Story: When my husband takes a bath, he has no intention to open his mobile phone WeChat.

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Zhou Ying realized that when she ran into the toilet for the third time she wanted to vomit and couldn’t vomit, she realized that she might get pregnant.

The feeling of rolling in the stomach became more and more serious. She went to the water dispenser and took a cup of warm water and rinsing her mouth to slowly suppress the strong disgusting feeling.

When she was sitting on the station, she was still thinking about what she had eaten today. Thinking about it was the same food with the same peace, and there was no cool spicy … The menstruation that had always been re -period had been postponed for a week.

Xu Wei has always been thinking about wanting a child recently. Her hands slowly moved to the lower abdomen, and it was time to calculate the time, and I felt that the possibility of pregnancy became more likely.

Zhou Ying’s heart is a bit complicated. Although the age of the two is now suitable for children, Xu Wei has gradually stabilized the company for a few years, and the work of her teaching and research is not too busy, but she has not come and eat folic acid in advance; Xu Wei has recently entertainment for entertainment.It may be indispensable to drink; if you are really pregnant, it will always be a little sudden for her.

She bought the test strip on get off work that day, and it was really two bars in the morning.After thinking about it, she still took a leave to go to the hospital to take a blood to shoot the film. It can be determined that she was pregnant.

It was just that the doctor heard that her pregnancy and the number of times and told her: "You have a little reaction. Although there is no big deal, you should pay attention to it."

The next day Xu Wei went back to Zhou Ying that he told him that he was pregnant. This man, who was 28 years old, happily hugged Zhou Ying for several laps.She went out to eat and celebrate.

Zhou Ying laughed a little, and before he had time to see him again, he regretted his head: "Suddenly I feel that the meal outside is not sanitary, forget it, let me do it for you."

So Xu Wei had no time to change his clothes, and he had to pull Zhou Ying to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients. When he was sitting on the road, Zhou Ying seemed to realize that his lower abdomen realized that they had a life together.

The blood veins are connected, the crystallization of two people.

It was a wonderful feeling. Zhou Ying thought that she was caught off guard because of the child’s arrival the day before yesterday. Today, she has begun to be happy.

"The sun is good today." At the destination, Xu Wei laughed at her when Zhou Ying opened the door.

She froze for a moment, always feeling that this sentence seemed to have known each other, and the not dazzling sunshine shone on Xu Wei’s face. Zhou Ying shook God, as if returning to their first conversation.


"The sun is good today."

A clear and slightly lazy male voice came from the direction of her left rear seat.

The first class of the two -third morning class should be sports on Thursday morning. She asked for fakes because she had sprained her feet. There were only two of them in the empty classroom.

She just finished the second big question of the Chinese test paper, and she was wrong. She was heard when she was looking for the reason.

Zhou Ying stunned and looked back at him.

It was the weather in early spring. He was sitting in the window. The morning light at the eight or nine o’clock was not dazzling. Through the densely climbing tiger of the teaching building next door, the classroom next door was a Chinese class.Writing ancient text; the breeze blows the silver curtains next to him and the broken hair on his forehead.

She vaguely remembered the boy’s name, as if it was Xu Wei.

Out of polite, she smiled at him and said, "Yes."

The boy seemed to just wake up, and the wrinkles of the school uniform cuffs on the side face of the right half. He narrowed his eyes that had little small eyes and pulled a smile with a pear vortex.

This is the first dialogue between Xu Wei, sixteen -year -old Xu Wei and 16 -year -old Zhou Ying.

After half a month, Zhou Ying’s feet still lied to the condition. She couldn’t do it. She usually wanted her life for 800 meters. Compared with the physical education class that everyone expected, she was more willing to be on the classroom.Do questions from self -study.

In general, Xu Wei also stayed in the classroom. Sometimes they did not say a word. She went to sleep on the question, and sometimes they chatted with each other. They could talk about all students entering the class.

Later, their intersection gradually became more, and sometimes he took the initiative to ask her some questions; sometimes he bought a bottle of drinks she liked to drink for her; occasionally a few more toffees on the table.

She explained the test papers very seriously; she quietly accepted the snacks he gave; in the class, other students had coaxed the two as couples and did not refute.

The weather in the summer was always pondered. The clear sky in the morning became a lightning thunder in the evening. When school was out of school, Zhou Ying looked at the pouring rain outside the window a little bit.

Her father has been on a business trip recently, and her mother returned to her hometown because she was sick and she couldn’t expect them to send an umbrella. When she gritted her teeth and was about to rush into the rain, a large blue umbrella bloomed in her like a flower.Towards the top of the head.She looked at Xu Wei, who was holding the umbrella, and the other party was embarrassed to stuff the umbrella into her hands, and then ran out of the teaching building by herself. The rain wet his school uniform and wet his hair. HeStanding in the rain waved to her: "See you tomorrow."

