Story: She gave birth to a second child to save money, but the B -ultrasound result of 23 weeks of pregnancy made her regret


Pregnant women slowly face the 23 weeks of pregnancy.

Each expectant mother is "glass heart" during pregnancy. Even though she is calm and strong, as the first large -scale screening after pregnancy, it is also false to say that it is not nervous.

One day before going to the hospital, she still did not hold back to the girlfriend and obstetrician Lin Siqi:

"You said, there will be no problem with the row abnormalities?"

"From a medical perspective, I can’t give you any promise before seeing the results of the B -ultrasound. But from the perspective of metaphysics, you have been normal for your previous NT and DNA innovation.Oh God will bless the angel baby to meet you smoothly. "Lin Siqi sent a dynamic expression of" lying down ".

"This guy is about to say nothing." Husband Mu Ziyang looked at the screen of the mobile phone and said slowly.

He patted his shoulders slowly and comforted her: "You’re relaxed. Our marriage check -up examination is normal, the NT results are normal, the self -funded DNA non -invasive and deaf gene screening is also over, it means that the two of us are unique.The conditions for eugenics and eugenics will not cause problems. You drink more water and rest early. Do n’t find out that the ketone body is serious in the urine test tomorrow morning.

He gently pushed and walked slowly to the dining table.

But she couldn’t sleep slowly. Although Lin Siqi and Mu Ziyang were trying to comfort her, she would still worry about it inexplicably.

She turned over and over in the darkness, and was more powerful than her inner tension.

Last month, her colleague had just stopped tires without warning -the day before, it was okay, and slowly consult the precautions for early pregnancy. The next day to the hospital for early pregnancy examination, he was suddenly informed that the fetus did not have noThe fetal heart.

The sadness and helplessness when colleagues came back to talk to her, deeply engraved in the slow mind.

Although I slowly comfort myself in my heart: I have already had the highest pregnancy in the pregnancy in the early pregnancy, my early inspection was normal, and my baby already had the fetal movement that could be perceived … but the tension that could not be suppressed in my heart,Still continued until the next day.

Just when she was holding the B -ultrasound result and sitting on the stool waiting for the Internet to query the relevant information on the Internet, Lin Siqi, who was seeing the clinic in the clinic, took the time to send her a WeChat.

"I know what you are doing. Water‘ one Baidu ’will open, people will die one Baidu, and let me put my phone down! Lai honestly waiting for me to see you for medical treatment, do n’t think about it."

Slowly threw the phone in my hand.She looked up subconsciously at the surrounding security surveillance camera, and doubted whether Lin Siqi’s work computer was directly bound to the monitoring system of the hospital lobby.

The time in line is always long, and slowly watching the novel.After finally hearing Lin Siqi’s voice, he called his number across the curtain, and slowly got up, but was pushed his shoulders with a horrible figure.

Slowly holding the wall to stand firm, raised his head a little unhappy, so that he was also a pregnant woman with a stomach.

"I’m sorry, sorry, I’m a little anxious." The other party closed his hands and said a bunch of apology. He wanted to enter the clinic slowly.

"Then do you arrange the team anyway?" Slowly pulling her.

The other party did not stop the pace of rushing into the clinic, but just said a series of "sorry" again over the head.

"My result is a bit problematic. B -ultrasound asked to take a look at the doctor of the clinic. Let me let me go first. I thank you." Her voice was obviously accent, and she really couldn’t hide it.Let the heart soften slowly.She quickly released her hand and nodded to let the other party enter the clinic first.


Lin Siqi heard the conversation outside the door through the curtain.She took the B -ultrasound that Xiuqin handed over and said to her in a console tone: "Sit down first, let me see."

Xiuqin does a 23 -week arranging. The B -ultrasound shows that the fetal nasal bone is lacking and the ear position is low. It is recommended to conduct a more detailed examination.

Lin Siqi frowned, and stretched out Xiuqin while watching the data on the list: "Give me a medical record, let me see the results of the previous NT and Tang Si."

Xiuqin handed over her outpatient medical records, and Lin Siqi laughed helpless -this expectant mother must be urgent: "I am talking about your obstetrics medical records.The results and diagnostic details of the test test test. "

"No medical records." Xiuqin shook his head calmly.

"No medical records?" Lin Siqi stunned, then turned to go to the computer screen to see her clinic record.Looking at the early pregnancy test, the medical record was empty, and Lin Siqi stunned again: "Have you never done a checkup before?"

Xiuqin nodded.The calm attitude of her granted made Lin Siqi, who had seen thousands of patients, was surprised for a moment.

Xiuqin was a little embarrassed, but there was a little proud between words: "Doctor, I am a second child. I didn’t understand anything when I was born.After making a lot of piles, it took thousands of dollars, all showed normal, and the girls were really healthy.

"This time, the second child, our family discussed it, and this person’s genes will not change. You do n’t have to do it for the first time. What do you spend that injustice?Check and check that the children’s arms and legs grow normally. Do n’t say this, do you show me about it. What does this list mean? Is there any problem with the child? "

"You are quite understanding, and you know that you have to make at least a big abandonment." Soochow, Xiu Qin could not see Lin Siqi’s bitter smile.Lin Siqi picked up the phone and pulled out the phone of Xiuqin’s outpatient doctor. "Because you have no record of the medical treatment, I have to contact you with a doctor of the doctor to understand the situation. Please sit here for two minutes."

