The "first killer" of pregnant women is postpartum bleeding. How much do you know?

In recent years, my country ’s production families have made tremendous progress in maternal medicine, fetal medicine and ordinary obstetrics. The mortality rate of maternal diseases has decreased significantly. Most of the deaths of maternal deaths caused by bleeding are avoided and worthy of our thoughts.

But do you know?As a pregnant woman, through some "small things" during pregnancy, it can reduce its probability.

Causes of postpartum bleeding

Common causes of postpartum bleeding

1. Uterine contraction is the most common cause.Emotional tension, suffering from chronic systemic diseases such as hypertension diabetes, weak constitution, too long or too short in labor, dysplasia of the uterus, dual bibliography, excessive amniotic fluid, huge child, etc. can cause contraction weakness.

2. Placenta factors: pre -placenta, placental retention, placental adhesion, placental implantation, placental placental residue, etc.

3. Soft -production tracting somosoplasty: poor vulvar elasticity, huge fetal fetus, urgency, excessive production power, irregular giving birth, lobes of vaginal walls, cervical or vaginal dome, etc.

4. Coagulation dysfunction: amniotic fluid embolism, hypertension during pregnancy, premature placental peeling can be composed of concrete dysfunction, or blood diseases with coagulation dysfunction with coagulation dysfunction.

The causes of postpartum bleeding are different from the above, and the common causes are:

1. The residue of the tissue material can be due to the large pregnancy month, or uterine malformations, uterine fibroids, etc., or because the technique of surgical operator is unfamiliar, the pregnancy tissue material is not completely removed, resulting in some tissue fabric remaining in the uterine cavity cavity.EssenceAt this time, in addition to the bad dew, there is a time or less bleeding, the inner blood clot is accompanied by abdominal pain.

2. Uterine cavity infection can cause uterine cavity infection due to puerperium infection and other reasons.At this time, the dew has odor, tenderness in the abdomen, and fever, and the total number of white blood cells can be seen in the detection of blood.

3. The weakness of the contraction can be unable to rest after the abortion, or the body is weak and sick, or the surgery time is too long.

4. The incision healing after cesarean section is poor, which can be caused by incision infection.


For the above common reasons, what preparations should each pregnant woman do to prevent postpartum bleeding?


Do a good job of physical examination before pregnancy, find any internal medicine or systemic diseases, diagnose and treat in time, and get pregnant after normal.Exercise your body, especially in gynecology, there is no disease and then get pregnant.


Try not to do abortion, induction of labor, and try not to give birth at a cesarean section, because the endometrium may be damaged, causing the uterine cavity, the placental adhesion after pregnancy, the placenta residue, and the pre -placental, which leads to postpartum bleeding.


I found that I went to a regular hospital for a check -up after pregnancy. Do good health during pregnancy. Do not overeating, control diet, balanced nutrition, exercise appropriately after meals, control weight and blood sugar, and avoid excessive body weight growth too fast, otherwise hypertension may cause hypertension, which may lead to high blood pressure, which may cause hypertension.Diabetes, at the same time, avoid excessive weight of the fetus, resulting in huge children.


It is advisable to control the weight of the fetus at 2.5-3.5kg, which is conducive to vaginal delivery. Otherwise, it will cause prolonged production, postpartum bleeding, and even transit cesters.


Exercise appropriately during pregnancy, at the same time avoid strenuous exercise and try to avoid sexual life, otherwise it may lead to premature birth and even premature placenta.


Pay attention to calcium supplementation during pregnancy. Calcium supplementation can prevent the fetus and pregnant women from deficient in calcium. Iron supplementation can prevent anemia during pregnancy. Pregnant women with anemia are more likely to bleed.


Mobilization of childbirth must have sufficient confidence, believe that you can make the vagina, take a proper rest, combine work and rest, and cooperate with the analgesic of childbirth.

Because the cause of postpartum bleeding is different from postpartum bleeding at immediately, the prevention measures should be added on the basis of the above basis:

1. Do a good job in pregnancy health care and properly handle the childbirth process, which can significantly reduce the occurrence of late postpartum bleeding.

2. For the history of postpartum hemorrhage, the history of artificial abortion, placental retention and twins, too much amniotic fluid, and the extension of the output process are vigilant, do a good job of prenatal health care and postpartum monitoring.Prevention of postpartum bleeding.

3. Observe the amount of contraction and vaginal bleeding in postpartum, press the bottom of the palace to promote blood discharge.

4. Encourage postpartum to get out of bed and promote the discharge of lochia.

5. Strict indication of cesarean section, strengthen the publicity of normal physiological delivery methods, and reduce the impact of social factors.

Dad, pregnant mothers do pre -pregnancy examinations, health care during pregnancy, calm and calm during childbirth, full of confidence, I believe you will be able to give birth to a smart and healthy baby.

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