Every time Zhou Ying mentioned this incident, she mocked Xu Wei: "That umbrella is so big, why not support me?"

At that time, Xu Wei was lying on her leg and playing the game: "I thought you were boring to me at that time, and I was afraid that you would hate me if you were too close to you."

Zhou Ying squeezed his face: "How can you be sure I am interesting to you?"

Xu Wei sat up solemnly and said seriously: "Because you are crying."

Zhou Ying knew that he was talking about the autumn sports meeting. As a sports idiot, in order to avoid being pulled out, she had a volunteer of the Morning Post, maintaining the order of the venue, sending water to the athletes, reminding them to play in the next game and so on.Such miscellaneous things.

She did not expect Xu Wei to sign up for the competition. After all, in her opinion, she likes her like to escape the physical education class.finals.

Although I did not win the championship in the end, it was also a third place. The disadvantage of the United States was that when he reached the end, he fell to the knee because he was too strong and did not accept the force. Zhou Ying rushed to help him early in the morning.Then let him take a good rest.

He thanked him, and rejected the good intentions of others to help him only help him to go to the classroom to get something. On the way to help him return to the dormitory to rest, Zhou Ying has been silent, Xu Wei secretly glanced at her eyes secretlyOnly found that her eyes were red.

He was anxious and hurriedly asked, "What happened to you?"

She didn’t speak, but her tears fell even more fierce.

He was anxious to turn: "What’s wrong?" After a while, he seemed to want to understand something, trying to ask, "Are you worried about me?"

She still didn’t speak, Xu Wei had to take a paper towel from her pocket. Zhou Ying took it silently, and the two were still speechless.

In the end, Xu Wei turned out to take out the silver necklace that had just been found from the classroom. His hands were sweaty, and the forehead was also. I wonder if it was nervous or something else., Zhou Ying, do you want to be my girlfriend? "

Zhou Yingmeng looked up, and was a little surprised and surprised in his eyes. It was a normal autumn noon. The finely fragmented halo hit Xu Wei’s body. He looked around and looked at her seriously, with sincerity and nervousness in his eyes.

Zhou Ying’s fingertips stunned her palms fiercely. Her voice was very small but very clear. She said, "Okay."

Every time they talk about Xu Wei’s confession, Zhou Ying has to turn her eyes: "So do you really don’t know that I like you at that time? When the students of Dadong opened us, I didn’t speak.Is it the default girl’s rejuvenation? "

Xu Wei smiled slyly: "Then why do you think Dadong will make us joking? Why do you think I would go to the physical education class every time? Why did I take the initiative to talk to you?" Then he rubbed her head:"Actually, I have been planning to you for a long time."


Xu Wei took a bath in the bathroom and popped up several information on the mobile phone in the living room. Zhou Ying picked it up and looked at it.

It is some things about the connection between the company’s customers. She is not familiar with his company’s affairs. When she is ready to turn off, Xu Wei remarks that the contact person of the front desk Xiaojing will send a refunded transfer. She orderOpen, she found that she returned 20,000 yuan to her, and then Xiao Jing’s information followed.

"It’s really not necessary, thank you President Xu, this is my voluntary."

"And I am going to resign tomorrow, thank you for your care for the past two years."

She was a little impressed by this Xiao Jing. Xu Wei used to give her the front desk that she had occasionally mentioned as a little girl from the countryside.Essence

At that time, Xu Wei’s company also had a rising star in the industry. The recruitment information also clearly stated that the front desk must be positive, academic college or above, and familiar with computer operation and reception etiquette.The HR of their company also interviewed this Xiao Jing. When she reported to Xu Wei at that time, she made a word of mouth. I felt that although Xiao Jing did not meet the requirements, it was quite fast to learn things.

Xu Wei also told Zhou Ying at the time. Zhou Ying felt that this girl was not easy.

It seems that it is going to leave. Xu Wei probably cares about the dismissal fees that she is not easy to give, Zhou Ying thought.

She had no objection to these, but put down her mobile phone more and more wrong.

Xu Wei did not delete the habit of chatting, but the earliest record of chatting with this Xiao Jing turned out to be she turned back to 20,000 yuan. She turned up and had nothing.

And why did Xu Wei’s deductible fees turn from his WeChat?Shouldn’t it be responsible for finance?

Volunteer resignation?So don’t dismiss the cost?

She put down her mobile phone and went to the computer over the study.

