Spitting all day during pregnancy, expectant mothers are miserable, alleviate the tricks of pregnancy vomiting

I remember that when my sister was pregnant, when I didn’t know, I should eat every day, drink and drink, and didn’t pay much attention to my diet.

However, after a few days of discovery, the pregnancy reaction came to the door.I remember that my brother -in -law was not at home at that time, so I asked me to take care of my sister. After I went, I found that the pregnancy reaction would be so painful.

Every morning, I boil millet porridge, basically I finished vomiting with her. When I smell it, she can accept it and let me give her a large bowl of nutrition, but I ran to vomit without drinking a few mouthfuls.Drop, for the child, she just finished drinking, but she vomited almost.As for lunch and dinner, she was greasy and didn’t eat much.

In addition to vomiting as soon as you eat, even if you do n’t eat or drink, you often have nausea.This situation lasted until the fourth month, and basically it suddenly had no discomfort for a while, and the appetite of eating was much better.

In fact, many pregnant mothers have experienced this pregnancy reaction.Why is there a pregnancy reaction?

Medical research shows that after the expectant mothers are pregnant, progesterone rises, and the body will secrete a large amount of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and lutein, and at the same time stimulate the vomiting nerves of the brain, so it will inexplicably want to vomit.And under the action of human chorionic gonad hormones, expectant mothers may have reduced gastric acid, reduced digestive enzyme vitality, and lutein to inhibit the movement of gastric muscles, resulting in slow digestive peristalsis.The food will be flattering in the stomach for a long time, causing nausea.More than half of the expectant mothers have disgusting nausea or even vomiting after 5 weeks of pregnancy.

However, at 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, these hormone levels gradually declined after the peak of the peak, so most expectant mothers responded to the most strong pregnancy response in the first three months of pregnancy, and will gradually improve.

Although this terrible pregnancy response will gradually improve after three pregnancy, in the first three months, pregnant mothers still have to suffer such a long period of pregnancy torture. Is there any way to alleviate it?

Eat and eat more

Pregnant mothers can’t eat it, but they still have to eat for their health.In addition, when an empty stomach, gastric juice burning gastric mucosa can also cause nausea.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can eat a few more meals a day, eat less each meal, so as to digest, and avoid nothing to eat. The empty stomach causes nausea.

Try some foods that can alleviate disgusting

Ginger, mint, lemon, etc. are ingredients that can relieve good pregnancy.

Ginger is called the best ingredients to ease pregnancy. Ginger can neutralize the excess gastric acid in the stomach and relieve the burning sensation of the stomach.The taste of ginger is more irritating, which can make pregnant women overcome the discomfort of nausea and vomiting.

In addition, pregnant women can put a few slices of mint when drinking tea. Mint contains trace methanol, which produces a slight anesthesia effect and can alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy.You can also apply some mint essential oils on the handkerchief. You can smell the odor that cause nausea and nausea. You can cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief.

The unique aroma of lemon has a good sedative effect. When pregnant women vomit, they smell the aroma of fresh lemon peel, and quickly have a good effect on relieve vomiting and nausea.


Many pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy, seeing that they are not greasy, they ca n’t see the odor, and a little bit of taste will cause nausea. Therefore, in this special period, you need to avoid it, eat less spicy and greasy, difficult to digest, eat more, eat moreThe taste is light and nutritious, which is conducive to digestion.

Drink more water

No matter how severe the pregnancy is sick, even if the nausea is uncomfortable, you don’t want to eat anything anymore, you can also relieve it by drinking some hot water.In our daily life, we often spank, drink hot water after vomiting, and alleviate the discomfort in the stomach.Because water can not only replenish the body’s body, but also improve the digestive ability, which is also very beneficial to alleviating pregnancy.

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