After that, the curtain was opened and turned out.

Sitting slowly at the door, watching Lin Siqi came out of the clinic with a face, and couldn’t help but cast her eyes.Lin Siqi shook her head at her and listened to the phone to a quiet corner.

"Sister Sun, do you remember that there was a mother named Wang Xiuqin the day before yesterday. There was no files without a file. I think it was the B -ultrasound test form you gave." Lin Siqi asked.

"Remember." There was a long sigh from the end of the phone, "This pregnant woman, I have to contact me when I guess."

"What is her situation? There is no file in our hospital, and there is no record of prenatal screening before. How can she directly give her a B -ultrasound detection form?" Lin Siqi’s tone was a bit unhappy.

Dr. Sun on the other side of the phone sounded more depressed than her: "Do you think I think? People have been hung the number of obstetrics clinics, saying that I have been for 23 weeks.B ultrasound.

"I persuaded her for a long time, asked her to build files, and let her regulate the production inspection, at least the inspection items in the middle and third trimester were done.

"What about others? Said that a baby girl was born in our hospital. For this set of inspection, the door was clear. At the time of the first child, what genetic testing was spent, and the second child would never spend this injustice.If I don’t give her a B -ultrasound, she will complain about our hospital. What can you do? "

Lin Siqi stuffed for a while.

Doctor Sun finished bitter water, and his tone was calm.

Lin Siqi helplessly supported the amount with his hand, and his voice was a little lower: "The special face of the fetus: lack of nasal bone, low ear position."

Dr. Sun on the other side of the phone was also silent -as a obstetric doctor, they all knew what the possibility was.


Before lifting the curtain, Lin Siqi exhaled for a long time -her past experience made her know what she was about to face.Wang Xiuqin’s attitude towards the production inspection is as difficult as her B -ultrasound result.

She entered the clinic.Xiuqin stared at Lin Siqi at his eyes: "Doctor, what is the child?"

Lin Siqi picked up the B -ultrasound, pointed to the few lines above, and said to her in a peaceful tone: "The B -ultrasound shows the lack of nasal nasal bone and the ear position is low.Possibilities. Considering that you are over 35 years old, and the lack of previous production inspection records, I suggest you to do a amniotic fluid puncture, let’s take a look at the results. "

Xiuqin suddenly stunned: "Donaldinter syndrome? Do you want to draw amniotic fluid, what is the measurement of amniotic fluid?"

"The accuracy of amniotic fluid puncture is 99%of the accuracy of Tang’s screening, which is currently the most accurate Tang family screening. At the same time, sheep can be comprehensively detected by about 240 genome and chromosomal diseases.The amniotic fluid puncture test can give a relatively accurate result. "Lin Siqi explained patiently.

"Gene … chromosome …" Xiuqin thought about it, seemed to remember something, she raised her head sharply, "No, a doctor, this is wrong!The doctor also told me specifically that the accuracy of ordinary Tang sieve was low, so what DNA did I do at my own expense and more than 1,500 yuan.

"I didn’t understand anything at the time, and I believed it. After doing it, I said that my gene is normal. Then this big living gene will not change. Now how can I say that my child may have genetic diseases and chromosomal diseases?Besides, our family has never had such genetic diseases, which is unreasonable! "

Lin Siqi still maintains patience: "This is not necessarily connected with your test results. The older the fertility of women, the decline in ovarian function, and the rising chance of chromosomal abnormalities, including taking some teratogenic drugs.. Now that there is such an indication, it is a matter of further inspection. Are you right? "

Xiuqin was still hesitating: "Then … how much is it?" How much does it cost? "

"More than 5,000." Lin Siqi recalled, "What is the specific amount, and I will tell you when the checkpoint recharge."

When I heard the amount, Xiuqin widened his eyes in surprise: "We had a total of 4,000 children in my hometown next door, which is so expensive to do a check in Beijing?, Didn’t this B -ultrasound clear? Can I let the doctor take a picture of me? "

Lin Siqi sighed: "To be honest, there is a possibility that the child’s nasal bone development may not be photographed slowly, but the possibility is relatively low, because the B -ultrasound result is not only the indicator of the nasal bone, repeatedly do B.It doesn’t make much sense. Tang’s syndrome is not a minor illness. Do you have to consider the health of your baby in the stomach? "

Seeing Xiuqin is still supporting me, she slows down, "Is your family coming? Or can you contact your family and discuss it and make a decision."

Xiuqin nodded silently and walked out with his medical records.The moment she opened the curtain, she seemed to think of something again. She turned her head and asked Lin Siqi: "Doctor, if the inspection is a Tang syndrome, how to deal with this?"

"From the perspective of eugenics, we recommend stop pregnancy. You have been 23 weeks now. If you do it immediately, the fastest will wait about 25 weeks, and we may need to induce labor. Of course, all our decisions are all our decisions isOn the premise of the mother and family’s consent, don’t panic, discuss with your family members and come back to find me, okay? "

Xiuqin nodded and opened the curtain away.