She remembers that Xu Wei often uses the computer office in the study, and WeChat is often in a state of landing, and there should be a simultaneous chat history over there.

When Zhou Ying entered the study room, she saw that Xu Wei was placed on the computer table at will, cups, mobile phone chargers.

She sighed, sighed, and sorted him up, and looked at some worn mouse pads. She remembered that she had bought a few of them and put it in this computer cabinet, so she was ready to change to a new one.

When turning the mouse pad, she found a small packaging small box in the innermost cabinet of the computer table. She opened it and saw nothing, only 200 yuan was quietly put.

Zhou Ying looked at the two money inside and smiled helplessly, and carefully put it back in the cabinet. She felt that she might be too suspicious because of the recent pregnancy and hormone problems.

Of course, these 200 yuan Zhou Ying remembers that every time they quarrel or Xu Wei is drunk, they will repeat this incident in her ear.


Although their university was not in a city, they could not talk about different places, because Xu Wei applied for dropping out the second year in college, and came to Zhou Ying’s city and said that he was going to start a business.

At that time, he was studying computer majors, and the Internet had not yet emerged as it is now. Xu Wei had keenly smelled business opportunities.At that time, he told her about his future work plan, and explained the prospects and how much room for development was, so she dragged her chin with her hands and smiled at him.

Under the dim light, he found that Zhou Ying’s eyes flashed brighter light. Xu Wei was a little embarrassed. He grabbed his hair and asked Zhou Ying in a embarrassing manner: "What do you think of this idea?"

Zhou Ying laughed, showing her white and neat teeth, shook her head at Xu Wei.

Xu Wei was anxious and asked quickly, "Do you think this project is not good?"

"No, I want to say, although Xu Wei, although I think dropping out of school is not good for ordinary people, and I don’t understand a lot of things you said … But if you really really want to do it,Let’s try it! "Then she solemnly reached out and patted his shoulder:" Xu Wei, you must cheer out to make money and raise me! "

Zhou Ying’s parents have always been honest. They unprecedentedly felt that the boy was too high, and he talked on the paper. He was not a good person for his daughter.

How much savings can a sophomore student have?Xu Wei’s early entrepreneurial money was done by his own summer jobs and some previous savings. Zhou Ying also supported him except his own necessities and necessary expenses of life.

Her college scholarship, she worked in the summer, was taught by the family, and the money made by the board gave Xu Wei to support his entrepreneurship without reservation.

It can only be explained that the older generation can indeed predict bad things in some aspects. For example, Xu Wei’s entrepreneurs soon encountered a bottleneck. His funds were almost all overwhelmed, and bank loans could not be issued.He only had five hundred dollars in his body, and the house that had owed a month of rent had endured the risk of being kicked out by the landlord at any time.

Zhou Ying was not good at it. In order to let the two of them broke up, she had persuaded her for a long time. Now when she heard about Xu Wei, her parents’ determination was harder.

Zhou Ying has always faced their accusations or persuasion with silence. Her parents really couldn’t, and she also said coldly: "Raising dogs is obedient than you, and now wings are hard and we can’t use us.Can’t your ears, right? In that way, since you don’t want to let us care, let that man raise you. "

Then they did not give Zhou Ying’s money again.

Zhou Ying was sick from her roommate’s mouth, saying that a cold had cough for several days, and dragged her unwillingness to go to the hospital.

That roommate said that he knew about Zhou Ying’s trouble because Xu Wei and his parents turned over. Several of them had made 200 yuan today for Zhou Ying to go to the hospital to get some medicine.She euphemistically expressed because Zhou Ying’s cough had already affected the normal rest of their dormitory.

After Xu Wei hung up the phone, the five flavors were mixed. He felt that he was not competent as a boyfriend. He didn’t know these things Zhou Ying.That night, Zhou Ying called her to come out, and then prepared to pretend that she was sick and asked her to go to the hospital to see a doctor.

That day they met at the Shaxian snack outside the school. Zhou Ying ordered three cheapest noodles and one copy of five dollars. She asked Xu Wei to eat two copies.Thirty -two dollars were stuffed into her back bag.

The two took hands to walk around Zhou Ying’s school. He had no money to invite her to drink a cup of milk tea or coffee, and he had no money to warm up with her in a small hotel when he cooled to a few degrees.

He could see that Zhou Ying was very happy. Her hand was a little cold. First, he put it on his neck and reached into his pocket. In the end, she held his fingers, tight and joyful.

She was a bit serious about her cough, although she had tried her best to hold back, maybe she tried her best to be next to the people around him.

