Still believe in "sour girls" and "sharp girl"?The child’s gender was determined at this time …

For expectant mothers and their families during pregnancy, the sex of the baby is concerned and curious.Therefore, when talking to a doctor, some people will ask about the sexual question about the gender of the child.

"It is said that my daughter is a little cotton jacket of my dad. Should I wear cotton jackets or cotton pants when it is cold?"

——In a down jacket!

"Doctor, I want a girl, how much do you think is the chance of dreaming?"


I believe many people have seen such paragraphs on the Internet.And asked the doctor to have no fruit, many people turned to rumors in the workshop, "sour girls", "pregnant boys’ belly, girls with round belly" … Is these claims really fake?Let’s reveal the answer today.

What is determined by the baby’s gender?

In fact, the baby’s gender is doomed at the moment of the combination of sperm and eggs, and the key role in it is the medicine that is called a chromosome.

In our human reproductive cells, 46 chromosomes are lived, of which 44 are ingredients and 2 are sexual chromosomes. The key to determining the gender of the child is these 2 sex chromosomes.Women’s chromosomes are "XX" and male sex chromosomes are "XY".When a woman’s X chromosomes meet with men’s Y chromosomes, a baby baby will be born. If the female X chromosome meets the male X chromosome, it will develop into a female baby.These two combinations are random and have equal opportunities, so the probability of having girls and boys is the same.

Are these claims real?

Guessing the gender of the child in the stomach is actually an interesting thing, but we also need a scientific understanding.

Sour girl

There is no scientific basis for sour girls.But many pregnant mothers will be curious, why do we have changed the taste of food during pregnancy?

In fact, when we are pregnant with a baby, the hormone of the body will change. One of the changing hormones is the substance called the human chorionic gonad hormone.Because it has the effect of inhibiting gastric acid secretion, it will reduce the digestive enzyme activity of our body and weaken the digestion and absorption function of the gastrointestinal tract.Essence

At the same time, acidic foods, such as sour plums, dates, pears, tomatoes, etc., can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and increase the appetite of expectant mothers, so they will like sour food.The love of spicy taste has a lot to do with the region. For example, Hunan and Sichuan people are so spicy, but they are not all giving up male babies.

The nostalgic boy’s belly, the girl’s belly round

This statement is not scientific.The shape of the prospective mother’s belly is affected by many factors, which is related to her mother’s body shape, pelvic shape and baby fetal position.When the baby’s back is close to the mother’s belly, the expectant mother’s belly looks more rounded.

There is a difference between fetal movement and fetal heart rate

The more frequent the fetal movement, the faster the fetal heart rate, and the faster the fetal heart rate, it means that the expectant mothers have a male baby. The less fetal movement or the relatively slow fetal heart rate is a female baby.

The above statement is unscientific. Regardless of whether men and women, there are more or less fetal movements.

In addition, the fetus’s heartbeat in the mother’s belly is faster, with an average of 110-170 times/minute.If you have too fast or too slow, you need to consult a doctor.

Give a daughter to dress up

The older generation also circulates a saying, "having a daughter to dress up". If you are pregnant with a girl, the mother and daughter’s endocrine system, the secretion of estrogen is dominant, and the estrogen level in the expectant mother will rise.The skin will become delicate and shiny, which can be reminded that the mother is pregnant with a girl.

When the mother’s belly is a boy, because the boy will secrete androgen, the high -level androgen will bring skin problems such as large pores, acne, acne, and oil -filled skin.

This seems to be a theoretical foundation, but there is actually no scientific basis.When girls are pregnant, the level of hormone in her body will change, so the skin condition will change.In addition, the living habits and mood of expectant mothers also affect their skin state.

How long does the fetal gender form?

The gender of the fetus has been decided at the moment when the sperm and eggs meet, but the real gona glands are actually 5-6 weeks pregnant.For testicles.

Which tests can see the sex of the fetus?

With the continuous development of medical technology, at present, some cells, velvete cells, and even amniotic fluid pumping amniotic fluid can be identified by ultrasound, biopsy, biopsy.But it is clear that these inspections are not to let us understand the gender of the baby, but for eugenics.

Some genetic diseases seriously endanger our health, and at the same time will also bring a heavy blow to families and society, such as hemophilia and dysplasia of diseases in the "X" chromosomes, while men only have one "X X""Chromatology, so the boy’s incidence is high.Through pre -planting genetic diagnosis technology, these genetic diseases can be reduced.

It should be emphasized that my country’s law clearly stipulates that it is strictly forbidden to use ultrasonic technology and other technical means to conduct non -medical gender identification of fetal gender.

We can’t choose the baby’s gender

No need to choose

Every child is the baby of the parents

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