The 14 -year -old girl in Lingao was pregnant for 18 weeks and claimed to have been forced to have a relationship …

Brother Wang Wang, a 14 -year -old daughter in Tanlou Village, Duowen Town, Lingao County, is called Xiaoxi (pseudonym) and is studying at the first junior.Some time ago, Xiao Xi solemnly told him a thing, and when he heard his daughter, Big Brother Wang like five thunders.It turned out that 14 -year -old Xiaoxi was pregnant.

Xiao Xi’s father, Wang: On June 10, she told me. Sorry, she was afraid of ugliness. She said that I was pregnant, and I said you didn’t say it as soon as possible.

This ultrasonic opinion reads: In -the -palace pregnancy, a single live fetus is equivalent to 18 weeks.The mother of this fetus was the Xiaoxi lying on the wooden bed.Seeing reporters, she quickly covered her abdomen and face with her hands.And because of pregnancy, Xiaoxi didn’t dare to go to school anymore.So, what happened to Xiaoxi?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): She told me to go there.

Reporter: Then you go, right?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): nod.

Reporter: How do you know this man after you go?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): I don’t know this man at all.

Reporter: Don’t know him?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): nod.

Reporter: How can he see you, how can you meet him?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): It is his cousin (cousin).

Reporter: What?

The client Xiaoxi (pseudonym): His cousin (cousin) took me.

Reporter: His cousin (cousin) takes you, do you go to his house?Where can I go to play?

The parties Xiaoxi (pseudonym): Dance hall.

Reporter: Did you drink at that time?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): nod.

Xiaoxi said that on January 27 this year, she and the girl Xiaofan (pseudonym) from the same village went from Linggao to Dazhou Dongcheng Town.That night, she went to the ballroom with Xiao Fan and Xiao Fan’s cousin A Qing.After that, Xiaoxi went home with Xiao Fan’s cousin Aqing.

The client Xiaoxi (pseudonym): His cousin (cousin) pulled me to get on the car, I don’t know where he pulled me, and then he pulled me to his house, and then I asked him where his cousin (cousin) went. He saidHis cousin (cousin) went to his friend’s house, and I said I was going, and then he said that there was no place to sleep, letting me sleep in his house.

Reporter: What happened to you?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): Don’t speak.

Xiao Xi, who was only 14 years old, was always reluctant to say more about that night, and asked reporters’ questions, Xiao Xi also chose to use his head or shake his head to express it.

The parties Xiaoxi (pseudonym): The one who forced me to have sex.

Reporter: Do you refuse?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): nod.

Reporter: How did you refuse, do you say no?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): nod.

Reporter: What did you say at the time?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): I haven’t said that I shake that head.

During the conversation, Xiao Xi said that that night, she refused A Qing, but what surprised the reporter was that after encountering such a thing, Xiao Xi not only did not ask for help or leave at the first time, but always with A Qing in the Qing Dynasty in the Qing Dynasty.Together.

Reporter: Then why didn’t you go home and don’t know how to go home?

The client Xiaoxi (pseudonym): Her cousin told me to wait for her.

Reporter: Her cousin tells you to wait for her, you will wait?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): nod.

Reporter: Then always with this man?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): nod.

Reporter: Can you remember how many times?

The parties Xiaoxi (pseudonym): 5 times.

Girls are worried about scolding and concealing her father to allow her daughter to induce labor

Xiaoxi also had been with A Qing during his period of time. During this period, the two had sexual relationships 5 times.It wasn’t until mid -February that Xiao Xi and Xiao Fan returned to Lintao.But after returning home, Xiaoxi did not tell his parents about this, but chose to conceal it.

The parties Xiaoxi (pseudonym): A friend taught me a pregnancy test stick.

Reporter: Then?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): Then she helped me see, she told me that she was pregnant, and she knew it when she was pregnant for a month.

In this way, Xiaoxi has always chosen to hide his family.It wasn’t until June this year that when he saw that his stomach was getting bigger and bigger, Xiaoxi told his father.

Reporter: Did you tell your parents after going home?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): (shake his head)

Reporter: Why not tell?

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): dare not.

Reporter: Afraid of being scolded by parents or how to tell parents?Which reason do you tell me?

The parties Xiaoxi (pseudonym): I don’t know what to say.

The most headache for Brother Wang was that Xiaoxi just knew that the man was called A Qing. As for the other information, it was unclear. Even if this A Qing was the cousin of the village girl Xiao Fan, she was not sure.

Brother Xiaoxi’s father: The relationship between the two of him, from the first time she did not know him, and later found his name.

Reporter: I do n’t know what the other party ’s name is?

Brother Xiaoxi’s father: Yes.

Reporter: I don’t know how big?

Brother Xiaoxi’s father: Yes.

However, at that time, Xiao Xi was brought home by that Qing, so Brother Wang found A Qing’s home with Xiaoxi, and confirmed that Aqing was called Chen Mouran, who was 23 years old.But at this time, A Qing had gone to work in the Mainland.Xiaoxi contacted him by phone.

