Six months pregnant, but the child is not a husband, should I tell him?

Quoting: Six months of pregnancy, but the child is not a husband, should I tell him?(Reprinted the sesame and answer platform enthusiastic netizens)

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I am dizzy, and now the problem is getting more and more bottom line!It’s not that I criticize you or blame you, talk about this, you have been pregnant for six months, but this child is not your husband, so why didn’t you plan early?

For a man who loves you, do you bear to deceive him?I want to say that doing this is not moral.Didn’t you know that this child was not your husband?How can the husband and wife’s relationship, especially such as having children, be a child’s play?I’m really convinced, can you still ask such a calm question?

Don’t say that men are stingy, just change to you, you give me the atmosphere, this is a naked deception.

No matter what you think at first, you shouldn’t choose to deceive your husband. You love your child is your business. Who is the child who is responsible for it? You are not derailed first. If you find a free dad, you are full of mind.This is not very good. I advise you to quickly close it and be a good person.

Maybe what I said is a bit ruthless, but you think about it yourself, are you doing this right?You are not a child, wait for others to forgive you, okay?I advise you to think clearly, and quickly apologize to my husband. If you can’t forgive, then think about the future of the future. Do you want to give birth to your husband?Really anxious for you!

I hope to help you clear your head, you should really think about it …

Hong Jing was originally published on today’s headline platform.2018-12-24

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