Take a cold medicine to prevent colds?Drinking miscellaneous grains is healthier?These "health suggestions" are not healthy →

"Health" is currently a very popular topic

Our life is full of all kinds of health knowledge

Although the correct health method can make people healthier

It may also achieve the effect of effective prevention and auxiliary treatment

But with the improvement of people’s health awareness

There are more and more health rumors

Are these rumors real?

In fact, some familiar "health suggestions"

It’s not as healthy as you think

Bewarer, the more sick!

What "health suggestions" do not believe?

What is the truth of health?

Let’s take a look together ~

1 Health rumor: taking cold medicine can prevent colds

Truth: Taking cold medicines cannot prevent colds. Cold medicine itself can only relieve symptoms. Colds mainly depend on the recovery of autoimmune.

If you do n’t have a cold and take cold medicine, especially taking western medicine for colds to prevent colds, you will not only prevent prevention, but also cause damage to the body, such as damage to liver function.

The best prevention is good living habits: wash hands, work hard, exercise more, ensure sleep, and diet balance.

In addition, the vaccine can be used to prevent influenza, but it should be noted that the flu vaccine can only prevent influenza, which has no prevention effect on the normal cold.

2 Health Health Rumor: Drinking miscellaneous grain powder is healthier

Truth: Eat grain miscellaneous grains, the less processing, the better.

Eliminate the grains of grains into powders or make rice vanguments. Miscellaneous grains change from large particles to small particles, which is easier to digest and absorb. However, patients with chronic diseases should pay special attention. For example, people with diabetes, excessive consumption of miscellaneous grain powder can easily cause blood sugar to rise rapidly.

In addition, because the grains of Graphita contain a small amount of fat, after being made into powder, the area of oxygen contact with the air in the air is greatly increased, which is very easy to oxidize.substance.It is recommended to eat as much grain grains as possible, the less processing, the better.

It should be noted that when the elderly eat too much grain, it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal and intestines. Therefore, we must pay attention to coarse and meticulous matching, coarse grains, and ensuring drinking water.

3 Health rumors: Light diet is to eat only vegetarian food, not meat

Truth: The light diet standard is less oil, less salt, and less sugar.

The light diet does not mean to only eat vegetarian and not meat.Long -term vegetarian, not eating meat will increase the risk of malnutrition.For example, if you do n’t eat meat, it is easy to be deficient in iron.

It is not strong to eat vegetarian food. It often takes an additional amount of carbon water, which is easy to get diabetes.Therefore, you should choose meat selected, preferably eggs, milk, soybeans and products, fish and shrimp, lean meat, and provide the human body with the required high -quality protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, zinc, etc.

For the "three highs" patients, doctors will recommend a light diet, but it does not mean that the meat after peeling fish, shrimp and poultry is high -protein and low -fat meat.edible.

4 Health Health Rumor: Drinking milk before going to bed can help sleep

Truth: The role is minimal, theoretically, but the sleep aid is weak.

Although theoretically, milk-white protein contains 5.3%of the savanine, which can synthesize 5-hydroxydine in the body, further metabolism is melatonin, and participates in sleep regulation.

However, the color content in milk is very small, and the content of entering the human body to the brain is lower, so the sleep aid effect is weak.A glass of milk is not enough to produce sufficient "hypnotic hormones".

Drinking milk before going to bed will increase digestion, but may not be conducive to sleep.

5 Health Health Rumor: You can make up for the weekend

Truth: I usually stay up late, and it is difficult to make up for the weekend.

I usually stay up late and expect to make up for sleep on the weekend. This idea is one -sided.

Long -term deprivation of sleep can cause physical overdraft, decrease in immunity, and get worse.For too long, the brain cells do not get enough oxygen and nutrients. This is why I feel tired when I sleep too much on weekends.

6 Health rumors: pillows are used to pillow

Truth: Pillows are not only used to pillow, but it also needs to support good support for the neck.

Human cervical spine normal has a 10 -degree physiological pre -prevailing bump. This front convex will disappear with the bowing, and your head will increase. This is a physiological state.

Under the rhythm of modern life, there are more and more "low heads". In the state of low head, the front bump will disappear, the rear structure of the cervical spine during the day will be very tired, and often in a state of pulling., Let the pillow support the neck.

7 Health rumors: yellowing of urine is a problem with kidney

Truth: There are many reasons for the yellowing of urine, not necessarily that the kidney has problems.

In life, under normal circumstances, if the symptoms of urine yellow occur, they will first consider that it is caused by drinking too little water, which causes the urine concentration and fire, or it is caused by eating some drugs or food.You can drink plenty of water first, and then observe after the urine volume is increased.If the urine becomes bright, then there is no problem.

If the color of urine continues to change, and even very heresy such as blood, soy sauce, milky white, and black, you need to go to the hospital in time for relevant examinations to clearly cause the cause of urine discoloration and receive treatment.

8 Health Rumor: Massage cervical spondylosis can cure cervical spondylosis

Truth: Do not massage the neck at will.

Cervical spondylosis is a common disease. Although the patients will feel more comfortable in a short period of time, the symptoms will emerge soon, and they will accelerate the development of cervical spondylosis.

Improper massage can destroy the stability of the cervical spine, accelerate the protruding of the intervertebral disc, and cause the cervical spinal cord to be more seriously oppressed.If the patient’s neck discomfort has not been relieved, he should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible and not massage at will.

9 Health rumors: Children with fever, covering sweat and degenerating, so fast

Truth: Covering sweat is more likely to cause serious diseases.

After a cold, covering sweat with a quilt, it is not suitable for ordinary people, especially their babies.Because the baby’s limbs have insufficient blood supply and the development of the nervous system has not yet been perfected, the nerves responsible for managing vascular diastolic and contraction are prone to disorders. If they are wrapped over, they cannot heat the heat. At the same time, it will cause dehydration and metabolic acid poisoning.Brain hypoxia.

There is a clinical disease that is exclusive to children- "Mongolia is syndrome", which is a serious disease caused by the baby’s wrong package.Children are in the fever period, especially pay attention to heat dissipation and not cover.

10 Health Health Rumor: Sleeping pure hard wood bed waist

Truth: Sleeping hard bed is not a bed board.

Middle -aged and elderly people are not suitable for sleeping mattresses too soft, but sleeping hard board beds are not to let people remove the mattress. Putting the sheets on the hard bed sheet to sleep, but it is a saying that it is different from the soft mattress.

Sleeping has a certain hardness bed to eliminate the pressure of load and weight on the intervertebral disc, which is conducive to relieving the symptoms of low back pain.However, if you sleep directly, you cannot cooperate with the normal curve of the human spine. If the waist is not supported, there will be symptoms such as backache and back pain. It is recommended that the bedboard should be pads from 3 cm to 5 cm.

Source: CCTV Life Circle

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