The child in the abdomen weighs more than 9 pounds.

In the middle of the night, in a hospital in Zhaotong, Yunnan, Li Zheng hat and Li Zheng hat did not sleep well for the past few days. His eyes were covered with red blood.She patted Xiao Yu, who was hard to coax sleeping, remembered the experience of more than a year, and felt like a dream.From the day of her son’s birth a year ago, her life changed dramatically."If I insisted on caesarean section at the beginning, wouldn’t it happen if I took Xiaoyu to the hospital early?" Li Zhengmao murmured to himself, and the corner of his eyes flowed with tears of remorse.The picture shows her mother for treatment with her son Xiaoyu.

Li Zhenggu’s family is in a small mountain village in Zhaotong, Yunnan, where the terrain is high, and the inconvenience of transportation only relies on a few acres of corn fields to maintain life.Although life can only be reluctant to feed, Li Zhengmo feels that life is even more rushing when he finds that herself is pregnant again.Due to the poor in the family, Li Zheng hat did not delay the local farm work during pregnancy.The picture shows Xiao Yu who is crying.

Until April 30, 2020, Li Zheng hat, who was nearing due to the due date, suddenly felt a stomach pain. When her husband hurried to send her to the hospital, it was two in the morning.Through the B -ultrasound, the doctor found that the child in Li Zheng’s abdomen was about 9 pounds. He was worried that Li Zheng hat, who could not be born, proposed a cesarean section.However, the doctor said that Li Zheng’s hat waited, and there was no way to take care of the cesarean section.Li Zheng hat obeyed the doctor’s words, but after a few hours, Li Zheng hat still did not show any signs of delivery, so the doctor arranged for her to have a cesarean section.The picture shows the mother and child.

Although Xiaoyu was born smoothly, because it was difficult to produce hypoxia, at the same time, he had bleeding symptoms in the brain and lungs. He was rescued urgently as soon as he was born.After 37 days of rescue, Xiaoyu was out of danger of life, but at the same time he was also diagnosed with ischemia and hypoxic encephalopathy and cerebelle cartilage softening, leaving severe sequelae.The doctor said that the child may talk and walk in the future, and it will have a great impact on the aspect of intelligence. You can only have rehabilitation treatment and there will be opportunities.The picture shows Li Zheng hat on Xiaoyu for treatment.

Rehabilitation treatment, more than 10,000 treatment costs a month.Since Xiaoyu’s treatment, he has already been in debt since his treatment, and he can’t pay money at all.Li Zheng’s hat had to take Xiaoyu back home first, thinking that he had enough money to take Xiaoyu to the hospital for rehabilitation treatment.

"When I gave birth to a child, if I insisted on being a cesarean section, if Xiaoyu was not born in our poor family, he would not watch it like this but could not do anything."I was about to flood her, and lived in pain every day.The picture shows Li Zheng hat and his son interaction.

Just as Li Zheng hat raised his exhibition, she learned that rehabilitation treatment in Zhaotong’s hospital could reduce some costs.She went to the door to find relatives and friends to borrow money from house to house, and sold everything that could be sold at home. She took Xiaoyu to the hospital for treatment alone. Her husband stayed at home, and she worked to make money everywhere.

With the money that had been made up, Li Zheng hat took his son to Zhaotong’s hospital, and began a difficult way to rehabilitate the treatment.Due to the high muscle tension of Xiaoyu, his hands would curl up unconsciously, and he couldn’t stand the foothold.Doctors help Xiaoyu to do exercise every day, stretch the body, and reduce muscle tension.But these movements are very uncomfortable for Xiaoyu, and he cries every time he hurts."Xiaoyu, we can quickly learn to walk." Every time my mother accompanied Xiaoyu, she felt distressed.The picture shows Xiaoyu doing.

The biggest difficulty is the cost problem. Most of the time, Xiaoyu can only be maintained by borrowing money.In order to save the only money for Xiaoyu for treatment, Li Zheng hat only ate white water for rice, or steamed buns every day, and only eat one meal a day.Li Zheng hat will also collect money and water bottles that others do not need to sell money. This meager income is the biggest wish of the mothers who are incompetent.

"Xiaoyu’s balance in the past few days is getting better and better. When doing treatment, crying is not as ruthless as before." Li Zhengmao told her husband about his son’s current situation, with joy in his voice.She did not mention her hard work in the hospital, and she had to shrink her clothes, because as long as her son improved and improved, she felt that her suffering was offended.The picture shows Li Zheng hat with Xiaoyu for treatment.

"Is Xiaoyu’s treatment cost?" Husband’s words made Li Zheng’s mouth smile bitterly, she was silent, and the husband on the phone couldn’t help but sigh.Since the treatment, Xiaoyu has spent more than 100,000, and the financial conditions in the family are not good. Most of them are relied on relatives and friends, but this is not a long -term plan.But watching her son’s treatment is slowly getting better, she was really unwilling to give up."I just want my son to learn to walk and learn to take care of himself. Why is it so difficult?" Li Zheng hat cried helplessly.The picture shows the mother and child in the hospital.

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