

After the formation of lutein, under the action of progesterone, the endometrium is secreted.The secretion period is also divided into early, middle and late stages, and 3 periods.In the late stages of secretion, that is, early menstrual tide, the thickness of the endometrium is about 10 ~ 14mm.

The thickness of the uterine membrane that is suitable for pregnancy is in the interval of 7mm ~ 12mm.Clinically proves that the probability of uterine endometrium is less than 7mm or greater than 12mm pregnancy.

Of course, under the guidance of doctors, there are also a few successful pregnancy of a few people’s uterine endometrium only 6mm or more than 12mm.

A review of this article: Dr. Li Suchun

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