Xu Wei was worried about her body, and asked her a few more words to see a doctor and buy medicine. She responded, and then looked at the table and urged him to go back quickly. Her dormitory asked for access.The buses are gone immediately.

He sent her downstairs and waved farewell to her.

Then he walked out of her school and walked step by step to the house he rented.

He is nowhere to be written that he is gone by the buses.

At 18.4 kilometers, he walked for nearly six hours, and it was 3 or four in the morning when he arrived at the place.

When he was looking for the key, he found that there was something in his pants. He stomped hard, and the sound control lights in the corridor turned on. He saw two hundred -dollar bills with the weak light.

When Zhou Ying was playing with him to help her warm his hands, he stuffed the money he bought for her into his pocket.

The high pressure in the past few days has not caused him to collapse, and he has not made him collapse for more than ten kilometers. Ask Grandpa to sue grandma to be stepped on his feet, he did not collapse, but he saw these 200 yuan.The door of the house was crying like a dog.


Zhou Ying finally turned to the mouse pad. She threw the old ones into the trash can, and then slid a few times on the new mat with the mouse on the computer.

After thinking about it, she still opened WeChat on Xu Wei’s computer.

The records on the computer are complete. Zhou Ying read all the chat records of them since they added friends.

In fact, they didn’t say much, very short, Zhou Ying finished all their conversations in less than ten minutes.

Then she was in a state of chaotic mind in the next time. What do you say?How to say.

You can summarize it in one sentence.

Xu Wei was derailed.

Drailed with the same person twice.

It is strange that Zhou Ying did not have an emotional collapse. Without hysteria, when she came out of the study, Xu Wei also came out of the bathroom. He wore a bathrobe in the living room, and stepped on a pair of blue slippers.The couple money she bought, she is pink with the same style.

She went into the bedroom and changed clothes, and then went to the shoe cabinet at the door of the living room to change the shoes.

Xu Wei had not worn his eyes because he took the bath, and his hair was still dripping. From a distance, he saw Zhou Ying walking towards the living room.

"Ying Ying, are you going out?" He took two steps forward.

"Um." Zhou Ying’s tone was calm: "Suddenly I want to eat plums, I go to the convenience store downstairs to buy something."

Xu Wei looked up at the clock watches hanging in the living room: "It’s ten o’clock, it’s not safe too late, you wait for me to change clothes to buy you."

"No need." Zhou Ying stood up with a good shoelace of his shoes: "Just downstairs, you just take a shower, let’s blow your hair first."


In fact, the weather was very good that night, and there were cicadas and breeze. Even if the shops downstairs in the evening were still brightly lit.

Zhou Ying took a deep breath. She didn’t go to the convenience store, so she kept walking around the small road under the community.

She wanted to cry, and she wanted to laugh, but she couldn’t cry nor laughed.

She has been in love with Xu Wei for twelve years and has been married for four years. She has been pregnant for three months.

Twelve years.They also met for twelve years, not twelve days, nor twelve months. It was twelve years. In her 28 -year -old life, Xu Wei accounted for three in her life.

Then he was derailed.

Zhou Ying didn’t know how long she had gone. When she thought about how long, Xu Wei’s phone came over. She watched the screen of her husband’s phone call on the screen for a while, and then secretly went down again.

Soon, another phone call came. At this time, she happened to come to the door of the community. The security guard yawned to say hello to her, so that she would go out to pay attention to safety so late, and she could laugh at the security guard.

She still didn’t answer the call, and she pressed it off when the third call came over again.

After a while, Dadong’s phone came over, and she turned into a mute and put it into the bag.

It seems that Xu Wei may have been able to find the unwavering message or the page on the computer through the mobile phone. She knows that she knows it.

She moved in at the front desk of the hotel and pressed the shutdown.

She didn’t sleep well that night, and always dreamed of something intermittently before.

When Xu Wei first talked to her, the bright morning light appeared on his face; Xu Wei was in the hands that was now in the hands of the nebulus when he confessed to him for the first time; Xu Wei later only needed to be freeWill pick her out to play, he stood under the tree of the girl’s dormitory, and the scattered light was reflected on him. He looked at her eyes gentle and firm …

She started the next day very early. Opening the mobile phone was a lot of unsolved calls and voice calls, and a lot of explanations and apologies sent by Xu Wei WeChat on WeChat.Occasionally, non -resistance occurs.

Dadong also sent a bunch of words to prove Xu Wei’s explanation, and persuaded her to see the information back. Xu Wei was looking for her crazy.

Then the mother just turned on the mothers also called. She answered this. Her parents mean that she also persuaded her and Xu Wei to reconcile. What a man could not steal.Big mistakes, how are you pregnant … She is still silent, as silent as they persuade her and Xu Wei.