The sudden diagnosis results made Xiuqin’s mind a little bit stubborn.Twenty -one -three body, Tang’s syndrome, genetic disease, amniotic fluid puncture … all kinds of strange and cold vocabulary echoed in her mind, making her inexplicable fear.

After fear, it was deeply angry.

Why is there a problem with her child?Why do the doctor unwilling to check again?Why do people now make people do inspections, and the cost of these inspections far exceeds the scope that they can withstand the people at the bottom?Why can’t that young doctor understand her?

All kinds of emotions were filled with Xiuqin’s mind. When she returned to her, she found that she had walked outside the hospital door unknowingly.Xiuqin’s "Ah", then I remembered that Lin Siqi asked her to contact her family, and hurriedly took out the mobile phone to call her husband ginger.

Not far away, a middle -aged woman with a shade hat made up in a timely manner: "Hello, do you know the baby’s five -dimensional shooting? Now the special event, the package price starts from 399, presented five -dimensional videos and high -definition negatives."At the same time, the propaganda sheet was diligently handed to the showman.

"What is the five -dimensional video?" Xiuqin hadn’t slowed from Lin Siqi’s words just now, and met a strange new term, and asked curiously.

Seeing Xiuqin is interested, the other party hurriedly came up and introduced: "Just like the B -ultrasound you did in the hospital, it was also taken with the Doppler detector. However, we are a professional physician one -on -oneServe all the details of your baby, you can watch on the screen throughout the process. "

She lowered her voice, "Including the sex of the baby, it can also be known in advance. We will save the baby’s facial details, small hands and feet, and some cute movements according to your requirements. If you buy a package of more than 399There are video gifts, you can retain some of the magical moments of your baby in the mother’s belly. "She pointed to the set meal on the leaflet and told Xiuqin.

Xiuqin’s eyes widened: "You mean, the details of the child’s face can be taken?"

"Yes," the other party was full of confidence, "Just as you took it in the hospital. However, the hospital gave you a B -ultrasound detection form, and there is no beauty in the hurry.Screenshot, you can also watch on the screen. I feel that the baby is cute at an instant, save you directly, and give you a high -definition photo of the electronic version, only a total of hundreds of dollars, how good to be a child before birth! "

"A total of hundreds of dollars, you can see the child’s face, and the details of his arms and legs can be seen …" Xiuqin muttered in his heart, and he didn’t even hear the other party continues to say something.

Suddenly, she had an idea, carefully stuffed the leaflet into the bag, and said with the middle -aged woman "Thank you" and walked back to the hospital.

When she was holding the door outside the clinic, Lin Siqi was watching the slow row of abnormal results.Lin Siqi shouted "Please in", Xiuqin pushed the door in, and slowly apologized to the first apology.Slowly recognizing that she was a pregnant woman who said that there was a problem with the test results. She didn’t say anything, nodded.

Xiuqin said decisively to Lin Siqi: "Doctor, I passed the ditch with the family members.

Lin Siqi did not guess it was this result.

She pursed and thought about it for a few seconds, and began to knock on the keyboard: "In this way, I still give you the list. My suggestion is to hope that you can do a sheep to test, and for the baby in the stomach.Essence

As long as you open a list, you do n’t spend money on the appointment. If you go back, you will discuss it. If you feel that you need to do it, just take the list to make an appointment for B -ultrasound, and save it again.OK?"In the last sentence, her tone was almost discussing.

Instead, Xiuqin looked more relaxed than her, nodded, took the printed list, and said "Thank Doctor" and then turned to leave.


Slowly felt that Lin Siqi’s emotional changes after Xiuqin decided not to make sheep, and asked her carefully: "What happened?"

After confirming that the door was closed, Lin Siqi sighed for a long time: "This pregnant woman is a second -born mother. Because I have had one before, I feel that she is familiar with the car.Buling B -ultrasound showed a special face of the fetus and suspected that it was a baby Tang. I advised her to be a spike of amniotic fluid, she was unwilling. "

"Why?" Slowly glared in surprise.

"She said that she had done DNA non -invasive and checked genes. People in this life were fixed from being born, and she wanted to lie to her money.Take a good shot, her child may be fine … "Lin Siqi supported a faint pain with his hands.

Slowly helplessly: "I think she looks like five or six months. Do you have to induce labor if you find out that it is Donald in this stage?"

Lin Siqi nodded.

"That is indeed a difficult decision," slowly sympathizing with Xiuqin, "And I look at her dress, the family conditions should not be very good, and I will definitely see the cost more."

"It is indeed a difficult decision," Lin Siqi fell into memories. "From graduation to now, she has had three Tang family.

"The first two mothers eventually agreed to induce labor. I followed them: one after a year of conditioning, I was pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy daughter in our hospital;I have not been pregnant anymore.

"So this decision has a thousand people’s psychological impact on the psychological impact of pregnant women, no matter what, after all, it is a scar in my heart.

