The conceptual ability and style improvement year 孕 Pregnant women’s bleeding urgently seeking for help and the police quickly escorted

There is no trivial matter in the masses, and the hearts of the people are warm

Attentive on the word "love"

Strong on the word "real"

Warm -hearted thank you

Warm Jinqi

It is the best testimony of police and people’s affection …

April 6th

A pregnant woman’s family members embroidered one side

"The police are quickly and rainless in time."

Jinqi sent to Chengwan Police Station

"Thank you for comrade comrades in time to extend the help of assistance in time

Guarantee my lover’s safety

We will always remember this love in mind "

To express your sincere gratitude to the police

It turns out, 8 o’clock on April 5th

Chengwan Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Tongbai County

Receive the staff of a staff member in the jurisdiction for help

It is said that a woman in the unit suddenly occurs during pregnancy

Need to be sent to the hospital for emergency, the situation is very critical

After receiving the report, the police on duty immediately rushed to the unit

Contact Chengwan Town Health Center at the same time

Organize doctors to rush to the scene to rescue

The police learned from the inquiry

Shan Shan (pseudonym), a sudden situation,

Due to lower body bleeding during pregnancy

Urgent need to go to the County Hospital for treatment

Unit colleagues have already called their husbands by phone

At this time, the family members are rushing to Chengwan Town

The situation is urgent, in order to shorten the medical delivery time

Send Shan Shan to the doctor at the fastest speed

The police immediately asked the female medical staff of the hospital to take care of

And let Shan Shan’s unit leader

Arrange a female staff member to accompany

Put the Shanshan on the police car and drive in the direction of the county seat.

On the way, the police were soothing Shan Shan’s mood

Keep in touch with their families at any time



The police car escorting Shanshan drove to the National Highway G312

During the section of Gaobu Village, Huaiyuan Town

It will be closed with the vehicle drove by Shanshan’s family

The police assisted their families to help Shanshan on the car

Emergency to the county hospital for treatment

Due to the timely delivery of the doctor, through treatment

Shanshan’s body is not a big deal

His family members of the Chengwan Police Station, medical staff of town hospitals

The noble quality of the staff of the unit is highly praised

Police reminded: In the critical moment, there are emergency needs. Public security organs will do their best, and they must fight for each second. In the fastest speed and warmest way, they will protect the peace of the people!Give you a steady sense of security and full happiness!

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