The 2 -year -old boy grew "cauliflower" in his body and was diagnosed with HPV!Mom stimulates the roots in a word

Source: Qianjiang Evening News

Speaking of HPV (human papilloma virus), what do you think of?

The first reaction of most people may be -cervical cancer

But have you ever thought about it, the 2 -year -old boy was also infected with HPV

At a young age, how can I have a relationship with HPV?

The 2 -year -old baby wakes up as soon as he lay flat

Guoguo (pseudonym) is two years old this year, but as he is older, his family finds that he gradually begins to "grow crooked", his voice is getting more and more hoarse, and he often wakes up when he sleeps. He can hardly sleep.Due to poor long -term sleep, Guoguo’s growth and development indicators have been behind their peers.

The family could not find the reason. Seeing that Guoguo’s voice became more and more dumb, the family felt that it was wrong. Then he took Guoguo to find the chief physician of the Department of Eurry and Throat of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital.

Sound hoarse is in the throat of the throat

After the laryngeal mirror examination, it was found that there was a "cauliflower" lump in the throat of the fruit.This mass is red, and the surface is uneven.The lump is already very large, occupying a considerable space in the throat of the fruit, which is also the reason why his voice becomes more and more hoarse.

The lumps are relatively large. If the surgery is not performed, as the volume of the lumps increases, it will further lead to poor breathing, which will directly affect the growth and development of Guoguo.

Under the advice of the chief physician of Li Yong, Guoguo underwent low -temperature plasma ablation surgery.It is not easy to accurately remove the masses in a 2 -year -old child’s narrow throat. This is like "doing dojo in the screwdstone".

Under the high -definition laryngeal endoscopy, the mass was stripped and removed a little bit, and the surgery was successful after half an hour!

The foreign body in the throat is actually caused by HPV

So, what is the mass in the throat of Guoguo?Afterwards, the pathological report reminded that this is the laryngeal papilloma.

This is a common benign tumor that can occur at any age, but children under 10 years of age are more common, and they are better to occur before 5 years old.And most of these tumors are related to infected papilloma (HPV) virus.So how does the two -year -old Guoguo be contaminated with HPV virus?

"Have you ever been infected with the HPV virus?" A question from the chief physician of Li Yong to the mother of Guoguo made him the root cause.It turned out that Guoguo’s mother had been infected with HPV virus, and Guoguo was naturally produced, which is likely that Guoguo was infected with the virus during the production process.

Studies are related to the laryngeal nipple tumor and human papilloma virus (HPV) infection.HPV is mainly transmitted through the skin or mucosa. It has a high degree of affection for human skin and mucous membranes. Virus can induce epithelial tissue proliferation.Ppioplasty tumors are better in mucosal area, epithelium area, pharynx, nasopharynx and other mucosal areas.

"As a young age like Guoguo, the possibility of infection caused by the production process is greater." Director Li Yong said that the laryngeal papilloma is a benign tumor. The main symptom is hissing and dry cough.Pparanoma will continue to grow. In addition to hoarseness, it will affect breathing and even suffocate, causing life to danger.

Infected HPV, it is best to cure first before getting pregnant

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted virus. It is a kind of specific epithelial virus. After HPV virus infection does not enter the human blood circulation, it will not affect the development of the fetus during pregnancy.HPV virus contaminated amniotic fluid.

In addition, the child has been too long after the birth canal, causing the baby to contact the mother with virus secretions in the vagina, and may also induce infection.However, many babies will remove the virus by their own immunity after birth.

Doctors suggest that young women should inject HPV vaccines in time, and pre -marital and pre -pregnancy examinations are also important.Before pregnancy, pay attention to the cervical condition and screen for HPV.In addition to affecting the fetus, it is expected to decrease in immunity, and it is very prone to the spread of lesions. It is best to treat the opportunity to conceive first.

If pregnant women infected the HPV virus, choosing to take a maternity and gynecology can reduce the risk of children infection with the virus.In addition, in daily life, children’s towel clothing should also be regularly disinfected and cleaned on a regular basis, especially to avoid direct contact with patients and share daily necessities such as underwear, towels, and bathtubs.The baby’s clothing should try to clean the children’s and parents’ clothing.In addition, enhancing children’s resistance can also effectively prevent HPV virus infections.

Many netizens are distressed by the baby’s encounter

Source: Chao News · Qianjiang Evening News integrated from the first hospital in Hangzhou, netizens comment, etc.

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