There is a buffet restaurant upstairs in the hotel. She got up and went to eat. She had a buffet at noon dinner at noon. She didn’t go out of the hotel all day and didn’t watch her mobile phone.When she did n’t eat, either she opened the TV in the bed, and it was not funny to play, or she was sleeping.

When I got up on the third day, Zhou Ying stared at the ceiling for a while, and then washed it to Xu Wei’s company. Xu Wei did not go to work today, but Dadong was busy in the west.

Dadong also followed her and followed her, and from time to time, she sneaked and sent a message.

She went to HR to find out the temporary residence of Xiao Jing, and after taking the photo, she went directly out of the company.

"Sister Ying Ying, you listen to me …" Just now the company has a lot of people, Dadong always wants to open his mouth to say something but stops. After Zhou Ying goes out, he runs out to chase Zhou Ying.

He stretched his face and frowned into a ball: "Sister Ying, this matter is really not blame Xu Wei. I drank more wine that day.Let her send her to send Xu Wei back to the room. As a result, when I drank it, I forgot about it. As a result, these broken things happened …

"But Sister Ying, you, brother Xu Wei and I have been in love with me for more than ten years. I have seen everything clearly. The people in Xu Wei have always been you. He loves you. He just accidentally sleeps with Xiao Jing.It is not impossible for that Xiao Jing to seduce him in the room …

"Also, Sister Ying, I don’t like to listen, but you have been pregnant for three months …"

"But! But!" Dadong raised the volume: "Xu Wei is really the only one in your heart, he really loves you."

Zhou Ying looked at Dadong without talking. She actually wanted to ask him very much: Why do you know that Xu Wei has married these men can still be fun to open the girl and Xu Wei’s joke?Is it chaotic after drinking to cover up derailment?Even if the girl seduce, who gave her a chance to seduce?Does Xu Wei have no right to refuse?

I risky my life to have a child. He sleeps with others during pregnancy. Do you have to come over and accuse me of making a lot of noise after his derailment?Then, after Xu Wei derailed for the second time when he was awake, you continued to tell me, he loves me?

Zhou Ying didn’t want to be angry anymore. She turned around and no longer ignored Dadong. She now just wants to see the girl named Xiao Jing.


When Zhou Ying was boring, she imagined that she torn Xiao San’s scene, and she thought that Primary Three either said arrogantly and said, "Looking at your yellow face, no wonder your husband would be derailed." Either softly: "Sister, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, loveIf you come first, you will be a third party if you don’t love you. "

She will raise her face to look up at the sky for forty -five degrees, and shed tears elegantly and sadly, and then throw Xu Wei’s slap fiercely, and then slap Xiao Sanyi fiercely.Leave, find a place where no one is crying.

At that time, they were sitting on the sofa, and Zhou Ying said seriously that when Xu Wei was derailed, Xu Wei looked at her with a spoil and laughed: "Remember to find it in forty -five degrees.Take a look at a ruler and see if you are right. "

She was angry and hit him. The two of them rolled in a ball. He panting and kissed her lowly, and did not forget to say in her ear: "Yingying, I love you, I guarantee you, never there will beThe third party appears in front of us. "

What ridiculous, Zhou Ying watched the girl who was standing in front of her and was so nervous that she had never dared to say -the tall ponytail revealed her smooth forehead, her eyes and face were round, white long -sleeved shirts, white long -sleeved shirts, sheBlue jeans and beige canvas shoes.

This is Xu Wei’s derailment object, and ordinary people are thrown in the crowd at a glance, and the front desk of his company.

Xu Wei is not ugly, and people will speak smartly. From his entrepreneurial business, he has gradually improved. There are also some Yingying Yingyan around him, but Xu Wei always gives Zhou Ying a sense of security enough.

The background of the WeChat circle of friends is all her photos. Almost all of the login passwords on his mobile phone are her birthday. The bank card password has never changed for so many years. He does not like to delete the chat history. He has little defense to her.And privacy.

Zhou Ying is about the same situation as him, but she rarely takes the initiative to see Xu Wei’s mobile phone because she believes him too much.

So what does Zhou Ying get?

Her tears flowed down, just like the deep floods flowed down from the turbulent valve just opened. The girl was scared to take two steps and waited for a while to go to another table to pick up a packet of paper towels and hand it over.give her.

Zhou Ying took over, her eyes were confused, but she stared at the girl, and she wanted to see it from her eyes.

But the girl did not, she was ashamed and at a loss, and her voice was 嗫嚅: "Xu is always a good person … I’m sorry, it’s my fault."

