The 6 -year -old girl was raped by her relatives. In the Tanglanlan case in 2008, the little girl was violated by 43 relatives and friends

When we were 6 years old, we were still ignorant, but the poor Tang Lanlan was raped by her biological father. The young girl dared not say what happened. Who knew that the father had intensified and the mother was forcing Tang Lanlan to prostitution!

It wasn’t until she met Dr. Tang Lanlan’s redemption of her parents and dads. With the encouragement and support of her father and mother, she dared to write to the police station to report to the person who raped her. The case involved dozens of people and belonged to major criminal cases.

Today, let’s walk in together to reveal the story of human ugliness.

The story takes place in Wulianchi City, Heilongjiang. One day in 2008, police officers at the police station were on duty. During the duty process, a young couple came in with a little girl.

The police thought that the young couple with this little girl was his biological parent. After asking, the police learned that the young couple was actually the father and godmother of the little girl. They brought the little girl to report the case.

So, where is the biological parents of this little girl?Why do I need my parents and mother to report to the case?

With these questions, the police on duty received them.

The police thought it was an ordinary case, but after the statement of the young couple and the statement of the little girl, the police were shocked.

Subsequently, they submitted a letter to the police handwritten to the little girl.So, what exactly did this kind of announcement written and shocked the police officer to handle the case?Let’s talk about it in detail below.

The police officer received a letter from the little girl.I saw the report that the little girl was named Tang Lanlan. She was only 14 years old this year, but she was raped since she was 6 years old, and the number of raped her was as high as 60.

What shocked the police even more that among these people raped, there were his biological dad, and his biological grandpa. Previously, Tang Lanlan even had his father Tang Jihai’s child, and his mother also forced him to prostitution.

Subsequently, with the encouragement of his father and mother, Tang Lanlan elaborated the police in detail the fact that she was being raped and told the police that the real name of the rape people she remembered.

The police immediately realized the seriousness of the matter, and then transferred the business backbone of the business, and set up a special case handling team. According to the clues mentioned in the little girl’s letter, a detailed investigation was conducted on the relevant personnel.

The investigation police discovered that the 14 -year -old girl was raped for 8 years, and in these 8 years, the evil she experienced was unimaginable.

Since Tang Lanlan was six years old, she has been raped by her biological father.

When Tang Lanlan was six years old, one day her mother suddenly dragged her into the room. She still had her father in the room, but after dragging her into the room, her mother Wan Xiuling went out.

Lanlan didn’t know what would happen at this time, and then her father took off her clothes.She carried out rape.

Lan Lan shouted loudly, but his father threatened him that if he dared to shout, he would kill him.Lan Lan was scared and could only cry whispering.

At this time, Tang Lanlan was only 6 years old. He didn’t even know what rape was, but was spoiled by his biological father Tang Jihai.

Later, her mother asked Tang Lanlan to sleep with her grandparents, and Tang Lanlan obediently followed her grandparents into the room. However, after entering the room, Grandpa began to pick up Tang Lanlan’s clothes and raped Tang Lanlan again.

And during the rape, grandma also held a rolling pin to intimidate Tang Lanlan. As long as Tang Lanlan would hit her a little, Tang Lanlan was scared.

Later, Tang Lanlan’s mother Wan Xiuling and his father Tang Jihai used Tang Lanlan as a tool for making money, forcing her to prostitution, and repeatedly led different men home.Among these men, Tang Lanlan knew, and some of them did not know Tang Lanlan.

There are both villages and villages. Even these people include village secretary in the village, and a class teacher in her elementary school, but they raped the poor minor girl.

On one occasion, Tang Lanlan was playing outside. His father took him home. Although Tang Lanlan was reluctant, he did not dare to resist, but silently returned home behind his father.

After returning home, Tang Lanlan discovered that there were many people at home. They were watching yellow images. At this time, Tang Lanlan was very scared. I don’t know what they want to do to themselves.

The terrible father raped Tang Lanlan in front of everyone.Since then, Tang Lanlan has always felt that others have looked at her with strange eyes.

Another time, Tang Lanlan’s cousin came to Tang Lanlan’s house. I don’t know if it was the father or mother’s acquiescence. Tong Ge’s cousin also began to move Tang Lanlan’s feet.

Tang Lanlan was very disgusted and wanted to avoid it, but her strength was too small, but she couldn’t beat her cousin.At this time, Tang Lanlan shouted loudly, and his cousin talked about what he shouted, but everyone didn’t know you, and then raped Tang Lanlan.

Due to school reasons, Tang Lanlan was finally able to leave the house. Lan Lan was very happy. She was able to live in school without having to go home every day, to be tortured by her father every day, and some strange men tortured.

But every time I arrived at the National Day or other holidays, Lan Lan’s parents would call her to go home quickly, saying that some men in the village miss him.Lan Lan was very disgusted with this, but did not dare to blatantly resist, and could only go home.

