The boss derailed female employees to get pregnant, and promised to pay 200,000 after abortion, but regret it.

In Foshan, Guangdong, female employees are the lover of the boss. They not only do well in confidential work, but also have security measures. Until the 6th year, the female employees were unexpectedly pregnant.

The boss has a wife and children, and naturally reluctant to have an abortion surgery for female employees, and promises to compensate 200,000.

The female employee believers thought it was true. I did not expect that the boss after miscarriage was regretted, saying that the child was not his, refused to pay compensation, and expelled it to the factory.

The female employee was unbearable and sued the boss to court, and claimed the cost of 238604.41 yuan, and the court sentenced.

Hello everyone, I am the God of Sihai. For this case, let’s see how the court judges?

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The girl’s name is Hu Li, a rural from Xuzhou, Jiangsu. In the year of high school, my brother got married. The sister -in -law had no culture. Even her name was not well written.culture.

The sister -in -law first persuaded Hu Li not to go to study, and went to the field with her.

Hu Li said that she graduated from high school in a semester, but she was not going to college.

The sister -in -law also said that the conditions at home were not good, and they still debated their debts. What is the use of girls to read more books?

Hu Li complained to her mother that her sister -in -law would not let her read. Unexpectedly, her mother said that she listened to the sister -in -law and did not read it.

In this way, Hu Li did not graduate from high school, so he stayed at home to do farm work.

Two months later, the sister -in -law said that she was pregnant and had to raise a fetus at home and threw the farm work to Hu Li.

When the sister -in -law does not do farm work, she often walks away.One day, the sister -in -law returned from her uncle’s house, was very enthusiastic about Hu Li, bought many snacks for Hu Li, and sent Hu Li a silk scarf.

Hu Li thought that the sister -in -law looked at her hard work and bought some good things to do her.

The sister -in -law said that her cousin was five years older than Hu Li and worked in a foreign country. She was seven or eight a month. The house was built at home.

Hu Li was only 18 years old. She said that she now introduced her to her, it was a bit early.

Xunzi said that the object of the place was not married, and he grew up for a few years.

Hu Li didn’t want to be so early, shook her head and disagreed, and the sister -in -law moved out of her mother -in -law to do Hu Li’s ideological work again.

Hu Li had to go to her cousin’s house with her sister -in -law.

Although the cousin of Xunzi is five years older than Hu Li, but she has not had Hu Ligao, and Hu Li naturally did not have a phase.

The sister -in -law’s cousin met Hu Li, and he missed it every day. He called Hu Li.

Hu Li was annoying, and often hung up the phone without saying a few words.

After half a year, Xunzi said that her aunt was sick, and it was inconvenient to go alone with her big belly, and Hu Li accompanied.

At the dinner table, Xunzi advised Hu Li to drink. Hu Li said that he had never drank at home, and he couldn’t drink it out.

The sister -in -law made his eyes look at him, and he led his mind to his heart and got toasting to Hu Li.

The sister -in -law said that the elders must drink the wine!

Two glasses of wine, Hu Li was dazzling, and fell on the wine table without eating.

In the middle of the night, Hu Li woke up leisurely, confused her eyes and heard someone around her snoring, scaring her to sit up and look at her eyes, and she was lying around her cousin.

Hu Li suddenly panicked, and looked at herself again, naked, and she was only 18 years old.

Hu Li pupped his sister -in -law’s cousin’s face. This was a fist full of anger, and his nose was bleeding at the time.

He jumped up, wiped his nose, blood, and quibbleed his cousin’s idea.

Hu Li put on his clothes and ran to the courtyard and shouted: "Wang Xiaohong, give me out!"

Wang Xiaohong was the name of Hu Li’s sister -in -law. When he heard Hu Li’s roar, the lights upstairs and downstairs were on. Wang Xiaohong came to the hospital to persuade Hu Li not to shout.

Hu Li waved his slap and hit Wang Xiaohong’s face. Seeing her a big belly, she retracted the palm of her hand and rushed home overnight.

When she saw her mother, Hu Li rushed to her arms and cried: She was going to call the police!

The mother sighed and said to Hu Li: If you call the police, your reputation will not be damaged, and your sister -in -law will be led, and the family will be injured and angry.

My father asked his mother: If you do n’t call the police, would n’t it be a dumb loss. How can this breath swallow?

My mother told her father: Since this is the case, it is better to find out, let them be a kinship!

His father no longer spoke and smoked smoke.

Parents did not support the newspaper. Police, Hu Li was disappointed. The next morning, before the sister -in -law returned, she packed up and left home.

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After Hu Li had no work experience, the second had no education. After coming to Foshan, Guangdong, she found that she and the big cities were incompatible. Many jobs could not be competent.

With no way, Hu Li had to go to the hotel as a waiter.

Hu Li frowned every day, thinking that one day she could fly to the branches to become a phoenix.

Not to mention that Hu Li actually dreams of dreams!

On this day, the owner of a factory Li came to the hotel for dining and looked at Hu Li, who was born with a natural beauty, and asked if she was willing to find a relaxed work?

As soon as I wanted to sleep, someone immediately gave someone on the pillow, and Hu Li begged.

