Story: I told him that he was pregnant, he asked: Who is the child!I am not yours

Obviously I knew everything, and I couldn’t help grief when I woke up.

Yin Yan was lying on the hospital bed, her face was pale, her lips were not a little bloody, her eye sockets were deeply trapped in, her eyes were empty, her face was desperate.

The little doll, who had been in her stomach for more than a month, still failed to keep it.

No, everything is gone!

She shrunk her body into a ball, holding her white sheets with her hands, and suddenly she felt a burst of colic in her heart, which was so painful that she had difficulty breathing.

Then she covered her head with a quilt, and the whole person buried in the bed.

She whispered, crying!

She has lived in the hospital for three days. Since she woke up and found that the child in her belly was gone, she blocked her mood and sealed her stomach.

She didn’t laugh or cry, and she spoke to others.

Others asked her what to say with her, and she was too lazy to shake or nod.

She didn’t eat all day long, and she would only drink water when she was hungry. When the doctor looked at her, she asked the nurse to give her a nutrient solution, so as not to starve her to death.

At this point, she was crying, and the door of the ward was suddenly pushed away.

She panicked, hurriedly stopped crying, and poked out half of her head from the bed, and her red eyes greeted the man’s cold eyes.

Lu Chenchuan is here!

That day, she fainted at Lu’s house and he took her to the hospital.

He sent her to the hospital, and he threw her to the doctor disgusting, and then turned around without hesitation, and never asked about her life and death again.

She has been with him for five years.

In his eyes, she is nothing!

Her life and death are meaningless for him.

At this time, he accidentally broke into her ward, but just came to see that he had raised the "puppy" for five years. Was he died.

Now, he glanced at the tears on her face indifferently, his nose snorted, and he laughed.

"Only after he heard that doctors and nurses were talking about you, saying that you have lost a child, your brain can’t turn around without eating, and wants to starve himself."

Speaking, he walked from the door to her bed, looked at her with a height, and then sneered and sneered:

"Now see that you are not living well, and you still have the strength to cry. Look at this look rosy, how beautiful."

Yin Yan raised his hand to wipe off the tears in the corner of his eyes, and asked him.

"Mr. Lu, why are you here?"

Lu Chenchuan held a smile on the corner of his lips and told her coldly.

"Always, An Qi, she had a stomachache at noon this noon, and I drove her."


Yin Yan nodded, and the expectation that he had ignited in his heart instantly destroyed.

She just thought that he came to visit herself.

This idea is terrible, terrible and ridiculous.

Lu Chenchuan watched her not talking, and suddenly saw her thoughts, haha laughed twice.

"Yin Yan, you really will be passionate!"

Yin Yan smiled bitterly and laughed at himself:


Then she raised her hand to guarantee him.

"Mr. Lu is relieved. In the future, I will never have any reactions and actions to President Lu. I am passionate."

From now on, she wants to completely break with him!

Lu Chenchuan gathered his eyebrows, clapped his hands and claimed that he was good.

"Well, very good, very good, very good!"

He attached to her pale face, and her eyes were complicated and revealed a touch of hate and iron.

"Yin Yan, if you have this awakening, I don’t think you will lie on this bed today, right?"

"Yeah!" Yin Yan laughed dumbly.

If before, she would not have a daydream to him, would not fall in love with him, would not kiss him lingering, and did not have any expectations for him.

So how could she conceive his child?

Even more ridiculous!

She was pregnant with his child, but he asked her curiously.

"Who is the child?"

How could she pick him up, had to stand up for a while, endured the anger and sadness in her heart, and told him with a smile.

"Children are not yours."

When she was sixteen years old, when he followed him, he warned her.

"Yin Yan, don’t fall in love with me, otherwise you will be in pain."

Now, she fully understands this sentence!

At this point, she looked at the man and vowed secretly.

"Lu Chenchuan, please rest assured. In the future, I will never come to love you again."

At this time, Lu Chenchuan’s mobile phone rang and it was called by Zhou Anqi.

On the phone, the woman asked him softly.

"Chenchuan, where did you go? You separated from others for a while, and people miss you."

The man’s voice gently replied:

"I go back to find you right away. How does your body feel now, does the stomach still hurt?"

"No pain, as long as I hear the sound of Chenchuan, my stomach will not hurt."

"Okay, come home later, I’ll rub your stomach again."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Chenchuan turned around and left.

Suddenly, he remembered something, and looked back at Yin Yan and asked:

"By the way, you’re pregnant a few days ago, saying that you want to move out and leave me and leave Lu’s house. Now that the child is falling, do you want to come back to me to do things, or find another high?"

Yin Yan raised his eyes, his face looked pale and calmly, and shook his head gently.

"Don’t go back, my disabled flowers will lose willow, I’m afraid of being dirty, President Lu’s eyes. And …"

Speaking of which, she glanced at the mobile phone in his hand, remembered that he and Zhou Anqi’s numbness of love with Zhou Anqi laughed bitterly.

"There is already Miss An Qi, and I will go back again, I’m afraid she will be jealous with you. Oh, I still don’t go back to the trouble for Lu President."


She is unwilling to go back to be his "puppy"!

Lu Chenchuan listened to her resolute words, and there was no wave on her face, and she even frowned.

He sighed with relief:

"Ah, it seems that the dead child in your stomach has made you grow a lot overnight!"

After that, his gaze fell on her long and white neck, and suddenly felt that his body was a little hot. His throat rolled, approaching her two steps.

He attached to raising his hand and gently stroking her face, her eyes were so hot that she didn’t dare to look directly, only to listen to him and said to her.

"Yin Yan, your appearance looks beautiful!"

"Mr. Lu."

Yin Yan’s voice was cold and raised his hand away.

"One thing, I want to bother you."

"Please say." The man stared at her thick seductive lips, and looked at her fear.

Yin Yan asked him.

"President Lu, in these five years, I have done so many work for you. Can you be willing to help me a thing now?"

"whats the matter?"

The man couldn’t hold back her desire for her, and put her lips directly on her cheeks, and her nose sniffed her aroma.

He smiled and threatened.

"If you dare to give me a circle, I will sleep you now!"

Yin Yan was scared, and hurriedly told him.

"I think of Lu Chenyao’s side and be his girlfriend."


Suddenly, Lu Chenchuan stopped her intimate movement, and her eyes flashed with a little surprise, and then a anger came out of his eyes.

He stretched out his hand and held her neck, biting his teeth, and his face was terrible, and he seemed to swallow her into her belly.

"Surname Yin, even if my brother’s legs are disabled, you have to be trapped in a wheelchair for a lifetime. But as your bereavement dog, do you think you are qualified to be the young grandma of the Lu family?"

"I don’t!"

Yin Yan shook his head and looked at the anger on his face with a smile.

Her fingers pointed at the bunch of flowers on the table and told him sweetly.

"President Lu, your brother likes me!"

"This morning, he sent me a flower to confess to me!"

Lu Chenchuan’s eyes slowly fell on the bright red rose on the table with the direction of her fingers …

Before finishing, to be continued!

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