The effect of colds on the fetus during pregnancy

Women in the early stages of pregnancy are usually vulnerable to viruses. Will it affect the fetus in this case?

When pregnant women have a cold, they need to be treated in several cases.

If you have a cold but do not have a fever, or your body temperature does not exceed 38 ° C, it can not be treated, and it will not affect the fetus.If pregnant women have symptoms such as cough, they generally do not affect the development of the fetus, but when the condition is serious, it may have an adverse effect on the fetus.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can use some medicines that will not affect the fetus.

When a cold, the high fever is above 39 ° C, and it lasts for more than 3 days. It can be divided into two cases.In the first case, if the pregnant woman with a cold is within 2 weeks after ovulation, the medication may have no effect on the fetus.In the second case, if the pregnant woman with a cold is more than 2 weeks of ovulation, during this period, the central nervous nerve of the fetus has begun to develop. If the pregnant woman has a high fever of 39 ° C for one day, it may affect the fetus.It will affect the fetus that will affect the fetus; if the high fever is 40 ° C for more than 1 day, it will also affect the fetus.At present, there is not enough clinical data to prove that pregnant women will definitely have an impact on the fetus after the continuous high fever (data existing data through animal experiments). Therefore, at this time, the doctor may tell the fetus to tell the fetus that the fetus may be damaged.The risk of risk, and put forward suggestions, finally decided whether to terminate pregnancy by pregnant women and family members.

Pregnant women should be less than public places during pregnancy; strengthen nutrition; ensure sleep; try to contact patients with cold as possible to reduce the chance of infection.When the doctor treats whether the pregnant woman is used for a cold, there is one principle: only when the drug benefits the mother than the danger of the fetus, the medication is considered during pregnancy. If it is possible, any drug should be avoided within the first three months after pregnancy.

Excerpted from "280 Days Plang Education Daily Read", Hebei People’s Publishing House, in 2007, editor -in -chief of Wang Xinliang (medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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