Sun Yizhen attended the wedding of a friend, his arms were obvious, and it was difficult to hide the sense of happiness when wearing a mask.

Recently, some netizens took Sun Yizhen’s wedding of friends.I saw that she was wearing a long coat, and her pregnant belly was very obvious.It is not difficult to see from her sleeves that Sun Yizhen’s arm is still very slender. It seems that she did not indulge herself during pregnancy, and her body management was still very proper.Although Sun Yizhen was wearing a mask, the iconic smile revealed that she is really happy now.

Sun Yizhen announced her pregnancy in June this year. At that time, her essay was "Are you all okay? I am very good. Today I am very happy, (because) new life is coming to us … I am worried aboutIn the excitement … we will take care of the precious life that come to us, I hope you can also take care of your life, to take care of things, keep healthy, and be happy. "From her text, she treats this little life for this little lifeThe arrival is full of expectations.As the goddess of South Korea, the news of Sun Yizhen attracted widespread attention as soon as he was released, and some netizens lamented how high the face value of his father is Xuan Bin’s mother or Sun Yizhen!

The love story of Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin is very moving.The two met with the film in cooperation and were photographed in the supermarket in Los Angeles as early as the end of 2018.However, at the time, the agency of the two had denied rumors of love, saying that the company’s representatives would discuss the business together and the two would appear in one place.Later, the two collaborated on a big explosive drama "The Force of Love". The sparks in the play also made netizens say "crazy."The two people who lived in love finally announced their relationship on January 1, 2021.

In March of this year, Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen held a fairy tale wedding.The wedding of the two is in the form of non -public, and the invited friends are also friends such as Song Zhongji, Kong Liu, Kong Xiaozhen, Lin Yuner and other friends.When the two completed an oath of wearing a ring, Sun Yizhen moved to tears, while Xuan Bin stared at his wife affectionately.The photos of the wedding of the two were full of happiness.

Finally, I hope that the baby can be born smoothly and healthy, and Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen’s feelings can always be sweet.

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