The child who is about to be born is the continuation of the life of Peng Yinhua, a 29 -year -old doctor Peng Yinhua

The 29 -year -old doctor Peng Yinhua has left for more than 70 days.

He is a Department of Respiratory Medicine at the First People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District. At the beginning of the epidemic, his department became the front line of fighting the epidemic.On February 20, Peng Yinhua died unfortunately for infection with new coronal virus pneumonia.When he died, his wife Zhong Xinhuai was pregnant for 6 months.

After Peng Yinhua left, he was successively rated as a martyr and awarded the 24th "Chinese Youth May 4th Medal" to resist individuals.For a few months, he also existed in the memory of his family in different ways.He frequently appeared in his father’s dream; his mobile phone was placed next to his wife’s bedside table. The wedding photos of the two have always been the background of the wife’s circle of friends and WeChat avatars.

One month later, the children of Peng Yinhua and his wife Zhong Xin were born.This new life to be born is regarded as the continuation of Peng Yinhua’s life.

Peng Yinhua’s wedding photo.Pictures from the network

"You have a hero father, a doctor"

It was only more than a month before the expected period of June 6, and "prospective mother" Zhong Xin became busy.

Maternal inspection frequency once a week.From home to Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital, it takes an hour’s drive. Before Wuhan was unlocked, the community volunteers were responsible for picking up Zhong Xin.After the unblocking, her brother was often carried by her, and her mother always accompanied.

In the recent birth checkup, the doctor told Zhong Xin that the child had 5 pounds, "the gestational weeks and fetal weights were normal."Previously, the B -ultrasound showed that the child’s hip was down. In order to facilitate the delivery, Zhong Xin followed the doctor’s advice and went out to take a walk with his mother every day.On the Huanshan Highway not far from home, the mother and daughter stepped slowly in seven or eight thousand steps. The belly was big and could not take a big step. In two hours, she and her mother stopped and breathed fresh air.

In the process of prenatal education, she tried to tell her baby Peng Yinhua’s experience with her baby, and repeatedly told her children: "You have a hero father, a doctor."

Peng Yinhua worked at the First People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District.Interviewee confession

Zhong Xin and Peng Yinhua got married in 2017.Peng Yinhua likes children, and began to look forward to in the early days of Zhong Xin.Zhong Xin remembers that when he was still alive, he was busy with work and could not accompany himself every time.Without this epidemic, they originally planned to make a wedding on February 1.

On February 20, Peng Yinhua died after being infected with new crown pneumonia.Right now, Zhong Xin has prepared for this new life alone. Children’s small clothes, bottles, diapers, and birth packs have been well -formed.

For more than 70 days of Peng Yinhua’s departure, both families retained his mark.

In Peng Yinhua’s hometown in Xiaogan, Peng Yinhua, Peng Yinhua’s 56 -year -old father Peng Qingbai tried to put Peng Yinhua’s items in some less "prominent".The gifts for the wedding and tobacco and alcohol were collected into Peng Yinhua’s room together. The rooms and notes when Peng Yinhua was studying in the room. He was retained by the ornaments sent by his friends when he was admitted to college.But Peng Qingbai said that sometimes inadvertently glanced, it was still sad.

However, in the residence of Peng Yinhua and Zhong Xin, Zhong Xin kept Peng Yinhua’s personal items always maintained the original furnishings.She never thought of putting them away, "I still want to see what I love."

Last year, the souvenirs bought by the two people in Yunnan symbolized safety and health, and were always hung on the dressing table by Zhong Xin.The mobile phone used by Peng Yinhua during her lifetime, after retiring in March, also placed on the bedside table.

"Practical", "Sunshine", "Big Boy"

"On January 21, the busiest time arrived, this is the day when the isolation ward."

"Busy to treat patients, there are insufficient materials, only N95 masks, preparation measures are still very simple."

In March, after opening the mobile phone used by Peng Yinhua during his lifetime, Zhong Xin first clearly learned from his chat history that his husband was real working state before illness.

Peng Yinhua was a respiratory doctor at the First People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District at that time. He was 29 years old and joined the work just half a year.At the beginning of the epidemic, in the WeChat chat record with other people, he described the busy state of the hospital at that time, afraid of his wife’s worry. These situations Peng Yinhua never told Zhong Xin directly, but comforted her at the time: not tired, such busy, such busynessVery fulfilling.

On January 25, Peng Yinhua had a discomfort in his body, "fever, cough, and panting." Later, he was hospitalized at the First People’s Hospital of Jiangxia District and was diagnosed in the second nucleic acid test on January 28.On February 20, Peng Yinhua died at Jin Yintan Hospital for organ failure.

