The 41 -year -old actress official announced the pregnancy: more than 100 stitches, 2 test tubes failed, and finally pregnant

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The bright stars in the entertainment industry have always been envied by many ordinary people, but in fact, if you pay attention, you may find that sometimes stars also encounter various problems in life like ordinary people, especially due to the special career specialty.Sex, many female stars are already older when they want to be a mother. In order to be a mother’s dream, they have to pay a great price, and there are even the possibility of failure.

Some time ago, Zhao Xiaoqiao, a 41 -year -old actress from Taiwan, announced the good news of her pregnancy in social media. Everyone may not be familiar with Zhao Xiaoqiao’s name, but she made her debut with Chen Qiaoen in the same female group.After that, they were single. Although Zhao Xiaoqiao also participated in the host of a variety show, it has been tepid. Until shooting short videos on a social platform to tell his own difficulties, he accidentally harvested a lot of fans and became a many fans.A "net celebrity blogger".

During the period of Zhao Xiaoqiao’s "seeking son", it was a bumpy all the way, and he encountered many difficulties.According to Zhao Xiaoqiao herself, she had done artificial conception, two test tubes, and in order to be able to conceive her baby, she has always deliberately adjusted her body. For this reason, she did not spray perfumes or dye her hair.It has also been greatly affected, but it has not ushered in good news.

After the failure of artificial conception for the first time, Zhao Xiaoqiao started to be a test tube baby. After 20 stitches, 13 eggs were taken out, 9 successful fertilization, and 3 health survival.Essence

In this way, Zhao Xiaoqiao, 41 years old this year, had a dream of giving birth to a dream. He tied up more than 100 times for pregnancy, with an average of 25 medicines per day. Two test tubes failed. He really experienced a lot of hardships and was very hard. For this, herThe family also persuaded her to give up more than once, and finally she finally made up her mind.

However, on February 19 this year, she announced to everyone that she was finally pregnant with her baby, and the words of her words were full of the joy of becoming a treasure mother, and it was also moved to countless netizens. Everyone sent it to everyone.Blessing, congratulations to her to become a expectant mother.

I have to say that the situation like Zhao Xiaoqiao is not alone. It is difficult to produce children in the elderly. Many older women have their own experience. With the increase of women, the probability of success in IVF is also lower and lower.The probability of a woman who is about 25 years old can be about 40%-46%of the successful probability of test tube baby, which has nearly half of the probability of success. When the women age after the age of 42, the success rate is less than 10%. It can be said that it is yes.It is not easy to get a good relationship with older women to realize the dream of being a mother.

For example, the well -known female stars in the entertainment industry, the 45 -year -old Li Yan’s road to ask for the son is also not easy. She has been doing test tubes 9 times for many years, and she has spent a long time for a long time.Although Zhao Xiaoqiao finally made up for the same way, although Li Yan, who seemed to see hope through test tube babies, also suffered a lot of pain, it still has no good news until now.

1. Improve physical fitness

If you want to improve your own pregnancy probability, you must pay attention to the improvement of your physical fitness. Bao Ma’s eggs with good physical fitness have higher egg quality and are more likely to conceive.In addition, Baoma also needs to pay attention to changing her unhealthy lifestyle, such as alcoholism, smoking, staying up late, etc., which will affect her egg quality, thereby reducing the probability of pregnancy.

2. Avoid older births

The best age of women in medicine is 25-29 years old. At this time, women’s body and psychological development are mature, and the fertility function is more vigorous, and the chance of pregnancy is greatly increased.Therefore, everyone should try to avoid the birth of the child and give birth to a baby at a suitable age.

3. Keep a good mental state

In the end, a good mental state also helps to maintain its own good state and increase the chance of conception. Once people are anxious and even depressed, the physiological function will inevitably decline.Essence

Lao Miao concluded:

Pregnancy and having children are not a trivial matter. Although IVF technology brings the hope of being a mother in infertility and elderly women, it may not be as easy to succeed as everyone thinks.In the end, I hope that everyone can get as expected, and she will be pregnant with her baby and give birth safely, becoming a glorious treasure mother.

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