The 60 -year -old Xie Dong brought her pregnant wife to the grave and quoted heated. Pregnant women should not go to sweep the grave, which has nothing to do with superstition

Singer Xie Dong showed a video of a family of three on the social platform and revealed that his wife was pregnant with a second child.

It turned out that during the Qingming Festival, he brought his wife and son to sweep his parents with his parents to miss the parenting grace of his parents.

In the video, Xie Dong, who is already 60 years old, still has bald heads. The wrinkles and bags under their faces are obvious, and the sound in the words choke.

Subsequently, he and his wife, young son, kneeling in front of his parents’ tombstone together, hoeing his parents, and praying that his parents would bless the second baby in his wife’s belly.

I saw his wife wearing a white top, and the pregnant belly was very obvious. It should be like the third trimester. He kneeling in front of the tombstone was very strenuous. When he got up, Xie Dong did not go up to help his wife.

Many netizens saw this video rebuked Xie Dong and said that pregnant women could not go to the grave.

The ancients said that "pregnant women are not auspicious" are not superstitious, but in these aspects of consideration:

1. Road conditions

Generally speaking, the position of the cemetery is mostly in the suburbs, fields or mountains. These are relatively biased places, and often transportation is not convenient.

When you go to the grave, you may need to take a long journey, and sometimes you may need to climb the mountain, which requires high physical strength.

During the Qingming Festival, most of the weather was rainy, and the road conditions were often wet and rugged.

For pregnant mothers with a heavy body load, the big belly has an obstacle to sight, and I usually feel strenuous when walking, let alone walk these rugged roads.

Excessive energy consumption may move the fetal gas, which will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses and prone to accidents.

2. Environmental impact

The cemetery is not a place for life, and it is often rarely taken care of. Therefore, the ground environment around many cemeteries is generally poor.

Various insects and small animals may bite people due to human shock.

Especially in the Qingming season, there are various wild flowers in the wild. During pregnancy, it is a sensitive stage, which may be allergic to pollen.

Coupled with the quiet atmosphere of the cemetery, it is easy to think of the sound and laughter of relatives of the dead, and to touch people’s hearts, people’s emotions will naturally fluctuate.

In such an atmosphere environment, pregnant mothers are also prone to emotional excitement. Excessive emotional fluctuations will also have a great negative impact on the stability of the fetus.

3. Grave sweeping ceremony

In order to express the thoughts of the dead relatives, people often have some specific "rituals" when sweeping the grave.

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For example, burn paper money, let go of cannabis, burn incense, etc.

During the combustion of these substances, a large amount of harmful substances will be released, such as sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide.

If these harmful substances are inhaled, it may bring hidden dangers to the health of maternal and infants.

Based on the above points, the customs are not suitable for pregnant women, not because of superstition, but because of the health of mother and baby.

Especially for pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy (0-12 weeks) and the third trimester (28-40 weeks), the fetus is in the unstable stage of this stage. For the safety and health of the mother and baby, it is not recommended to go too much.

I also hope that people can be considerate of pregnant mothers. You must know that the health and safety of mothers and infants is the best comfort to the ancestors.

Do you have the custom of not allowing pregnant women to go to the grave?

Senior childcare teacher, second -child mother, pay attention to the health of maternal and infants, children’s raising and education, obtain more parenting information, welcome to pay attention to silver and childcare!

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