The 8 of the pregnant mothers must not remember. They are related to the health of the child.

During pregnancy, it is probably the most careful ten months in a woman’s life. During this time, we can be the queen mother, calling my husband with the mood, or a little princess, let the whole family hold in their hands.

But during this time, we must also take care of ourselves. We must not hurt the baby in the stomach because of some of our own negligence. There are many things that we will do every day, but in fact the fetus is the most hurt.

Smoke and drink

Everyone must know that smoking and drinking to children must not only cause fetal malformations, but they may also delay the child’s brain development. It is harmful to the baby in the stomach. Moms with these two habits should usually be before pregnancy before pregnancy.Just quit.


There are many chemicals in cosmetics, especially lead, and inferior cosmetics are all indicators. These things are attached to the skin every day and penetrate into the body.If you accidentally eat it, it is also bad for your child.

wear high heel shoes

High -heeled shoes are essential equipment for modern women. Wearing high -heeled shoes to stand up to two meters and eight meters, but the waist and pelvic cavity of high heels are damaged, and they accidentally fall.For babies, it is fatal.

junk food

People just have a rebellious mentality. The more I do n’t want to do whatever they want, especially during pregnancy, foods such as cola, fried chicken, barbecue, hot pot, and spicy spicyEating this way, not only does the meat do not have a fetus, but also may affect the health of the child.

Dyeing hair

A good hairstyle can change a person’s appearance, so now women, how can there be a few hair perm, but chemical preparations are used for dyeing and hot hair. These things have great damage to children.This is why women stop work before preparing for pregnancy.

Take a hot bath

During pregnancy, you ca n’t take a hot bath. When taking a bath, you should choose a warm and comfortable water temperature. Poor water can cause the fetus to be underweight and hypoxia. This is a very dangerous situation.The hot spring is also the same. The temperature is too high to the fetus, and the public water source may also cause bacterial infections.


Playing mobile phones is an indispensable entertainment activity in modern people’s lives. Of course, after pregnancy, it is impossible to quit the mobile phone at once, but it is best to restrain the mother in pregnant mothers.On the other hand, maintaining a posture for a long time will cause fatigue and affect the fetus.

Cold food

String and so on, without heating at high temperature, it is difficult to keep without parasites. Once you eat the stomach, the consequences are unimaginable.

With a pregnancy, there are a lot of rules. Although you have limited your temporary freedom, it is very cost -effective to use a healthy and safe baby for 10 months and change to a healthy and safe baby!

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