The daughter -in -law’s pregnant mother -in -law came to see her, and when she heard the cough sound, her mother -in -law boiled rock sugar Sydney soup, the daughter -in -law was very moved


"The mother of a mother is like a treasure, and a child without a mother is like a grass." Only those children who have no mothers know what the mother is.Those children who have mothers have grown up under the care of motherly love since they were young, and they couldn’t realize what the mother was like.

Children who have no mothers since childhood are particularly eager for motherly love, but mother love is a luxury for them.Some things are raised for mothers, but for children who are not mothers, it is more difficult than climbing the sky.

Therefore, children with mothers should cherish mother’s love, and do not know blessing in blessing. Not every child in this world can have maternal love.The most selfless love in the world is motherly love. Only mothers will willingly dedicate everything to their children, regardless of any return.

For the child, the mother is willing to give up even her own life, just to live well for the child.I hope that children under the world can understand the love of her mother, "Whoever speaks grass and reports San Chunhui."


A child who has no mother since he was a child has a deeper foot and shallower, and he has to leave by himself.No one helped him after falling; when he was hungry, no one was distressed by him; no one guided him the road when he was confused. He only went forward.

Some girls have no mother’s love since she was a child. When she was looking for an object after an adult, the other party gave her some love, and she would be moved, and then married herself to the other party.Because of this, those girls who have no mother to help her be closed are easy to choose the wrong marriage object.

After getting married, with their own children, these girls who have not felt much since childhood will mostly love their children.Because of the suffering of no mother’s love, he hopes that his child can grow in strong maternal love.

The man married a wife without a mother since he was a child. He must love his wife in particular, and the in -law family must treat her well and give her warmth.Such women generally know how to be grateful and cherish the warmth of the family. The mother -in -law is good to her, and she will double the goodness to her mother -in -law.


Ren Qian is a person who has no mother since she was a child. Her mother died of illness when she was four years old.Later, his father remarried, and Ren Qian lived with his grandparents.When Ren Qian was ten years old, his grandmother died, and Ren Qian was dependent on his grandfather.

Grandpa loves Ren Qian very much, but after all, Grandpa is a big old and rough, and because he is old, he can’t take care of Ren Qian like a mother.Therefore, Ren Qian’s childhood has no mother love, and he has always lived hard.After she was in high school, she lived in school, and her grandfather died.

Ren Qian did not study again after graduating from high school. After working in a factory, he met his current husband after working for a few years.Her husband was very good to Ren Qian. He cared and took care of Ren Qian everywhere. Ren Qian was moved by him, and then married his husband.

After getting married, Ren Qian and in -laws were separated from each other. The wedding room was bought by the in -laws.Ren Qian respects her in -laws. She went to visit her in -laws every three times and her husband, but she always kept a certain distance to her mother -in -law in her heart.


Ren Qian’s little sisters are unhappy with their mother -in -law. They say that the relationship between this mother -in -law is the most difficult to get along.Ren Qian has no mother again, and her mother -in -law is more likely to bully her. Anyway, she does not have a mother to protect her, so Ren Qian has a instinct to beware of her mother -in -law.

When Ren Qian and her husband just fell in love, the mother -in -law did not agree with this family, because her mother -in -law felt that Ren Qian had no mother, and a child without a mother might have no education.But later her mother -in -law had a lot of contact with Ren Qian, so she no longer opposed it. She was also good for Ren Qian.

After half a year of marriage, Ren Qian became pregnant.Because of her pregnancy reaction, Ren Qian was particularly baby, her husband and mother -in -law asked her to resign, and after giving birth to a child, she went to find a job.The mother -in -law was afraid that Ren Qian was worried about money, so she promised Ren Qian that the cost of having a child was borne by their old couples.

Ren Qian had a cold when he was five months pregnant, because he could not take cold medicine with pregnancy, Ren Qian could only carry it.My mother -in -law went to see her that day, and lived at Ren Qian’s house at night.In the middle of the night, her mother -in -law heard Ren Qian cough and coughed for a while, and her mother -in -law got up quietly.


Ren Qian cough was uncomfortable, afraid of affecting her husband’s sleep, and then got up and wanted to go to the study for a while.When Ren Qian passed the door of the kitchen, he found that the lights in the kitchen were on. She thought that she had forgotten to turn off the light before going to bed, so she walked into the kitchen to turn off the lights.

As a result, Ren Qian found that her mother -in -law was cooking in the kitchen, and she was particularly light and feet.Ren Qian was strange, so she asked her mother -in -law what was doing?The mother -in -law first stunned, and then said with a smile: "I heard you cough, so I got up to cook some rock sugar Sydney soup, and it would be good to drink this cough."

Ren Qian was very moved and didn’t know what to say for a while.My mother -in -law said, while cooking rock sugar Sydney soup, said, "That stinky boy just sleeps alone, regardless of you, I must talk about him tomorrow. When you get married, I told him that Ren Qian has no mother since he was a child. We want toI especially love and take care of Ren Qian. He is good, now just sleep. "

"Mom, he is good to me, I let him sleep, he will go to work tomorrow! Mom, thank you for cooking rock sugar Sydney soup for me.Dwarit sugar Sydney Soup! Mom, thank you! "Ren Qian said, she was really moved in her eyes, and she was really moved.


As long as they really treat each other as their own people, with a kind heart, they treat each other with a kind heart, and the mother -in -law can be as good as the mother and daughter.The hearts of people are long, you are good to me, I will treat you well, and change my heart with your heart.

The daughter -in -law has no mother since she was a child, and her mother -in -law has loved her daughter -in -law as her daughter. How warm and happy this is for her daughter -in -law.Because of her mother -in -law’s love, daughter -in -law will naturally love her mother -in -law, because there is love, the mother -in -law will get along well.

The mother -in -law got along well, and the man who was sandwiched in the middle naturally lived happily. There were both mother loved and wife loved.If a family must be happy, the family must be full of love, and the family that loves will have warmth and happiness.

The mother -in -law is also the mother of her daughter -in -law, and her daughter -in -law is also the child of her mother -in -law. If her mother -in -law really loves that man, she must love the house and Wu.Two strange women become a mother -in -law because they love a man at the same time. This is also a fate. Mother -in -law must cherish this fate.

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After my mother -in -law remarried, I always thought that the living expenses of their son had too few living expenses.

The daughter -in -law’s dishes made by my mother -in -law, and after lunch, my mother -in -law was moved by her mother’s mother’s words.

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