In fact, Zhou Ying really wants to find some evidence of her character from her character. It is not to threaten or what, but to help Xu Wei from getting rid of themselves. See, this woman is enough and has no morality.So Xu Wei hit her trap and derailed.

Unfortunately, she didn’t find it.

She still chooses to believe that Xu Wei is not the wrong party, and the balance in her heart is biased towards his side.

Maybe she thought again, she just didn’t want to face Xu Wei’s betrayal of her. She was unwilling to admit that she was wrong. Her twelve -year youth fed the dog. She was escaping by herself, but the reality was fierce.Tear her mouth and let her face all this.

The girl returned Xu Wei’s 20,000 dollars, and had submitted the resignation application to leave the city, and the second opening of the house was proceeded by Xu Wei.If it wasn’t for Xu Wei’s mobile phone before the day before yesterday, she might not know the existence of this girl in her life.

She raised her head, and her tears couldn’t help but flowed along her cheekbones to her ears. She opened her mouth and gasped, like a dying fish.


When she went downstairs from a small room, Zhou Ying found that Xu Wei was smoking in the corridor, and she quickly extinguished when she came out.

Zhou Ying has been repeated repeatedly since her college cough and illness. She has chronic pharyngitis. She cannot smell the smell and irritating gas. She often has swelling and pain before the pharynx has begun to swell before uncomfortable.

She walked forward, Xu Wei followed her.

The two walked for a while, and no one opened, and finally Zhou Ying’s silence: "When are you free, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for procedures."

When my husband was bathing, he had no intention to open his mobile phone WeChat, and I was furious for three months of pregnancy.

"Ying Ying, do you want to divorce me?" She could feel Xu Wei’s voice shaking: "From that night, I found you for two full days, do you see my first sentence to divorce me?? "

"You derailed Xu Wei, do you know you are derailed?" Zhou Ying was full of breath, and slightly increased his volume: "You sleep with others, you fall in love with others, what else do I still do?"

"Ying Ying, this is two codes." Xu Wei frowned gently. He carefully looked at Zhou Ying’s stomach, leaning slightly towards her, and his hand reached in her direction to prevent her emotional and suddenly fell suddenly.fall.

He pursed his mouth for a long time, and seemed to be looking for a saying that he could accept Zhou Ying: "I sleep with her, and love her, it is two codes."

After pause, he said, "How can I love her? She hasn’t been good -looking, and has not been with me for twelve years … Yingying, you have to believe me, even if I sleep with others, my favorite personIt’s still you. "

"So Xu Wei, do you want to thank you? Thank you for your derailment objects, not rich enough, not beautiful enough, no other thoughts, wouldn’t he threaten my status?" Zhou Ying panting, she felt that her head became a oneShe felt that her thinking seemed to be extremely clear: "Xu Wei, it turns out that you love me so much.

"Are you not awake? Xu Wei? We have known each other for twelve years, do you really understand my thoughts? Do you really know that I am the bottom line of this kind of thing? Or do you think I am pregnantIf you have a successful career, do you tell you yourself, Zhou Ying cannot divorce. After leaving you, she can’t find it better?

"So what kind of mentality do you have to find her with a mentality? Treat it up? Find the feeling of excitement? Do you often say that you love me, do you think of the person you love when you go to open a room?"

Zhou Ying did not wait until Xu Wei’s explanation, but suddenly her eyes were dark. The last memory in front of her eyes was Xu Wei helped her anxiously.

When I woke up again, it was in the hospital. The doctor told her that she was accelerated by the blood circulation caused by the emotional emotional excitement, and the stun caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.

The doctor frowned and reprimanded her: "You have a unstable fetus, and you don’t pay attention to your body. He just draws the blood. It shows that you have mild anemia and lack of trace elements., Also maintain a happy mood, don’t be overly happy and angry. "

Then the tone of Xu Wei’s tone was even more severe: "You are a family member, you should pay more attention. Now you can make the pregnant woman a malnutrition …"

Xu Wei quickly nodded, and after sending the doctor out of the ward, he came to Zhou Ying and whispered: "Yingying, why didn’t the fetal unstable incident listen to you?"

"I thought you were very busy during that time, and often traveled. The doctor said that it would be very big. I don’t think it is very big.

"Hard work." Xu Wei lowered.

Zhou Ying did not speak anymore, and the atmosphere fell into a strange quietness.

After the two days of hospitalization, Xu Wei was busy running before and ran, and the company could not be separated from people. He has always handled documents in the ward, and the phone was also called in the corridor to avoid disturbing Zhou Ying’s rest.