"My teacher said that her postpartum inspection was not perfect at that time. After the child was born, she found that the probability of Tang’s is higher. She has been born several Tang family, and she can even complete basic daily communication independently.Okay, there will be a tendency to be irritable, and the parents who care for themselves are fist.

Parents must do, and do it early. "

She shook her head and shook her head, as if trying to measure her emotions out of her mind.After stabilizing God, she picked up the slow B -ultrasound result again: "Most indicators are normal. The baby has a slight pelvic separation, but the value is very low.There is a B -ultrasound review, you don’t have to be too nervous. If you encounter something to send me a WeChat, believe the doctor, don’t go online on the Internet. "

Slowly leaning.

"There are a lot of pregnant women lined up outside. I won’t tell you, go home early and rest." Lin Siqi habitually patted his shoulders slowly, "Let Muziyang give you more delicious food for you,too skinny."

Slowly accepted the medical records, said goodbye to Lin Siqi, and left the hospital by car.When eating at night, she talked with Mu Ziyang on the table and talked about the experience at the hospital during the day. Mu Ziyang couldn’t help but say: "Do you say this pregnant woman is not stupid, saving money is not such a provincial law.Really gave birth to a Donald Baby, and with their family conditions, wouldn’t it be guilty of adults and children in the second half of their lives? "

Slowly hesitant: "But the baby has been more than five months when he is doing big abnormality, and there are already very obvious fetal movements in the mother’s belly. TA is already a brain, limbs, hearing, and will make to the outside world to make the outside world.The small life of the reaction is no longer a simple cell. If the baby is now informed that the baby has a genetic defect, I think most mothers can’t accept it. "

"It is the same thing that can be accepted and unacceptable. It is another thing to be responsible for themselves and children. You can’t let your child live under the shadow of the disease because of the soft heart?Isn’t the public welfare institution just accepting Tang’s? You have seen the real situation of those children.

I believe that 99%of Tang Bao’s parents will take care of them throughout their lives, but after the parents leave, what do these children do in this world?I don’t think that my heart is a manifestation of the responsibility of my parents."Mu Ziyang insisted.

Slowly biting his lips: "But men are born to start with the" truth ‘, and women will think more about’ feelings’. Most mothers will think that since heaven has given me this angel baby, I will I just get me, I will I just, I will, I will just get me, I will just get me, I will I just, so I will just.Should we respect the right to survive TA. Should everyone’s life be over, shouldn’t TA make a decision? "

Mu Ziyang shook his head disagreeable: "But genetic defects were originally brought to their children inadvertently. Whether it is innate or age, drug influence, parents’ responsibilities should not let their children bear the price at this life. This is as the child’s birth.Later, it is not a concept because of illness or accidental disability. In that case, the child’s life should be decided by TA itself. "

Slowly still struggling: "But how do you know that TA must be unhappy after birth? If you suspend pregnancy, it is the only possibility of blocking TA happiness. Any mother can’t bear to make such a decision."

Mu Ziyang touched her head: "How much is the possibility of this baby after birth? Except for the individual genius reported, most of them live under the different eyes of others.At the stage, our social welfare and the quality of our people cannot guarantee 100%to a relaxed and happy living environment for these Tang Bao. "

"But what if genetic defects just allow them to block the pain that the outside world brings to them?"

"If they have no ability to perceive the pain, what is their ability to perceive happiness?"

Mu Ziyang looked at his wife a little helplessly: "When you are a volunteer, we have discussed when you are volunteers. This is the ultimate problem of reason and emotion. At that time, no one can persuade anyone.

I can only say: We have their own truths, and we have their own ‘vulnerabilities’.But don’t we talk about this today?Ancestor, you quickly eat, I have to brush the bowl after eating. I ’m still hanging on the computer in the computer in the quarter. People in the entire department are waiting for me to send them email tonight."

Slowly smiled, pretending to "oh" unwillingly -since he was pregnant, Mu Ziyang has wrapped all the jobs that need to be covered with cold water, even if you drive at home, you can’t move: brush the bowl first, and stay up late.

Slowly, he knew that he was really something tonight, so he was no longer tangled, and said it faintly: "I hope that show piano can understand. Husband, you are right, her family conditions, if the child is born, big will be born, big, big, big, bigThe probability that parents and children are suffering. "After that, I might feel that the topic was too heavy and lowered his head a little bit.


Xiuqin’s husband Jiang Jiang heard her experience in the hospital. He lowered his head and thought about it for a while, and said the same thing: "Let’s listen to the doctor, do that puncture.Come down for a lifetime of suffering. "

Xiuqin was still studying the five -dimensional photography leaflet, and he snorted without lift his head: "But our family took 5,000 yuan for inspection, where can there be money to have children!Don’t control it. "After that, took out the mobile phone according to the contact information on the publicity bill and added the WeChat of the clerk.

"That’s my child, can I don’t care!" Ginger raised the tone a little dissatisfied. "If you do n’t have enough money, you will borrow something.

