The 37 -year -old Tong Yao is pregnant with suspicion, and Su Yan’s mirror is obvious, and the baby’s safety seat is full of pregnancy.

On March 23, the actress Tong Yao updated the social platform dynamics, showing the video of Su Yan’s appearance, and wrote the text, "Is Tong Xiao fat cute?"As soon as dynamic, many Baoma was guessing that Tong Yao seemed to be pregnant, and her state attracted everyone’s attention.

In the video, Tong Yao wore a white lamb hair jacket with short shoulder -length hair. She had almost no wrinkles on her face, and there was no flaw. The fair skin was as smooth as milk.Pay attention to maintenance.

Tong Yao made a variety of funny expressions to the camera. From time to time, she also played special effects and turned into a bun face. She looked particularly cute.Tong Yao was also laughing by her appearance. The smile on her face has never disappeared. She has no image burden at all. She looks very good.

It is worth noting that Tong Yao’s shot hair looks more rare than ever, and the hairline on the upper shift is particularly eye -catching, so that many netizens have said that she was attracted by her bright mind.

In addition to the focus of hair loss, it has become the focus of netizens, and many Baoma said that when she saw Tong Yao’s first sight, she felt that she was pregnant. Some people speculated that Tong Yao’s current appearance is at least 5 months.There is a baby’s safe seat on the seat.For a while, everyone talked about it.

As we all know, Tong Yao has been in his debut for many years, but it has been tepid. In recent years, he has participated in the "Thirty Thirty" and "Rugao Biography".His body has always been labeled with "Xiao Zhang Ziyi", and even many people often mix her with Zhang Ziyi.

In 2013, Tong Yao and entrepreneur Wang Ran were photographed, and the relationship between the two was exposed. In 2019, they held a wedding in Italy and ended their long -distance running.

But it is surprising that Tong Yao has never chose to have children after marriage. The outside world has many speculations about this. More, he thinks that Tong Yao does not want to have children during his career.

If Tong Yao is really pregnant today, it is an elderly mother. She hopes that she will take care of her body and look forward to hearing her good news.


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