When he came to the new environment, Hu Li knew that with his own ability and education, it was impossible to make a head -up. His only advantage was that he was young and beautiful.

After thinking about it, he is no longer a daughter -in -law of Huanghua. It is better to hook up Boss Li. Maybe he can get a lot of benefits from it.

Boss Li is in his 40s and looks like a young and beautiful girl.

The two had a spiritual rhinoceros. Hu Liming knew that Boss Li had a family, but he was still his lover in order to pursue high -quality life.

One love for money and one love, each of them takes each other and does not interfere with each other.

Boss Li’s pocket money every month is several times higher than the salary.

In order to coax Boss Li and conceal everyone, Hu Li also made his best.

It wasn’t until 2020 that Hu Li was pregnant unexpectedly for 6 years.

As a primary three, Hu Li certainly wanted to be positioned, but she knew that Boss Li was supported by the family support of his wife, so that she had such a scenery. The hope of her superiority was slim, and she could only use her pregnancy to get a sum of money.

Boss Li heard that Hu Li was pregnant and was very nervous. He wanted Hu Li to kill his child.

Hu Li took the opportunity to compensate, and Boss Li immediately agreed: When Hu Li killed the child, he immediately transferred 200,000.

In order to stabilize Hu Li, Boss Li also wrote a lack of inscriptions and commitments, and accompanied Hu Li to the hospital to get a fetus.

Hu Li looked at the transfer information every day. After waiting for a few days, Boss Li only transferred her to 20,000 yuan.

Hu Li did not believe that Boss Li would say a word and called to ask. However, he did not expect that the phone could not pass, and the information could not be sent.

Boss Li turned her black!

Can’t care about recuperation, Hu Li rushed to the factory to find boss Li to settle accounts. Boss Li did not find it, but was informed by the personnel: she had been fired by the factory, and the salary was settled in advance!

It was inexplicable to be fired. Setting the salary in advance made Hu Li be able to touch it. She asked who the salary was to settle?

The other party said that the 20,000 yuan transferred by the boss is the salary for settlement.

In this way, Boss Li was abandoned, and Hu Li, who had paid 6 years of years, was unwilling to have a lot of time. He repeatedly asked for no results. Hu Li’s complaint complained to the court.

Hu Li asked Boss Li to compensate for the medical expenses of 1752.41 yuan, 14,352 yuan of misunderstanding costs, 900 yuan for nursing costs, 20,000 yuan in nutrition, hospital food subsidy 600 yuan, transportation fee of 1,000 yuan, mental damage consolation, 10,000 yuan, subsequent treatment fee 50,000 yuanEssence

Can Hu Li’s purpose be achieved?Let’s see how the court judges?

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First: Is the 200,000 debit effective?

Irself refers to the entries written to the other party when the personal or public cash or items.

The money is returned.

IOU is a voucher document, which is a discreation, which proves that the borrowing relationship exists.

Article 8 of the Civil Law stipulates that the civil parts are not engaged in civil activities and must not violate public order and customs.

Article 153 of the Civil Law is clear that civil legal acts that violate public order and good customs are invalid.

In this case, there is no real lending relationship between Boss Li and Hu Li. Boss Li’s debit is to compensate Hu Li’s abortion.

The lover relationship of Hu Li and Boss Li obviously violates the traditional concepts and social customs of the Chinese people. This relationship is not effective.

In other words, Hu Li cannot obtain 200,000 yuan with this debit.

Second: Is Hu Li qualified to obtain mental losses?

There are two main categories of mental damage compensation: the first is based on family relationships, and the second is based on infringement.

First look at the family relationship: Article 1091 of the Civil Law stipulates that there are major faults such as a big marriage, living with others, implementing family violence, abuse and abandoning family members. There is no faulty party to ask for damage compensation when there is no fault.

Hu Li and Boss Li are not husband and wife, and they have not formed a family. Hu Li cannot compensate for mental damage based on this one.

Look at the infringement: Article 996 of the Civil Law stipulates that if one party damages the person’s personality right and cause serious mental damage, the damage party shall have the right to request compensation.

During the relationship between Boss Li and Hu Li, although it was not a browse in the case, he also had you and me. Boss Li did not insult Hu Li’s personality right, and Hu Li could not compensate for mental damage.

In the end, Hu Li lacked evidence, and the court rejected all Hu Li’s request.

Hu Li refused to accept it, appealing to the Foshan Intermediate People’s Court, Guangdong Province.

The court of the second instance judged from the factual fact that Hu Li was related to Boss Li, and the surgery of the middle pregnancy would indeed have an impact on Hu Li’s body. It was judged that Boss Li paid 15,000 yuan in compensation to Hu Li within 10 days and rejected Hu Li other litigation lawsuits.ask.

Hu Li’s encounter tells us that a good life always depends on himself. There is no shortcut curve overtaking, worshiping gold vanity, and wanting to be destined to have no good ending.

Hello everyone, I am the God of Sihai. I am grateful to meet you for a good encounter. I am grateful to read it. Thank you for your praise and support!Share fun, materials, and discussing social encyclopedia every day,

What do you think about this case, welcome to leave your point of view!

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