Xiuqin glanced at him in vain, and raised the leaflet in his hand proudly: "It seems like I don’t care about my child! You see, this is the institution I just contacted today. Their B -ultrasound and the machine of the three hospitals are exactly the same asAnd there are one -on -one service of professional physicians, which is more patient than those doctors in public hospitals. A set of photos and videos are only a few hundred dollars. Let’s try it first. If the child is good, you don’t need to spend that one.Is it wrong! "

Ginger glanced at the list and looked at his wife hesitant: "Is this reliable? How can the outside institutions compare with the hospital."

"Why not reliable," Xiuqin compared the B -ultrasound screenshot of the fetus when he took out the hospital’s abnormality. "You see! Isn’t this exactly the same, and people are still taking a lot, children’s fingers, head, toes are allCalculate you clearly. "

Ginger is still a little doubtful, but he can’t sting his wife, he can only hesitate to compromise: "Okay … you go to see one first, if the result is not proper, we still go to the hospital to assassinate."

Xiuqin nodded and turned to WeChat to make an appointment with the clerk.

By the date of the appointment, Xiuqin came to the institutional location on time.The staff in the pink nurse in the front desk welcomed her enthusiastically. Xiuqin looked at the decoration and environment of the windows in the institution, as well as the service attitude of receiving the nurse. She couldn’t help sighing: here looks much more professional and high -end than public hospitals.

Like Liu Ye’s entered the Grand View Garden, she filled the form under the guidance of the reception of the nurse, measured her blood pressure, and then was led to a separate B -ultrasound room.

Unlike the Maternal and Children’s Hospital, this B -ultrasound has a 40 -inch display on the ceiling of the perspective of pregnant women’s perspectives, which can be used to view B -ultrasound in real time.The doctor wearing a white coat greeted Xiuqin enthusiastically, paved the one -sex sheet to help her, patiently helped Xiuqin lying on the bed, and then began to use the instrument probe to start the test on her belly.

With the movement of the probe, the display on the top of the head began to have different pictures, and the side face screen of a clever and blurred baby on the screen appeared on the screen.

Xiuqin’s eyes widened in surprise -this was the first time she saw her child in her belly.

"Look, the baby is kicking, it is really an active baby!" The doctor said to Xiuqin while moving the instrument.

Xiuqin looked at the legs of the small fetus on the picture, and at the same time felt the tremor came from her belly. For the first time, she felt that she had interaction with the children in her belly.From the abdomen to the whole body, she really felt the existence of this small life with a picture, and her eyes could not help red.

The doctor’s probe is still moving: "You see, this is the baby’s little feet, this is the left hand, this is the right hand … Oh, look at it, the baby sucking his fingers in the mother’s belly!"

Xiuqin’s eyes widened, for fear of missing any details. When she saw the baby’s enlarged face, she couldn’t help asking, "Doctor, do the child look normal?"

The doctor’s attitude is still gentle: "It must be a cute baby. You take a closer look, the baby’s nose, eyes, mouth, and ears, do you think it is more like a mother or a bit more?"

Xiuqin stared at the display, showing the face of the fetus clearly on the screen.She can clearly see the child’s facial features, and she can see the child’s thumb in his mouth and suck.

Her heart was flowing through a warm current, and a voice shouted loudly in her heart.

"You see, this is my child. He has such a clear features, so active fetal movement, how normal he looks!"

What she remembered and asked the doctor, "Doctor, is this boy or girl?"

The doctor still laughed, and it seemed to be happy from the heart for showing the Qin: "This child will like some toys such as cars and Transformers in the future. You can prepare for children now! Congratulations to Baobaomom!"

Xiuqin feels that her heart is a heat flow again: boy!After she has ginger, such an active boy looks so cute, how can there be genetic defects?

Her hanging heart finally let go.After getting print images and videos, he left the institution in the enthusiastic service of the front desk nurses.


Xiuqin jumped to see the fetus’s face to show ginger: "You see, this is our son, how do you look like a normal child. You see, he already suck his finger, your son is in the motherSucking your fingers in your belly. "

Ginger looked at the child on the picture, and he was warm, but he still asked Xiuqin: "Are you sure, the doctor finished shooting this time, saying that the child is okay?"

Xiuqin raised his eyebrows proudly: "People said, our son is cute!"

Jiang Jiang took the photo and paced two laps in the narrow room. After seeing the child’s picture and seeing it, he couldn’t help but speak: "If you don’t, let’s do a puncture. In case, I mean in case… The child was stupid? "He lowered the volume, for fear that the last sentence stimulated Xiuqin.

Sure enough, the smile on Xiuqin’s face disappeared, and she glanced at ginger fiercely: "That’s also my son! This is the ginger given to us that God gave us, even if he was stupid, he was my son.I can raise him!

How can I do that kill the son in my mother’s fetus!Besides, the son of that family in our village is not a bit stupid. Later, he did not say that his daughter -in -law was. Now his son is also born."

"But we can still regenerate. Now the country is three -born, and there is no need to pay a fine. Can we not have a healthy son?" Jiang persuaded her.

Xiuqin can’t wait to knock on his head: "How old is you? How old is I? If you don’t want this child, can you give birth?In this one, what is really a son with a lively arm and legs. Can you not always remember your child to kill your child? "

Ginger was stunned by his wife, sighing, and stomped, he simply said nothing.

