Tempeering holidays, this shows that you have started to be qi

Early holiday: This shows that you have begun to be qi.Human body qi and blood, although you feel nothing, it means that your immunity has begun to decline.The lung qi is insufficient.If you do n’t care at this time, it will develop into a duration in the later period, and it will be the point of blood deficiency.If the child born at this time is particularly easy to catch a cold.

After the holidays: This shows that you have been from qi deficiency to blood deficiency. At this time, liver and kidney have begun to appear deficiency.If you don’t care at this time, it is likely to develop into a situation of early amenorrhea.If children who appear at this time are particularly prone to do not grow, children’s dynamic disease.

Memics: After a long period of time, it is easy to develop amenorrhea. I have seen only 28 years of retreat for nearly ten years.In this case, it has reached the case of severe deficiency of liver and kidney, plus the pressure of work or learning, formed.There will be no children without routine leave.As long as the menopause before the age of 50 or often does not come much, it is a phenomenon of early loss. It is necessary to take good care of it. If there is a routine holiday, it means that your body is normal and a young capital.

After the holidays suddenly, the amount is normal: this shows that you have been from blood deficiency to spleen deficiency.This situation is easy to appear on people who lose weight, picky eaters, and not be eaten by food.After a long time, physical absorption has also become a problem.At this time, if you don’t care, it will easily develop into abnormal quantities in the later period.At this time, if you are pregnant, your child will be easy to pick up.

Dysmenorrhea: This shows that there is wet and cold in the body. The reason for the reason is inherited from the mother.It is the so -called inheritance.The second reason is that you do n’t pay attention when you are on vacation, you wear thin, or eat cold things.At this time, if you don’t pay attention, it is easy to develop into uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

Uterine fibroids: There are two reasons for this. Yi is cold, and the second is qi.Cold is the cold accumulation in the body so that the monthly uterine membrane cannot be completely falling off.Qi is caused by love.The gas knots often appear in or on the wall.

Endometriosis: This is because of cold invasion for a long time.The effect of YI -like surgery is like yi.Because he will relapse, only to discharge the cold is the effect of the root.This symptom is actually a more dangerous female disease.This is a gynecological disease that can cause death. Yi must pay attention.

Pelvic inflammatory disease: In Chinese medicine, all pelvic inflammatory disease is caused by the wet and cold in the body. In this case, YI must drive cold.It is to drive the cold on the basis of qi and blood.This is the fundamental health plan.

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