The party Xiaoxi (pseudonym): I called him, "I was pregnant, and he said that if he was his child, he would be responsible.

In addition, A Qing’s father also proposed another solution.But he was rejected by Xiaoxi’s father.

Brother Xiaoxi’s father: I said that my daughter did not agree to marry your son. It is best to give me three thousand yuan and abortion.Remove miscarriage, I do n’t pay me money after shooting a bank card. I have no money, until now.

The mother was stimulated to be admitted to the hospital to treat the police to file a case for being detained

Article 236 of my country’s Criminal Law, who rape women with violence, coercion or other means, will be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years.For young girls who are less than fourteen years old, they will be punished by rape theory.However, in the interview, Xiao Xi’s father, Wang, said that if A Qing’s family can pay some fees and let her daughter induce labor, he does not want to investigate it anymore.However, A Qing did not come back, and his family did not contact him anymore, which made him angry.On the day of the interview, our reporter also went to the house of Aqing’s house in Daka Village, Dongcheng Town, Dongcheng Town.

A Qing’s mother (pseudonym): Children (Xiaoxi) came to my house to visit the New Year and come with my elder sister’s child. (Here) 1 month, go home (after), she goes to Mitang, go to neutralize, go to the farm, and go to the farm.There are more boyfriends.

Reporter: How do you know that he has many boyfriends?

A Qing’s mother (pseudonym): I understand, someone asked (tell me).

For A Qing’s mother, Xiaoxi has many boyfriends.When I interviewed Xiaoxi, she said that she did have a boyfriend before.But Xiaoxi was unwilling to say more about other situations.At this moment, some nearby villagers came in and accused Xiaoxi’s father scammed.

Villagers: Let me tell you what to do.

Brother Xiaoxi’s father Wang: Don’t loud, they come to understand.

Villagers: What do you want to do.

Reporter: How much does he do with you?

A Qing’s father (pseudonym): 50,000 before.

Reporter: Don’t be noisy, you can’t hear it clearly.

A Qing’s father (pseudonym): 50,000.

Reporter: How much do you want?

Villagers: 50,000, previously 25,000, later (50,000).

Xiao Xi’s father, Wang: At that time, my daughter asked 50,000, and later said 20,000, 20,000 he agreed to negotiate. His father said that you want too much money, I have no money here, then I want my child to go to jail, he saidMy daughter is a prostitute, scammer, that.

Reporter: Is there such a thing?

Brother Xiaoxi’s father: Where is this, I dare to expose it.

Because I couldn’t negotiate, on the 30th of last month, Xiao Xi’s father, Wang, reported to the police station of the Dongcheng Police Station of Puzhou Public Security Bureau.Police subsequently launched an investigation and filed a case for suspected rape.

Fu Qizhan, director of the Chengxi Police Station of Puzhou Public Security Bureau: Our police have accepted the case and detained the suspect (A Qing) to the detention center. This case is undergoing it.

Reporter: Why don’t you call the police as soon as possible?

Brother Xiaoxi’s father Wang: I am afraid that she will be involved in her future future, and she will marry someone in the future.

During the interview, the reporter also learned that Xiao Xi’s mother changed her temperament after learning that her daughter was pregnant. Not only did she hit her daughter, but she also smashed the things at home. She also tried to stab her with a knife.Strict stimulation.Helpless, Brother Wang sent his wife to Anning Hospital for treatment.

Xiaoxi once lived in this Qing family for a month, but her family always thought that she lived in a relative’s house and didn’t ask much.This also reflects that the family does not seem to be very concerned about Xiaoxi’s life outside the school.Well, is the child in the small west abdomen?Does the police investigation have made progress?We will continue to pay attention.

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Hainan "Girl Mother" village perspective:

The youngest 14 -year -old is 30 -year -old as a grandma 30 years old

I lived in a fishing village for generations, and it was normal for the "marriage" before the legal age. However, the youngest 14 became a mother, and she became a grandma or grandmother at the age of 30 … Reporters investigated in fishing villages in Lingao County, Hainan, and found that someGirls’ unmarried and early pregnancy and early pregnancy is common.After the marriage, some "girl mothers" are facing safety risks of childbirth, and more and more separate phenomena after birth have caused a series of social problems.

July 11 this year is the 27th World Population Day. The United Nations Population Fund has determined the theme as "investment in girls" and advocates investing in the health and education of girls;Care about women’s happiness and care for women and children’s health. "However, the bad habits of some places have left great hidden dangers.

The smallest mother is under 14 years old "girl mothers" non -individual phenomenon

The 16 -year -old Pan Hong has been pregnant for 5 months. She holds the TV remote control from time to time to find her favorite entertainment show, and the other hand pats gently with her back and crying on her back.daughter.

Her 17 -year -old husband followed her father -in -law to work, and she and her mother -in -law who were less than 40 years old brought their children at home.She described her day: "Eating, feeding children, watching TV, feeding children …" In Pan Hong’s view, it is not "unusual" at the age of 16.This is the story of most fishing villages in Xinying Town and Tune Town, Lingao County, Hainan Province.

