Summarize the top ten performances of female infertility

Women who are planning to have children must pay attention to!The top ten causes that lead to infertility can be avoided ~

There are four reasons why Gong Han Yi leads to infertility.

The first is qi stagnation and blood stasis, often sulking

The second is qi deficiency, the abdomen has a feeling of swelling, a lot of leucorrhea, and a smelly smell. Such people are prone to giving birth, that is, abortion unknowingly

Third, the meridians are not connected, formation of fibroid cysts, fallopian tubes, endometriosis, etc.

Fourth, taking too much cold and cold medicine in life, causing uterine qi and blood condensation

Note: Most of the western medicine is a large cold medicine.

2 spleen and stomach cold can cause infertility

The spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemical. The spleen and stomach are cold and cold, and the qi and blood from real estate will decrease.

3 Disposity can cause infertility

The pulse is one of the twelve meridians of the human body, located in the position of our belt.Women or men’s belly is a elephant with a large pulse. Many women such as abnormal leucorrhea and unexplained lower coke are related to the pulse.

4 Liver qi stasis stagnation can easily lead to infertility

Women use liver as the innate and blood.How important liver is to women, there will be no more describing here.

Therefore, when treating gynecological diseases, it will definitely take into account the condition of the liver.

5 sputum is easy to cause infertility

The so -called sputum refers to the dampness of phlegm in Chinese medicine.The sputum is strong, that is, the fat fat and the dampness of the phlegm cannot be removed, and the uterus is blocked and caused infertility.Such as polycysts, recorded in ancient books as "phlegm plug cell palace".

6 Women with Xianghuowang are not easy to get pregnant

The so -called "Xianghuo Wang" is a saying in ancient China, which means that overly greet others.

"Fire" is the true yang in the kidney, which is used to protect or educate the child.The people who are always greedy for others are really in the sun, and they are farewell to hate.

7 Women with renal water decay are not easy to get pregnant

The lack of kidney water is the lack of kidney essence, and the natural body is weak and sick; the other is the excessive indulgence and hurt the blood.Such people are easy to be impatient, unstable, and miscarriage.

8 The lesions of the Erdai Pulse lead to infertility

Women do not get pregnant if they are ill, and men’s pipes will be infertile when they are sick.Ren Du Ercai is mostly congenital, and it is not good for treatment, such as the young uterus and infertility.

9 Poor bladder gasification leads to infertility

Insufficient yang in the bladder meridian, the body’s motivation energy will be missing.Women’s yang is insufficient, and she is "cold and cold", sluggish.And the body feels powerless and powerful.

10 qi and blood deficiency cause infertility to narrate in detail, such as Siwu Decoction.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, women infertility cannot be separated from these ten reasons, but it is not necessary for these reasons to be infertile. It is necessary to properly accept correct conditioning and treatment in a timely manner.

Finally, I wish everyone a good pregnancy.

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