Xiuqin leaned on the bedside and watched the child’s video over and over again, watching the child kicking, twisting, and sucking fingers, she couldn’t help laughing; but looking at it, her eyes were red again -this lively jumpingLittle life is now in her body, connecting with her life, and each other.

He can move, listen, and is waiting for the moment he is about to come to the world.

If because he has the possibility of genetic disease, he deprives him of the right to survive, how can she bear it as a mother?If he was a cell, his mother and son had "met" today, letting her sign to kill her child. She really couldn’t do it.

How cute a child is the son she has been looking forward to!Anyway, she will do my best to raise him!

After thinking about this layer, Xiuqin pressed the child’s photos under the pillow, lying on the bed and sleeping steadily.


Lin Siqi always missed Xiuqin’s child.From time to time, she will search for the name "Wang Xiuqin" in the computer system. She wants to see if she has a subsequent medical records and whether there is the result of amniotic fluid puncture.Although she had guessing the result in her heart, she would still feel a little emotional to see the blank on the computer screen.

The development of the country’s medical conditions has been developed so far, and there are still many shortcomings and pressures.If this child is speculated as the B -ultrasound results, then he must experience the pain that others cannot imagine after birth.

The Tang syndrome is a comprehensive genetic defect. It cannot be simply understood as "silly". She still wants to persuade Xiuqin, but she has no chance.

After all, see Xiuqin again, it is time for her to hang the emergency department.Lin Siqi looked at her thin medical records and confirmed with Xiuqin ginger again: "The previous diagnosis of the child was suspected of chromosomal abnormalities. Do you determine the situation and decide to want this child?"

Xiuqin, who was intermittent, pant, and waved his hand a little impatiently: "After confirming the doctor, confirmed! It’s all this step, can I not do this child? You can quickly arrange for us."

Fortunately, across the medical mask, Xiuqin could not see Lin Siqi’s silent sigh.Lin Siqi turned his head and asked Jiang: "Family members also confirm that they know, right?"

Ginger nodded a little helplessly: "Just listen to my daughter -in -law …"

Lin Siqi took out the document and asked them to sign.

The production process is progressing very well, and the baby is born smoothly.The child’s loud crying came from the delivery room, the newborn Apuga scored 10 points, and there were obvious special Tang family.

The midwife called the pediatrician to evaluate. After the pediatrician arrived, he confirmed the situation of the Tang family with Xiuqin and his family again.

Although this situation has already been preset, after hearing the pediatrician, Jiang still hugged his head in pain.On the other hand, Xiuqin was a lot calm, and it seemed that he had already thought of all kinds of possibilities for thousands of times in his heart.

She was lying on the bed, looking at the child next to her, and nodded lightly: "Isn’t it stupid, that’s also my son, can I not care if I am a mother. We know the situation, we also think of it very clearly","

The pediatrician still wants to say something, but the weak situation and determined attitude after showing the postpartum let the doctor know that it is not good, and only pulls the ginger outside the ward alone, and explains the situation of the Tang family in detail again.Over.

Faced with those strange medical words, ginger’s expression was ignorant and panicked.Especially when I heard that Tang’s child had a congenital heart disease, it was recommended to check the next step. The whole person of the ginger was like a thunderous, and he was in place.

The pediatrician’s response to him was puzzled: "What, haven’t you already understood these situations before?"

Jiang Jiang has only returned to God, and he did not dare to look directly at the doctor because of his guilty conscience: "… Ah, I have learned, I have listened to the hospital."

The pediatrician felt something, but didn’t say much, he shook his head secretly.

Two days later, Xiuqin was about to be discharged.Lin Siqi repeatedly told the two sons to observe the child’s condition carefully. If any abnormalities go to the hospital in time.

Xiuqin nodded while holding the child while holding the child.She pasted her son’s little face on her cheeks, feeling his soft and delicate skin, showing a happy smile: "Good doctor, you can rest assured. This is my own son, I can still not be in my heartWill I definitely observe it carefully. "

Lin Siqi wanted to say something, opened his mouth, and finally accepted the words in his mouth, nodded and left the ward.

In fact, she wanted to ask Xiuqin: ignorance is not the source of courage.What does the parents of Donald have to face and bear, and are they fully prepared?

But looking at Xiuqin’s face immersed in the joy of the newborn, she swallowed these sharp words.


Xiuqin and his wife have never returned to the hospital for re -examination.Lin Siqi thought that the overall state of the newborn may be better, or the family gave full care and care, so that the baby has a more comfortable living environment.

She never thought of it, and saw the news of the Donal baby again, it would be in the circle of friends.

When Lin Siqi lay boringly on the bed to brush the circle of friends, and brushed the abandoned infant parents’ founding of the abandoned infant’s parents who slowly forwarded the public welfare institution, she felt that her blood was solidified.

She clicked the photo and enlarged it, widened her eyes and looked at the child’s facial details. Through the child’s special face characteristics and the mole of the corner of the left eyebrow, and the child’s weight and month calculation, she was sure that this was Xiuqin’s child!

Lin Siqi felt that her fingertips began to tremble -how could it be?IntersectionXiuqin didn’t say that this was the son of her hope, and it was a gift given to her by God. Anyway, would she raise it wholeheartedly?How could this child suddenly appear in the welfare home?