In the past two days, he has also lost a lot in the hospital. Another woman in the bed next to the bed smiled and talked with Zhou Ying: "Your husband looks like a painful person."

Zhou Ying also smiled at her without talking.

It is not a big deal, but because of the unstable reasons of the fetal image, the doctor recommends that Zhou Ying is hospitalized to stabilize the fetus with some injection drugs. After a week, Zhou Ying insists on going to the hospital after a week.

On the night of the return home, Zhou Ying first returned to the room to find out the marriage certificate.

These days she has received a lot of information, parents, Dadong, college classmates who have a good relationship in the past …

Zhou Ying feels to what extent he failed to be a man. Everyone is talking about Xu Wei. Everyone advises her to think for her child, and even the husband’s derailment is being apologized for him.Unwilling evil woman.

She still feels that from knowing that Xu Wei has had a dream to now, but Xu Wei, who was standing in front of her face, reminded her at all times that this is not a dream.

"I beg you, Ying Ying, I haven’t asked who I have been in my life, but I beg you, don’t sentence me to death, don’t let me be killed by a stick."

He grabbed his hair in pain and begged with humbleness: "Give me a chance, I still want to be our child’s father, we still have many places to play together., I also want to be with you for many years, please have Yingying, give me a chance? "

Speaking of the end, Xu Wei choked. He kept his head down and couldn’t see his expression, but he had tears dripping from his face to her hand.

The reasonable villain in Zhou Ying kept clamoring: he was derailed!Do you want him to derail?He betrayed you!Betrayed your love!

What has emerged in his mind is for so many years of their little bit -he looked at her pets; he kissed her for the first time but kissed the wrong place; they bought a house together to pick furniture;Put her a lot of green onions …

They have so many memories. Zhou Ying looked at their belly, and they also had a common child.


At night, they were lying on the bed in the bedroom, and he surrounded her body with her arms, and Zhou Ying moved away with calmly, and after a while, he wrapped silently again.

So she sat up, turned on the lights, and put on a mobile phone with a slippers and pulled out the bedside table. Xu Wei, who had been sitting, said, said, "The bedroom is a bit crowded, I go to the guest room to sleep."

She seemed to see Xu Wei’s eyes dull. He got out of bed and sorted out the bed slightly. He whispered to her: "I’m going to sleep in the room, I’m afraid that you are not used to sleeping there."

Zhou Ying didn’t refute anymore. She put down her mobile phone and lay on the bed, opened her eyes and looked at the chandeliers above her head, without sleepy.

There was Xu Wei’s body temperature residue on the bedding, but she suddenly felt that the skin that had just been touched by Xu Wei was burning and painful.Without swelling, I just feel the painful pain in it.

She went to the bathroom to wash the skin, which seemed better.

After washing, she remembered that this bed was slept by Xu Wei, so she carefully replaced the sheets and pillowcases of the bed sheets of the entire bed, throwing these things into the washing machine. When she washedHow many laundry liquids are poured, all the laundry fluids of the whole bottle of four pounds are poured in in a daze.

After finishing these, she felt that she seemed to be uncomfortable with her body, so she went to change her clothes and took a shower. After tossing these, it was three or four in the morning after turning these, and then she gradually became sleepy.

She asked for leave in recent days and did not go to work. Xu Wei went to the company earlier. After ordering breakfast, she woke up in the living room. Zhou Ying woke up at noon. After eating the breakfast, she ate two bites and started to vomit. She vomited her pregnancy.It was more serious in the early stage. She didn’t dare to touch it anymore, and threw the rest directly into the trash.

Originally, her body had no appetite, but the child Zhou Ying in the belly still went to a bowl of noodles and worked hard to let himself eat it.

When Xu Wei returned, it was six or seven in the evening. He was always on time when he returned home. Today he bought some dishes and prepared to cook himself to cook.

Zhou Ying didn’t go out today. The garbage in the kitchen was not cleaned up, so Xu Wei saw the breakfast thrown in the trash can at a glance. He only stunned and bent over to choose vegetables. When he was about to hear the meat, he heard Zhou Ying’sSound: "No need to do, I have no appetite."

Xu Wei turned around and found that Zhou Ying said to the door of the kitchen, and she didn’t even want to get closer to him.

He was sad, but still smiled and washed his hand and pulled her: "Do you don’t want to eat or may children want to eat?"

Start again, the pain that was touched by Xu Wei last night began again.

Zhou Ying broke free from his hands, and then took two steps back. She also barely smiled: "I really can’t eat dinner, just do it for yourself."

After speaking, she hurried back to the bedroom.