After his death, in a photo taken by a nurse and widely spread, Peng Yinhua was lying on the bed at Jin Yintan Hospital and reached out to "V".

On February 2nd, Peng Yinhua was at Jin Yintan Hospital.Picture source network

At that time, Ling Yun, a nurse of the severe care treatment of Jin Yintan Hospital, was very impressed with Peng Yinhua. She recalled that Peng Yinhua cooperated in particular when accepting non -invasive ventilator and various puncture."We often need to pump the patients with blood oxygen. It hurts when pumping. Sometimes it is difficult to hit the arteries, but he can just bear it and let you puncture."

In the mourning of Peng Yinhua, the words "practical", "sunshine" and "big boy" were mentioned.

In the six months of the colleagues of Peng Yinhua’s colleagues, "usually the nurse of the support center came to accompany the inspection, but sometimes I couldn’t help it.But he will accompany the patient to check it. It takes at least 3 hours, and he will undertake some tasks that it is not him. "

Wang Rippo was the university roommate of Peng Yinhua when he was studying at Hubei University of Science and Technology. He felt that Peng Yinhua was not afraid of "suffering".He said that Peng Yinhua was high, honest, and capable. He was selected as the dormitory chief during college during college. At that time, the dormitory chief needed to be responsible for a lot of "losses". The bedroom was on the fifth floor.When you buy it in the distance, you can move back to the bedroom, and almost all Peng Yinhua is responsible.

It is also such a personality that Peng Yinhua told his wife to hide Xiaogan’s parents at the beginning of the illness.It was not until the illness that Peng Yinhua’s parents knew the news of his son’s illness.

Peng Yinhua and the university roommate, the second left is Peng Yinhua.Interviewee confession

Unborn children are the connection between two families

Without seeing Peng Yinhua’s last side, his father Peng Qingbai was so distressed to this day.He dreamed of Peng Yinhua more than once.

When Peng Yinhua just left for two days, Peng Qingbai dreamed that his child was standing by his bed. Peng Qingbai called him and called him in his dream.When he woke up, he found that it was a dream, and his father burned some paper money in front of the door according to his hometown customs.

Sometimes, Peng Qingbai saw Peng Yinhua still playing with his friends in the basketball court in his dream. After seeing his father, he took the initiative to get close.Peng Qingbai asked in the dream: Hello?Peng Yinhua replied: Fortunately.

Peng Qingbai remembers that Peng Yinhua returns from Wuhan’s hometown from Wuhan every time, and they will pick up at the train station; when they go to Wuhan, Peng Yinhua will also rush to pick up the station.In April this year, Father Peng rushed to Wuhan. When he got out of the station, he felt that he would be lost. "If he is still, it should come to pick me up."

"I always think about him to work in the hospital." On the 76th day when Peng Yinhua left, Peng Qingbai murmured on the phone.

Peng Yinhua was sick during illness.Interviewee confession

On April 11, Peng Yinhua’s funeral was held in the Cemetery of the Jiufeng Mountain Revolutionary Martyrs in Wuhan.

At the funeral, when he saw his son’s ashes and photos, Peng Qingbai stood unstable, and others moved to the bench to help him sit down.

Zhong Xin spent two months to calm down. In the first two months of Peng Yinhua’s death, she also occasionally saw him in her dream, flashing the two of them usually getting along with each other.Zhong Xin said, "His appearance has been printed in my mind."Now every night, the mother will accompany Zhong Xin to sleep, and the mother comforts her: to ease emotions and take care of the children in the belly.

Zhong Xin said that Peng Yinhua’s death brought himself the biggest regret was that Peng Yinhua, who was about to be his father, could not see his child.Thinking of Peng Qingbai, who was also a father, lost her love son, she also felt heartache.

In early April, the two families met in Wuhan. Zhong Xin saw the 56 -year -old in front of him.

In the past, Peng Yinhua was the pillar of the two families. After he left, the two families, the children who were born through Peng Yinhua tightly connected.They often comfort each other on the phone, and children who are about to be born are the topic of being out of mouth.

Peng’s mother Peng, who is still in Xiaogan’s hometown, plans to do it. When Zhong Xin’s due date, they will rush to Wuhan for dozens of days in advance.Takeover your family to take care of your daughter -in -law and new birthday.The child’s name will start by Peng Yinhua’s elder brother, the child’s uncle, "a meaningful name."

Thinking of that day, Peng Qingbai said a few thanks, "Thanks to Zhong Xin’s parents for taking care of her", "also thanks Zhong Xin to give birth to the child, how big courage is this."

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