The bashing period is near, pregnant women will receive 3 "signals"!Congratulations, I’m going to be a mother

In October, when the fetus matures, it will be born from the uterus to the world.For many pregnant women, they are curious and worried about the arrival of the fetus in the abdomen. Especially before giving birth, I do n’t know what signs will be born?In fact, when the body has these signs, it means that the fetus is about to be born.

1. A better appetite

If pregnant women find that the appetite suddenly increases before giving birth, and her breathing is smoother than before, it means that the fetus has entered the pelvis and is about to launch.

2. Pain in small abdomen

The obstetrician pointed out that after 36 weeks of pregnancy, especially after 36 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women often feel that there is abdominal pain in the lower abdomen. This is no regular contraction. It is prompted to enter the pot.When the contraction of two minutes, the fetus is about to come out.

3. The increase in the number of times to go to the bathroom

Most pregnant women are often tortured by frequent urination during pregnancy, especially when they always want to go to the toilet at night. This is mainly because the expansion of the uterus is compressed to the bladder, which causes urinating to urinate, but if you continue to drink water before production, you do not often drink water.I always want to go to the toilet, and even have the performance of urinating incontinence, most of them are the fetus that has been entered.

1. Prepare to be given a package

Pregnant women should avoid the fetus when they are born before birth. They must prepare the bags before giving birth. They need to be prepared to bring things to the hospital.

2. Understand the delivery process

Most people are easily afraid of unknown things, so you can learn about the childbirth process from experienced maternals before giving birth to avoid the doctor because they do not know how to produce.

3. Relax yourself

Some pregnant women are particularly scared of pain during production and will be particularly nervous and anxious, but they must know that they cannot be filled with such fear and tension and relax themselves.When the painful pain comes, you can take measures to transfer attention, such as listening to music and chatting with others.

4. Can’t use the drug casually

Pre -production makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable because of pain, but be careful not to take drugs at will, especially drugs that help alleviate abdominal pain. At the same time, pay attention to shrinking centers and not to be injected at will. If necessary, consult the doctor and use it according to the guidance of the doctor.

Generally speaking, all precautions before production should be understood, especially women who have children who are pregnant for the first time, remember that they cannot be afraid or too anxious. Do n’t panic when you feel that your stomach is vaguely painful.Under the guidance of the doctor, the family members must be accompanied by the family members during the delivery, which can help alleviate the maternal uneasy mood.

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