One time after National Day, Tang Lanlan returned to school and lived in his parents’ house.At this time Tang Lanlan found that she seemed to be pregnant.With the help of the godmother, Tang Lanlan went to the hospital for a physical examination. The results of the inspection were not expected, and Tang Lanlan was pregnant.

Tang Lanlan was very scared at this time.Then called her mother Wan Xiuling and told her mother Wan Xiuling with her father Tang Jihai’s child.

Tang Lanlan’s parents rushed to Tang Lanlan’s father and mother’s house angrily and asked Tang Lanlan what was going on. Tang Lanlan could only truthfully report that they were pregnant with their father’s children.

Tang Lanlan’s mother Wan Xiuling raised her hand and slapped directly to Tang Lanlan. The more fierce from Tang Lanlan, the more the mother of Tang Lanlan, the heavier.

While Wan Xiulin Ling fan Tang Lanlan slap, Tang Lanlan’s father and mother came back.Father Wang Fengchao quickly stopped Wan Xiulian.

And warned Wan Xiuling, if Wan Xiuling abused Tang Lanlan and hit her at will, they would call the police.After hearing the words of the alarm, Wan Xiuling and Tang Jihai were a little scared, and they left.

The father and mother encouraged Tang Lanlan. In the future, her life was long, and she couldn’t continue to live like this.After more than 20 days of thinking, Tang Lanlan drumped the courage, wrote a letter of control, handed it over to his father and mother, and reported to the local police station with his parents and mother. The case happened.

After investigation by the public security organs, a complete evidence chain was formed in this case. In addition to my identification and accusation, the case quickly entered the review and prosecution stage.

During the court hearing, the procuratorate prosecuted the crime of rape crime against these people who raped Tang Lanlan. Tang Lanlan’s father, mother, grandpa, and some other criminal suspects pleaded guilty on the spot and acknowledged that they had indeed raped Tang Lanlan.

But later they gave a collective confession, saying that they had never raped Tang Lanlan, and everything was made by Tang Lanlan himself.

The court checked Tang Lanlan. The results of the inspection showed that Tang Lanlan was normal.

After the trial, the court sentenced the fact that the facts of the case were clear and the evidence was indeed sufficient.11 people were convicted of rape. Among them, Tang Lanlan’s father raped young girls many times, and caused serious consequences of the abortion of young girls. It was a penalty of rapist and sentenced Tang Lanlan’s father to life imprisonment.

Tang Lanlan’s mother forced prostitution and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Others were sentenced to 6 to 15 years in prison. This includes village secretary and Tang Lanlan elementary class teacher.

After the first trial, the 11 defendants were appealed during the trial of torture during the trial.

In the investigation of the High People’s Court of Heilongjiang in 2012, it was found that there was no torture confession in the first instance.

Four people were released from prison in 2017, but they still insisted after they were released from prison. In the process of trial, they were forced to confess by the torture of the public security organs, and they made false confession.

They have never carried out rape of Tang Lanlan, and a 6 -year -old girl in Tanglanlan could remember the previous things and tried to fabricate the flow of flowing.

Tang Lanlan’s case made us feel distressed by the little girl. When she was six years old, she experienced such a big torture and caused serious damage to his physical and mental health.

It is difficult for us to imagine that when a six -year -old girl, when facing the rape of his father, grandpa, even the village, cousin, and elementary school class teacher, how did he survive?

On countless dark nights, how did he experience unknown pain?

At the same time, we also expressed severe condemnation to Tang Lanlan’s parents.We can’t understand that as parents, we should have carried children, respect children, and considerate children. How can they rape children and hurt their children?

I want to follow the thinking of normal people, we can’t understand the practice of this couple.Tang Lanlan’s father Tang Jihai raped his biological daughter many times. This approach was simply not as good as beasts!

"Mother" was originally the most sacred and pure vocabulary in the world, but Tang Lanlan’s mother Wan Xiuling insulted the word. In eight years, she used her biological daughter’s body to make money.

Forced Tang Lanlan to perform prostitution, and finally punished the law, we felt very popular.

But fortunately, Tang Lanlan met her father and mother, and we were glad and happy for her.We sincerely hope that this little girl can meet some good people in the future life, and her life can improve.

We also hope that in the future, he can be stronger and more loved life, forget the pain in the past, be able to face life bravely, and go to a better future.

Tang Lanlan’s case also made us have to reflect. Does we still have this phenomenon around us?

Left -behind children in my country are still a very huge group. Left -behind children have not been taken care of by parents all year round. They are in a state of loneliness. No parents are accompanied by their parents. No one teaches them the most basic legal knowledge and the most basic physiological physiology Knowledge.

When they were violated, threatened, and obscene of strangers, they dared not resist at all, and finally suffered great harm.

Our online cases also found that some left -behind children in my country’s real society are facing sexual assault problems.

We need to strengthen the education of law education and the publicity of physiological knowledge, and tell young people, especially left -behind children in far away and poor areas to tell them that we have law to protect them.

In the face of bad guys, they can bravely take legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

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