The reporter saw in the "Maternal Planning Record Stop" of the Meiliang Health Center of Tune Town that within 10 months from July 9, 2015 to May 9, 2016, 108 maternal giving births in the health center gave birth to, of whichThe 19 maternal age is under 20 years old.15 of these "girls" have a second child, and their childbirth is younger.

The reporter then went to the People’s Hospital of Lingao County to interview. After several times, he received the original record of the maternal and gynecology department of the hospital.From May 2015 to February 2016, there were 20 minors under the age of 16 of the county people’s hospital.Among them, there are 5 women with 14 -year -olds and 6 women 15 years old.The youngest mother is Gui, Xinying Town Touzui Village. Her birth date was October 10, 2001, and she was not 14 years old when she had a child in 2015.

The supervision of the bad habits of the fishing village for the supervision of the bad habits of the fishing village should be punished by punishment

The reporter’s investigation found that in the eyes of local fishermen, "girl mother" is normal.They have common causes: most of them are half -left teenagers, affected by customs, and partially married after some early love.

Traditional bad habits, early marriage and early pregnancy into customs.Several fishermen told reporters that fishermen have a high risk of going out to sea and need to "pass on to generation" early. Early marriage and early pregnancy have become a custom for many years.A teacher from Xinying Town Middle School introduced that some fishermen and children went to school at school. Parents went to the school gate to observe the female students. When they fancy, they came to the doll to proceed."There are so many girls, and the good girls have been picked away by others." A fisherman said.

——Pallatic love to give birth to early marriage and early childbirth.The reporter’s investigation found that the attitude of parents’ acquisition of indulgence objectively plays a catalytic effect on the early love of the fishing villages.Chen Jideng, director of teaching director of Xinying Town Middle School, said that most of the fishermen’s children are mostly "half -left state". Parents go to sea all year round. Most children live with grandparents. Love in junior high school is very common.

Chen Jiden said that although the school has taken a series of compulsory measures such as boys and girls after class, boys and girls have been very effective.Sex is nothing new in school.

Contempt for education and lack of cultural construction.In 2015, the per capita disposable income of rural residents in Lingao County was 8,833 yuan, while the per capita disposable income of fishermen was 15,000 yuan.Some fishermen think that reading is not as good as going out to sea to make money, and they do n’t ask for children’s learning. Even if they drop out of school, their parents do n’t take it for granted.

A village cadre of the Longkun Village Committee of Xinying Town said that in the past two years, the cultural construction in the village has been backward, and a group of young people aged fifteen and sixth can often be seen together to play cards and drinks.

With punishment, the legal awareness is weak.A person in charge of the Population and Family Planning Bureau of Lingao County introduced that government departments have also worked hard to promote relevant laws, but the effect is very small."Most of the time can only pass fine education."

The reporter learned that in 2015, only 210 supplementary students’ certificates were certified.Because these marriages have not taken legal procedures, it is difficult for government departments to count the real data of these juvenile marriage.

"Girls Mom" problem Hidden hazards need to care for women still need to be intensified

Unmarried, "Girls Mom", psychological and physiological diseases … Today, my country has made great progress in caring for minors, women and children’s rights, but in some remote and backward areas, there are still "dead ends" in marriage and fertility. Essence

The existence of the "girl mother" problem brings a series of social problems, and the girlfriend’s childbirth is also facing safety risks.

Wang Chenghui, deputy dean of the Town Town Health Center, said that the girls have not yet matured, and the levels of endocrine hormones are not allowed. Therefore, it is particularly prone to major bleeding and difficulty during pregnancy.In addition, children with girls who are pregnant for girls are prone to deformities and are not good for their children.

Liao Hui, president of the Hainan Lawyers Association, believes that the early marriage and early childbirth will bring a series of social hazards: violating the provisions of the marriage law and destroying the seriousness of the law; once pregnancy, it is not conducive to fetal development and is not conducive to mother health;In the age, the age cannot handle family contradictions well, and lays hidden dangers for family instability and social contradictions.

Shi Yaozhong, dean of the Hainan Academy of Socialist Academy, believes that the early marriage phenomenon of these fishing villages, although the parents are the initials, are not in place from the legal department; from the perspective of the education department, the education management is not flexible enough; from the Women’s Federation, from the Women’s Federation,Women’s rights are not good; there are also problems such as township cadres to neglect.

In addition to the change of their concept of marriage and love, these young mothers need psychological and physiological health education and correct guidance.Some experts and scholars expressed their hope that relevant government departments, social groups, etc. will be targeted to educate and assist this group in emotional guidance and cultural life, and provide them with consultation, education and health services for medical and health and psychological and health.

"The problem of care for minors pregnant women is not the responsibility and obligation of a certain party, but the" three -dimensional "humanistic care of all parties." Liao Hui and others suggested that in this context, we must conduct in -depth laws of law publicity.Education, cadres of civil affairs, women’s federations, family planning, and village groups can even directly intervene in the phenomenon of early marriage, so as to make early discounts and early guidance.

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