South Korea OST Queen Li Enying’s parking lot, 147.5 cm super short show shows a perfect figure

South Korea ’s strong female singer Lee Eunying (art name Ben) exposed her pregnancy photos she took in the parking lot!

On November 18, Li Enying took a set of pregnancy photos she took on the parking lot on the social platform.In the public photos, Li Enying was wearing a white long white dress with a large dew, and the protruding pregnant belly had a wild beauty in Qingshan and Xu Xuqingfeng.

As soon as the photos were released, it immediately attracted the attention of a large number of Korean netizens, and left a message saying "Sister is too beautiful", "You are so beautiful, I hope you will always be happy", "Wow! It’s really beautiful", "Angel Mom, Super"Beauty", "Beware of a cold" and so on.After seeing the captain of EXID, Li Enying in the photo was "goddess".

Through Li Enying’s pregnancy photos, you can clearly feel the beauty of women during the new life period.Perhaps many people say that the actress is hidden beautifully, but Xiaobian tells you that Li Enying’s real height in the photo is actually only 147.5cm!Are you surprised?So self -confidence is the most important factor that Li Enying makes people feel beautiful!

As early as Li Enying released her first solo album in 2012, she helped the album named "147.5", facing the defects in the eyes of others.And this self -confidence also made Li Enying’s ideal of continuing to be a singer in the low tide period. Instead, relying on a highly recognizable tone and full -emotional vocals, it has developed better and better, especially in OST.

Speaking of Korean dramas, in addition to the wonderful plot and the wonderful interpretation of the actors, they have been loved by a large number of domestic audiences, and many good OST have also captured the ears of many domestic audiences, but few people know who sang.And Li Enying, who is pregnant today, is one of the queen of Korean OST.She has sang OST "Stone", "Oh My Ghosts and God Master" of the Korean drama "Producer", OST "Stay", "Also, Wu Haiying" OST "Like a Dream" ….

Seeing Li Enying, who is happy all the way in confidence, what do you think about?Have you ever heard the song she sang?Welcome to leave a message to discuss ~

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