The shock in her heart made her carelessly that the time was late at night, but slowly was a weak mother who had just given birth to a child. She called slowly.

"Hey?" Slowly, it was quickly connected. It is estimated that before I slept or just finished my child, I was awake, and the voice was very sober.The voice of Mu Ziyang was passed down along the microphone: "Whose phone call is so late?"

Slowly reached out and covered his face with the horn: "Siqi. I guess there is an urgent matter, sleep you." She got up and walked to the living room and asked, "What is Siqi?"

"What is the situation of the abandoned baby in your circle of friends?" Lin Siqi’s voice sounded anxious, without the usual calmness, not like a joke.

"Ah?" Slowly stunned, it seemed that Lin Siqi’s call would be the reason for the middle of the night. It was said, "It was issued by the public welfare institutions of my volunteer before.Bao’s welfare home, yesterday morning, it was discovered that someone left the child on a side door step in the welfare home.

"Children have been sent to the Children’s Hospital, because the swallowing ability is slow, and there is almost no way to suck milk by themselves. There are relatively serious malnutrition and are still under treatment., And monitor the dead ends again, there are no clues about parents. Hey what do you ask this at night? "

Lin Siqi on the other side of the phone was silent for a while, and slowly could even hear her heavy and depressed panting across the microphone -she realized that Lin Siqi must not be in the gossip at this moment, but another more severe reason.

Mu Ziyang also came out of the bedroom, holding a slow home service in his hand.He looked at his slowly serious face, and couldn’t help sitting curiously next to her.

Slowly, he simply opened up and waited for Lin Siqi’s echo with him.

Sure enough, Lin Siqi’s voice sounded a bit difficult: "Slowly, I know this child … he is Wang Xiuqin’s child."

Slowly silent.She still remembers the situation of Wang Xiuqin. Lin Siqi’s bitterness in the clinic at that time was vivid.

After Xiuqin’s son was born, Lin Siqi and slowly had a dialogue. He slowly said to Lin Siqi: Since they decided to leave this child, they should be planning to raise him for a lifetime.Always think of people’s benefits. What if our concerns are superfluous?

But now … More than a month later, the child was actually thrown at the door of the welfare home.What happened in the middle, let a mother who is looking forward to her son to make such a cruel decision?


"I said, what are the two of you who are here? Now that you have found the infant’s lack of virtue parents, hurry up and call the police!" Mu Ziyang suddenly interrupted their contemplation and said in a very indignant tone.

"Can’t call the police!" Lin Siqi’s panic was stopped on the phone. "There is a daughter in their family. If the police seize the two sons, the little girl is over …"

Mu Ziyang cannot agree: "But this kind of unmanned parents should sentence them according to abandonment and let them be sanctioned by law. Is it necessary to sympathize with criminals now?!"

Slowly patted Mu Ziyang and motioned for him not to be so excited: "I can understand Siqi’s concerns. No matter what the reason, they decided not to this Tang Bao.Be able to take care of this Tang Bao.

"But if they are sentenced, what does the old man do in such a underlying family, what do the older?

Mu Ziyang was a little unconvinced, but he didn’t continue to say anything.

Slowly said to Lin Siqi: "What do you want to do? The parents of this child discovered, you said, let’s listen to you."

Lin Siqi: "I think, at least I want to know what happened in this month."

Slowly pondered and smiled suddenly: "Then you do something violates the rules tomorrow. Go to the computer to turn it out of the contact information of Wang Xiuqin’s direct relative or emergency contact person.Go inquire. "

The next day, according to the WeChat sent by Lin Siqi, he slowly dialed the ginger call.The man’s thick and doubtful "Hey" came from the phone, and slowly decided to send the person to make the person: "I have seen your wife and son at the Maternal and Child Health Hospital, so I know you throw that Tang Bao in the welfare home. I haven’t yetAlarm, so please don’t hang up first. "

Ginger’s voice became panicked and vigilant: "You, how do you know my phone? What are you doing?"

Slowly try to make your voice calm, so as not to scare ginger: "I don’t want to do anything, I’m not to scare you. I just think that the child is so pitiful in the hospital now. I want to ask you what happened in the endWhat happened, isn’t this son staying with you? Why do you change the hexagram so quickly? If you don’t want to tell me, I choose to call the police directly. "

Slowly, the ginger on the other side of the phone did not scold or jump, but after hearing the words of slowly, he cried "wow": "I don’t want to, but I can’t help it!The child will not eat milk, and I have to live and raise one, one, one, two children. I really can’t help it. This child has to starve to death in my house. I don’t want to watch him die … "

This big man was crying with heartbroken and letting him slowly a moment of stun: "But … what about the child’s mother? Does she also agree with you to send the child away?"

Ginger wiped a tears: "After my daughter -in -law was born, I sent her and the child to my mother, let my mother look at the confinement, and I stayed here to work.

"As a result, my mother called me and said that after a few days after the child was born, he found that it was wrong. He would not take milk to suck milk. He could only feed with a small spoon little by little.

