Talk about those things that burst into three views in the obstetrics and gynecology department

The hospital is a place that brings together the world, especially the obstetrics and gynecology department.Seeing some wonderful things, let the doctor have stronger tolerance, and more heartache and pity.


Did you eat folic acid in advance? I have made several abortion, or have abnormal bleeding during abortion, why I didn’t need to be pregnant a few previous pregnancy, etc.

Dan Dan’s answer is also bland and a little anxious. This is the fourth time. I heard that always abortion will cause infertility.It is because the boyfriend said that you can get married and give birth to the twin. In this pregnancy, the boyfriend said that he would look at the ultrasound result before discussing.

I said a word for a while, and a bite of old blood almost sprayed out.What can I say?I took a deep breath, carefully, and asked her: girl, do you know how to conceive your babies?She shook her head!As a human beings of senior mammals, in addition to family history, the probability of naturally nap the bibicist is like 5 million prizes. How many people can there be this luck in the vast crowd?Another is to help the auxiliary reproductive technology, commonly known as IVF!

However, people who are healthy and who can get pregnant naturally, the reproductive doctors will not give this "help" for their twins. After all, the most suitable way to conceive is the best choice!Moreover, both the pregnant and the baby will encounter more risks than a single child.

Furthermore, don’t you feel bad about yourself?You have never thought about it before and after. Is your boyfriend think and do so, is it sincere to you?What should I do if I have n’t been pregnant at the age of 80?If the mother knows, how heartache should be!

There are never wearing a suit, drinking 1000ml soymilk afterwards; more knowing that Coca -Cola can kill sperm, and then cola to rinse the vagina;Mowing

The times have improved, the nature is liberated, and the marriage is free, but the most basic principle and core is that girls must learn to protect themselves.

Especially at present the huge challenges faced by humans, the natural environment is getting worse and worse, the work and mental pressure are getting greater and greater, the age of childbearing is getting higher and higher, and human fertility has been significantly reduced. Please protect yourself and save your fertility.Ability, it is recommended to see the germs at the door of the reproductive department. How many people bear the queue and anxiety waiting in line, and may not be able to get pregnant smoothly as they wish.

Come back and think about it, you have time to watch gossip information and play games. It is better to take a little time to learn how to contraception.

1. Regarding contraceptive methods, it is recommended to use contraceptives to both contraception and prevent the spread of the disease. Men need to cooperate;

2. The safety period is not reliable, because people will ovulate accidentally;

3. The in vitro exclusion is not reliable, because men sometimes can’t control it;

4. Do not use emergency contraceptives, not only to disrupt endocrine and cause abnormal bleeding, but also risk the risk of ectopic pregnancy due to inhibitory tubal peristalsis;

5. If there are already children, there is no request for fertility for the time being, you can place the inner ring of the palace;

6. For young people, non -smoking, and no complications, you can consider long -term oral short -acting contraceptives.

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