The diet during pregnancy is particular: "Three do not eat two cautious foods", otherwise it will easily affect the health of fetal treasure

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When women are pregnant, their own diet is not only provided to themselves, but also affects the health of the fetus.So the mother’s diet during pregnancy is very particular.

However, the folk can not eat lamb during pregnancy, otherwise children will be crazy; if they are pregnant, they cannot eat crabs, otherwise children will walk horizontally like crabs after birth. These are rumors.Isn’t it as stupid as a pig in the future?

1 type: alcohol

Foods containing alcohol can not be eaten during pregnancy, because after drinking alcohol, alcohol will enter the fetus through the placenta. In severe cases, it may cause malformations of the brain, heart, and spine. ThereforeVery, very big!

But there is another exception that some people are not planning to get pregnant when they are pregnant. They may be unexpectedly pregnant. I drink alcohol without knowing that they are pregnant. Do you want to have a miscarriage?

Most of the obstetrics and gynecologists will mention that in the early days of the fetus, there is a "all or no" stage. If alcohol will affect him, then he will naturally abortion. If there is no effect on the fetus, the fetus will then the fetus, then the fetus will then the fetus.You can grow up healthily.

Therefore, when the birth check -in, if the fetus is healthy, it means that alcohol may have no effect on him, but it will not be able to drink in the future.

The second type: no cooked shrimp fish and meat

There is a very famous food in Chaoshan. It is raw pickled seafood. The taste is really delicious, but there may be parasites in it.

Previously, a pregnant mother ate raw pickled seafood while traveling to Chaoshan. After returning, she found her stomach pain. Later, she went to the hospital for examination and found that it was a parasitic infection. In the end, the child of the six or seven months of pregnancy had to abort.That is, because parasitic infections have affected the health of the fetus.

You must not eat raw food when you are pregnant, because there will be bowworms in it, and don’t eat foods that are not completely cooked, such as steak, you must be cooked thoroughly.When we cook, we must separate the cutting board and tools.

Third type: previous allergic food

Xiao Ke is from the Northeast. She remembers that when she was in high school, a relative of the south came to the northeast to play, because it happened to be a few pounds of mango. She was a bit allergic to two at the time.I haven’t bought mango either.

When she was pregnant, she especially loved fruit, and when her husband watched the live broadcast, she saw the fruit when they saw the fruit cheap. Later, when I saw the mango, I felt that the mango looked very delicious and bought 10 pounds.Essence

She forgot that she had experienced allergies before, so when her husband cut the mango, she ate three or four in a row. As a result, she felt itchy after half an hour, and the throat was swollen, which was the throat edema.

Fortunately, they are not far away from the hospital. They arrived at the hospital for about 10 minutes. The doctor immediately rescued. The doctor said that there was no way to get a little later, because this is a serious mango allergy, which has caused the throat edema to compress the respiratory tract.In case this hypoxia will affect the mother’s health too long!

So when my mother is pregnant, if I have eaten allergic foods before, don’t eat it anymore.

First category: coffee

The caffeine in coffee can mainly let us refresh, but this refreshing may affect the fetus.

Some studies have found that when she is pregnant, she often drinks coffee. The fetus may be prone to growth and development. Children who are born are prone to low -birth weight, that is, the child’s birth body is more than 5 pounds!

So my mother did not have the habit of drinking coffee before. Don’t drink it when you are pregnant, but if you drink coffee every day before pregnancy, you can not quit during pregnancy, then you can drink less during pregnancy.It is recommended that the amount of coffee daily is about a cup. The content of caffeine should not exceed 200 mg, which will be relatively safe.

The second category: tea

China is a country with a very strong tea culture. For example, we especially like to give tea, but if we send a pregnant woman, it is not recommended to send tea. Why?

The main component of tea is tea polyphenols that can resist aging, lower blood lipids, and anti -artery sclerosis, but this is not good for fetuses and mothers, and these tea polyphenols will inhibit the absorption of iron and protein.It also contains caffeine, which can cause mother’s excitement to affect sleep.

Therefore, my mother should not drink strong tea when she is pregnant. If she has the habit of drinking tea every day, the tea you drink should be slightly lighter, otherwise it will really lead to iron deficiency anemia and affect the health of the fetus.

The mother’s diet during pregnancy is indeed very particular. In addition to the above foods do not eat and eat cautiously, they should also pay attention to eating less high sugar, high salt, and high -fat foods to avoid the fetal growth of the fetus too fast or affecting the impact.To the mother’s health, leading to hypertension and hyperglycemia.

These will affect the health of the fetus, so our pregnancy diet is indeed particular when we are pregnant.

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