The clinical diagnosis and treatment of pig flu and pig colds

Abstract: Clinical studies have shown that the clinical symptoms of pig flu and pork cold are similar to veterinarians. Clinical veterinaries are listed as a cold category of pig influenza and pork cold.Pig flu and pigs are mostly occurred in winter, causing certain economic losses to pig farmers. Through the analysis of the symptoms and causes of this type of disease, it provides reference for the scientific prevention diseases of farmers.

With the increasing demand for pork products in my country, my country’s pig industry has developed rapidly, and the occurrence of pig flu and pigs have caused serious economic losses to farmers.Because pig flu and pigs have colds in the category of colds, their clinical symptoms are similar, it is difficult to distinguish, and there are misdiagnosis.How to improve the diagnosis of pig influenza and pig colds in clinical clinic is the key to ensuring good treatment effects.


Most pigs have symptoms such as loss of appetite, mental deficiency, cough, etc., observing its body temperature significantly increased to about 41 ° C, accompanied by runny nose and so on.There is a secretion in the mouth of the sick pig, accompanied by blood wire, and there is a significant difference between the urine and normal pigs. Some pigs are unable to afford to eat and refuse to eat.

2.1 Pig flu

After the pigs are infected by type A germs, their body temperature will rise rapidly in a short period of time, generally 40^c-41C.The sick pig has a clear anorexia and its mental condition is not good.Studies have shown that after the influenza infected with pigs, pigs will have pain in the whole body. When touching the pig, it will make a shout. The severe pigs will have accelerated breathing, cough nose and other secretions.Dry than more dry, its urine is red yellow. After the influenza is infected, the weight of the pig will decrease.Pregnancy sows will occur after influenza.

2.2 Pig

In the clinical veterinarian, the symptoms of pigs have a cold than pig flu.The most typical clinical symptoms of pigs with colds are mentally sluggish, and their body temperature is stable at about 40 ° C. When feeding, it is found that the pig’s appetite decreases and the amount of eating decreases. Most pigs have symptoms of cough and are accompanied by symptoms such as dilute or constipation.Cool pigs will not be transmitted on a large scale. Clinically, the recognition rate is high. After taking correct treatment measures, the pigs will recover health and will not cause large -scale death.

3 Clinical diagnosis

3.1 Pig flu

In clinical diagnosis, the typical symptom of pig flu is that after pigs are infected with virus, there are many symptoms of fever, accompanied by symptoms such as dyspnea and cough.As the condition worsens, the condition of the sick pig will become worse, and the secretions in the eyes, nose, nose, etc. increased. Most pigs are unwilling to eat pregnancy sows infection.Poor pigs and younger dyeing rates are the highest.After the infection of the flu virus, the virus quickly attacked the lungs and trachea of pigs. The disease has the characteristics of a high incidence of high incidence, which is not easy to cure.

3.2 Pig

In clinical diagnosis, compared with pig flu, there are few cases of pigs in a cold, and their onset has no significant seasonal characteristics.The changes in temperature and the nutritional condition of the pig itself can cause disease.In general, pigs with poor resistance and sows during pregnancy have a higher chance of catching colds.The sick pigs have significant symptoms such as cough, fever, loss of appetite, and mental deficiency. The disease occurs quickly and has a short latent period. After the initial active treatment, the sick pig will soon heal.In severe cases, it can lead to symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea.Seasonal changes, unsatisfactory hygiene, and disinfection measures will cause pigs to catch a cold.

4 prevention and treatment measures

4.1 Pig flu

Pig flu is contagious and should strengthen prevention.The breeding staff should ensure that the living environment of the pig group should be cleaned and regularly disinfection of pig houses. Before buying pig seeds, you should investigate the source of the species to avoid the pig breeding white body with virus. The serum of pigs should be tested regularly, and the influenza vaccine should be used to ensure that the pigs are guaranteed to ensure that pigsThe immune status of the group meets relevant national regulations and requirements.Traditional Chinese medicine treatment or combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine is often used to treat pig influenza.In the case of diagnosis of full -group infection, Chinese medicinal agents should be used for mixed feeding.The prescriptions adopted are as follows: Banlangen, dried ginger, licorice, large green leaves, honeysuckle, Wanzheng, Bupleurum, astragalus, mumato, nepeta each 25-50 grams, grind them into powder and mix with feed.The prescription is generally suitable for pigs with a weight of about 50 kg.For some sick pigs with poor appetite, you can make the prescription and take the juice at the same time, and you can use it once, and basically heal it.When necessary, take i the next day.Western medicine therapy mainly uses drugs such as injecting penicillin beerine, and the injection concentration of the drug should be reasonably allocated in combination with the weight and age of the diseased pig.The combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine can significantly improve the efficacy.

4.2 Pig

After the pigs have a cold, they should do a good job of ventilation in summer. In winter, warm work should be done. The breeders should let the sick pigs drink more water, balance the sick pig diet, and ensure that nutrition is in place.For a cold, pigs should be strengthened, and measures to protect the diseased pig alone. The main treatment methods of pig colds are the same as pig flu. The symptoms of pigs have mild symptoms, and pigs can be cured in a short period of time.In clinical practice, pigs and pig flu will increase the human and financial burden of farmers. After diagnosis is diagnosed, isolation measures should be taken to avoid exacerbating infection.For the prevention and treatment of this type of disease, the establishment of a biological safety epidemic prevention system should be strengthened, focusing on quarantine and reducing the risk of infection.The two episodes are mostly in winter and are frequent stages of species. They should choose a well-represented pig farm and adopt pigs isolation measures. The breeders should strengthen the management of pig groups and ensure that the temperature of the pig house is controlled at 20^C-27C.In the weather changes, heat insulation measures should be taken to ensure ventilation in the house, reasonably allocate feed, and enhance the anti -infectious power of pigs.

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