In the bathroom, she rubbed the place where Xu Wei had touched. After washing for nearly ten minutes, she finally felt that the pain relieved.

After a few days, the two lived in separate houses, and even the communication opened a few steps away.Zhou Ying took a long time to take a long time and opened his mouth: "Xu Wei, I still think that it is better for us to separate for a while …"

"Um." Xu Wei lowered his head and picked up the meal in the bowl: "It happened that there were something in the company to go to city B, and I might also go there for half a month, but if you are not pregnant alone, I let the secretary give you youFind a aunt to take care of you. "

The aunt’s surname Zhang, with a good temper, always smiled on his face, and was entrusted to Zhou Ying.

When she packed Zhou Ying’s bedroom that day, Aunt Zhang asked her the gift box on the jewelry platform for a week, should I put it away.

Zhou Ying first stunned and saw the beautifully packaged box that Aunt Zhang had found that it was the gift left by Xu Wei when she left. She was silent for a while and let Aunt Zhang open it.

It is a glittering necklace. She seems to have received one for a long time and a long time.

So she started to find the necklace in the box and found the one she wanted for a long time.

It is still packed in ordinary boxes. The white ribbon tied to a bow is also yellow because it has been too long. In recent years, she will take it to the silver shop almost every year and wrap it with silk.

But it is still mottled because of oxidation.

Zhou Ying watched the black silver necklace suddenly cried, and then all the emotions began to collapse. All the pain poured into her heart together. She pursed her lips, and her body was sad.

What to do? What to do? What to do?No matter what she uses, she can’t stop her aging, this necklace is too long, it is too old.

There was a hot flow of her lower abdomen, Zhou Ying panicked. She didn’t dare to move again, and quickly shouted loudly in the aunt who worked in the living room: "Zhang Mom Zhang Mom, hurry up …"

When Xu Wei rushed to the hospital for the fastest flight, Zhou Ying had finished the operation. She was sitting on the bed, losing liquid in her left hand, holding a glass with her right hand, and large tears fell on the white quilt.Falling in a transparent steaming cup.

Her mouth was dry and pale, and she whispered and whispered, "I have tried my best."

She is really trying to do my best, whether for their feelings or their children.

Xu Wei opened his mouth, but he couldn’t speak, he knew that their last bond was flowing with the child.


There is nothing good about things. As long as Xu Wei wants the house, almost all the other property cars and the company’s equity are transferred to Zhou Ying. When she packed things out of the home full of the two people, Xu Wei was sitting in the living room to watch TV.

Zhou Ying only took the clothes she often wore, and she had a variety of pairs of pairs of pairs of pairs of pairs of pairs of couples, couple’s pajamas.

Only two boxes of things were sorted out in the huge room. Before the moving master came, Zhou Ying pushed them from the bedroom to the living room. Xu Wei did not go to the handle.

He sat on the sofa to smoke, the smoke in the living room was filled, Zhou Ying’s pharyngitis committed, covering his mouth and coughing twice.

Coincidentally, the door bell rang, and she went straight to open the door. As soon as the moving master came in, he apologized: "I’m sorry, this community is too big, I am lost …"

Zhou Ying waved and said it was okay, and it was not too late now.So the master picked up a box and went to the elevator. Zhou Ying followed with a bag with something fragile.

There are not many things, they moved two trips on the two trips. When Zhou Ying came up to check if there was any omissions, they found out that the video of the living room was video when she married Xu Wei when she got married.

It happened that she brought her wedding ring to Xu Wei. Xu Wei was full of tears in front of so many people. He picked up the microphone with one hand and held her hand tightly. His excited voice kept shaking.Said: "Yingying, since I met you, I have never thought of being with others in this life."

Zhou Ying looked up at the TV, her eyes accidentally took Xu Wei.

The people on the sofa only showed the half -side face on the right, and he only stared at the TV. He didn’t watch her, and even his face didn’t turn.

There is nothing to take away in this house.

So she walked out and opened the door to take the threshold one second. She suddenly heard Xu Wei said to her, "I actually lie to you at the wedding."

She turned around and saw Xu Wei looking at her. The curtains were open. Now it is the evening. You can see the red clouds from the glass outside. The sunset that is about to end is on his face.The pulled and long, his face was stubborn and his eyes were stubborn.

He watched her continue to say, "I actually thought about breaking up with you. The night you gave me 200 yuan for me, and I was thinking that if I continued to fail this time, I must break up with youYou must not drag you anymore. "

Zhou Ying lowered her head and didn’t speak. After a long time, she nodded politely, alienatedly, and said, "Um."

Then she opened the door and walked out, and did not return her head at a time.(Original title: "Several Autumn")

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