"My mother is older when she is older, and always holds the child, my daughter -in -law is still as false. The child is not full, and the weight does not rise.My daughter -in -law fed it one by one. Later, the child cried, she cried, and then the child cried madly.

"After a few days after the confinement, she took the child while my mother went out to buy food …"

Jiang’s voice was a bit choked. "She kept taking the train to Guangzhou to answer my phone call, saying that she couldn’t stand it, and when she looked at her child, she wanted to cry and feel that she was unfair. She said she went to Guangzhou to stay in Guangzhou.For a while, give the old one more money and return again … "

The big man was crying and helpless at the side of the phone. "I went back to the village and saw that the child was too young. My mother couldn’t get it at all.

"I want to bring him myself, but who will support this old and small mouth? You can’t starve the whole family for him for him, right?

"Yes, I throw him away from me as a beast! But since he is destined to be guilty, I give him to the country, maybe the country may give him a living path …"

His cry sounds even more distressing, "… That’s my son, I can’t watch him die in my hands, but I really can’t raise it … I let my daughter -in -law come back, she don’tKen, said that when she saw the child, she felt that the sky was collapsed. She didn’t go out to work earlier. What should these two children do in the future?

"I want to go to Guangzhou to find her, and I am afraid that I will leave my home and no one to raise … Relatives tell me to collect the welfare home of this child.When the staff is really good to this kind of child when there is no outsider, I will not abuse them, I decided to send the child over … "

Jiang Yan had a snot and calmed to himself: "… this comrade, if you want to call the police, you can report it. The child is indeed thrown.Give him a living path.

"My daughter -in -law believed in the small hospital outside, and I didn’t persuade her; she had to give birth to this child, and I didn’t stop her. It was my old man who had no brains. If there was any punishment, let me bear it."


After hanging up the phone, I was silent for a long time, and there was no way to let myself come out of this complicated emotion.

Has ginger crime?Yes, he sinned and abandoned the sin.

Is ginger bad?No, he didn’t, he even wanted to find a way for his child.

Who is that wrong?It is Xiuqin’s ignorance, treats experience as science and ignorance as loneliness.When it was discovered that things were far more than the limits they could bear, and they chose to escape from their hands weakly.

As Jiang said, the child continued to follow him with no good ending, and the economic conditions and personnel of their family were not allowed.But in the moral correctness, can it cover up the fact that he violates the law?

All kinds of thoughts were generally stirred in the slow mind, and she couldn’t care about the clue.She had to tell the dialogue with ginger to Lin Siqi and Mu Ziyang.After hearing it, the two were silent.

For a long while, Lin Siqi finally said: "Let’s see that child …"

By the glass of the neonatal family, Lin Siqi and slowly watching the child who was sleeping in the baby bed slowly, the heart was mixed in the heart.

He looks so special, with the difference between the five senses that can be distinguished at a glance at a glance; but he looks so normal, with normal breathing, normal sleep, and gently touch his lips in his dreams.Essence

"If this Tang Bao has a soul, I really want to ask him, do you want to come to this world yourself?" Looking at the sleeping child, Lin Siqi said, "But … he may have no way for a lifetimeThink about this problem independently.

"When I was in school, I asked my teacher why I could not force the hospital to stop pregnancy when I encountered unqualified fetuses?

"The teacher laughed at me too young at that time. She said that this was the ultimate contradiction between medical data and human morals -whether the fetus had human rights, and this question might not have a conclusion that I would die."

"Don’t be too uncomfortable. After all, this child’s problem is not caused by you." Slowly comfort her.

Lin Siqi asked: "You said, what is this baby, what is the next destiny?"

"I have asked the staff of the institution. Tang Bao’s adoption rate is extremely low. It is a high probability that he will live in the welfare institute for a lifetime. If he develops well in the later period, he may go to the special institution of special institutions to cooperate in the welfare home after adulthood."

Lin Siqi pursed his mouth and silent for a while: "The problem of Donal’s baby will be discussed in the among our doctors.

"Many people say that there are many Tang Bao abroad. Because of the human rights concepts and religious beliefs, they are all born and live well.

"The concept of eugenics and eugenics in China is too heavy. In fact, it should not be deprived of the rights of these special babies.

"But you see, just like Xiuqin, what should we do, is the best choice for him? The words my teacher said is right: medicine can detect pathology, but it cannot predict the hearts of people."

She turned her head and looked slowly: "I decided, I really can’t report to the police. Although I will be condemned by my conscience, I think of Xiuqin’s husband and the elderly and children in their family. I want toThere is no better solution to this innocent old and one. I am a doctor, but most of the time, doctors can’t save people … "

Lin Siqi couldn’t say anymore. Her heart was heavy, and her heart was painful.

Slowly patted her shoulder lightly: "I have discussed Mu Ziyang, no matter what you make, we are all standing on you, you don’t have to be sad."

"Tomorrow the sun rises as usual, and Dr. Lin will continue to cure the disease and save people. Everything we can’t control, let it end with the sleep tonight."

"As for Jiang and Xiuqin, in addition to the fragmented family, what the price they pay, who knows …"

(Original title: "Notes of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics: This child can’t want it")

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